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Hazel 18-010-C

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Hazel came to nasap after she was unclaimed from the pound. Hazel has lost most of her ears due to suspected frostbite. Despite her misfortune, hazel is super friendly and loves attention. She does well to be handled and seems to adjust well to new situations. Hazel also seems to have lots of energy and loves to play. Her foster home has nicknamed her hazelnut! Cause she can be a little nuts. Give this sweet girl a fresh start and finally have a family to call her own. Inquire today!

Age : 3 year old
Breed : DSH calico female

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Tuxi 17-050-C

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Tuxi is a sweet young cat that came to NASAP as a young kitten with his two sisters, all of them skinny and sick. Although he thankfully survived panleukopenia, Tuxi was diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. He was so young that the initial prognosis was poor, but four months later he was still full of amazing kitten energy and beating all the odds, so Tuxi went to see a cardiologist. Although they did confirm he has a grade 5/6 systolic heart murmur, they also think he will live a normal and healthy life!

Given this amazing news, Tuxi is now ready to leave foster care and to find his true forever home! Tuxi still has plenty of kitten energy, without all the hassle of an untrained kitten. He can be a little shy in a new environments and in really busy/noisy situations he gets scared easily, so would do best in a relatively calm home that can give him time and space at first. Once he is comfortable, Tuxi loves to play fetch, climb cat trees, and zoom around the house. Tuxi does extremely well with other cats and he needs a home with at least one other cat that likes to both wrestle and snuggle - the bigger the cuddle puddle the better! He gets along great with the large dog in the home and likes to groom his face and chase his tail - however when other dogs have come over to visit he has hissed and hidden so we are not sure how much he wants a dog friend. They would need to be very calm, gentle, and tolerant of cat antics. 

Tuxi is very affectionate and handleable, he loves to stretch out and sleep on laps, and gives the best kitty kisses around. He is completely bananas for food, and when the can gets cracked at meal time he will sing and spin in circles - it's a show every day! He will eat other pets' food very quickly so his home will need to regulate mealtimes. 

Tuxi is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to have a home all his own where he isn't just a guest - but a part of the family. Please inquire about meeting him today!

Age : ~ 1 year
Breed : DSH black and white male

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