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Bo 12-082-C

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In 2012, Bo was surrendered back to NASAP after 10 years in her adoptive home. This transition at such a late stage in her life was difficult for Bo, but once her teeth were looked after, she did very well in her permanent care foster home. Bo was a spunky, petite senior cat that liked to work out by jumping up on beds and flexing her muscles on her scratching post. She loved to have her head petted and was happy to lie next to her human in contented silence. If she wanted something she was not afraid to use her voice and sometimes she simply liked to chat.  She was always quiet, sweet, affectionate and gentle. Before Bo came back into NASAP's care, her kidney function was already in decline and the decision was made to keep her in permanent care with NASAP. She required medication and subcutaneous fluids to keep her good quality of life through 2013. Recently though, her health began to decline rapidly and the difficult decision was made to let her cross the rainbow bridge. Bo was humanely euthanized on December 13, 2013. She will be missed by her foster parents, Jenny and Craig and her kitty friends, Momo and Paddy. NASAP is pleased to have been able to help this lovely cat live out her golden years in peace and contentment.

Age : 16 years
Breed : DSH grey and white

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Nora 13-068-C

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Nora was a gorgeous young, short haired grey female cat that came to NASAP after her hold time expired at a pound in NW Alberta. Nora had a lovely temperatment and was so cuddly and loving. She loved to play. Unfortunately, Nora went into cardiac arrest at the end of her routine spay procedure. She could not be revived and passed away on November 13, 2013. The cause was completely unknown as she appeared completely healthy and active prior to surgery. We are so sorry that we could not help this girl find the loving forever home she deserved.

Age : 10 months
Breed : DSH grey

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Duncan 00-875-D

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About 10 years ago we adopted a dog named Duncan from NASAP.  He was an awesome dog.  He loved everyone and everyone loved him. We live on an acreage near Calgary which was definitely Duncan’s domain. He really was a big marshmallow but every dog he met looked to him as the top dog.  We were so fortunate to have had him in our lives.  We had to have him put to sleep yesterday.  He lived a good long life but his body was failing him.  Here is a picture of him doing what he loved best, playing in the snow.

The Houghton Family 


Breed : unknown

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Shiro 01-001-C

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Seven years ago I adopted a white kitty named Shiro from you guys. We had an absolutely amazing 7 years, and he was the sweetest cat I could have had in my life. Today at the age of 14, we had to say goodbye to him. He went into kidney failure very suddenly, and we did everything we could for him but he was suffering too much so we did what was best for him and ended his pain. Thank you for allowing me to have Shiro in my life. He was a spoiled little boy, and loved by everyone in my family and then some. Here is a recent photo of him. Can you please add him to your Loving Memory page on the website.
Thank you,

Age : 14 Yrs
Breed : DSH

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Berkeley 99-000-D

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What can we say about this handsome sandy boy?  Berekely was born on February 7, 1999.  Berkeley lived with a loving family until being surrendered to NASAP as circumstances were such that keeping Berkeley was no longer an option.  Why such a prince in special care?  Berkeley had an accident while visiting friends at the lake.  His leash got tangled around his back legs and cut off circulation causing him to slip a disk in his back.  Berkeley had surgery at Calgary Orthopedic Veterinary Clinic where he stayed for a month.  With lots of love from family and friends he was able to walk again after 6 months.  Berkeley did not know he was handicapped.  His hind legs flip-flopped sideways while he ran.  He could not climb stairs nor could he jump on furniture.  Having a spinal cord injury did not stop this little man from becoming the prince of our hearts.  Berkeley joined our home on March 11, 2006.  His personality was great.  He had a whole vocabulary of grunts that meant different things – food, play with me, take me out, etc.  Berekely and his adopted family went for many walks together over the years and Berkeley helped his “mom” heal from a spinal cord injury.  Together, we were all inseparable.  Berkeley quickly became known in the neighbourhood and often on walks, someone would say “Hi Berk”.  Rarely did the neighbours know our names, but everyone knew The Berk.  Berkeley was a bit of a diva, he could be demanding and obnoxious.  When he wanted to play, it was now.  When he wanted a treat, it was now.  Don’t consider finishing what you were doing, it was all about The B.  We worked closely with Dr. Bennett at Terwillager Veterinary Clinic to continue a rehabilitation program for Berkeley.  Berkeley learned to “ski” down the stairs scaring his mom the first time he did it.  He would stretch out and body surf to the basement, come roaring around the corner and announce – here I am!  Berkeley brought so much joy into our lives.  Sundays were spent going on the “rumpley road” to Terwillager Off Leash Park, followed up by a trip through the McDonalds drive-through for soft serve.  Don’t try to go to Dairy Queen, he simply didn’t like it!  Berkeley taught us that nothing is impossible – you just adapt.  Together, we recovered from our back injuries, I learned how to stop and play and Berekely taught our girls (Belle and Toya) that washing one’s face on the couch was perfectly acceptable behavior.  Sadly, on July 23, 2013 Berkeley crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to a ruptured cornea.  There was no treatment – only removal of both eyes which would have rendered Berkeley blind.  As he aged, his little body slowed down and we made the painful decision to say goodbye.  Berkeley is now with his sister Toya, chasing cats over the Rainbow Bridge.  I miss him today (one year later) as much as I did the day we said goodbye.  I miss that Shih Tzu sass, the Berkeley kisses, the talks we had and the love he gave us.

Age : 14 years
Breed : Shih Tzu

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