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Devon 00-0006-D

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On October 19, 2009, our dear dog Devon passed away quietly in my arms with his Daddy and I petting him, telling him how much we loved him and what a good boy he was.
Devon was our gentle giant.  Although he was such a large dog, he had a gentle heart and just loved children and they loved him right back.  He was always first to the door to greet us, always beating out his buddy Fudge by a couple feet.  He was a wonderful, lifelong companion to our other dog Fudge.  One thing I miss the most is that, when I fell, Devon would come racing to my side and stand braced so that I could put my hand on his strong shoulders to help myself up.  I always knew I was safe with my gentle giant at my side.  Sean my husband misses throwing the stick into the Dam for Devon to swim out and retrieve and Devon's joy when he knew Sean was bringing the truck and trailer ready to go camping.  Everything Devon did, he did with his whole heart.  He loved us with every fiber of his being and we loved him the same.
We will always remember you Devon, our giant with the gentle heart.

Breed : unknown

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Jenna 03-000-O

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January 1, 1994 - November 12, 2009.  It is with very sad hearts that we announce the passing of our wonderful dog Jenna.  We adopted Jenna from Nasap in 2003 and she has been a great addition to our family since that day.  We thank Nasap for allowing us to adopt Jenna.  We thank Jenna's previous family for bringing up such a great dog.  We want them to know that she was loved and taken care of until the day she died and she will be mourned and in our hearts forever.
Jenna, I know you have crossed the Rainbow bridge and are now ruuning free in fields of flowers.  We will miss you forever and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the great, awesome campanion you were for the last six years.  Rest in peace my Jenna Wenna Bear.   

Age : 15 years
Breed : unknown

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Buddy 00-0101-D

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It is with extreme sadness that we had to say goodbye to the love of
our lives "Buddy" on Tuesday.    We rescued Buddy, a 7 year old lab/
husky mix from NASAP in September of 2002.  So we think he was 14 or
15.  He was such a good, good boy.   I don't  know if you keep track
of the original families who couldn't keep him and if they would like
to know.  He was well loved and spent most of the day on his pillow in
our family room over the past few years.  He loved to go for walks
here at Hastings Lake and for short swims to cool off in the summer
heat.  He rarely barked and was loved by all our friends and neighbors
too.  We will miss his cheerful disposition and snoring furry face so
very much.  Our hearts though broken today, are so grateful he was
part of our home and we were able to love him for such a long time.

Sincerely, Jim and Kelly Daye

Age : elderly
Breed : Husky cross

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Socks (was Bronx) 05-0100-D

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Very sad day today.


We finally had to say goodbye to  Socks, our beautiful border collie. I found Socks (then about five years old) ten years ago on NASAP’s rescue website. James, my then oldest border,  was sixteen and the calm in my storm of younger border collies. Socks was described as a mellow gentleman. I twisted my husband’s arm by telling him that Socks would be a perfect “replacement” if anything were to happen to James.


He never was a replacement. He was adored by everyone. Gentle, loving and loved.


He was diagnosed with Cushing’s at the beginning of the summer. Treatment was going to be hard on him and with no guarantees. He was in no pain so we decided to let him enjoy the summer. The last few weeks have been a real struggle for him. I couldn’t bear for him to have to battle through the winter.


We’ll miss him so much.


Can’t thank NASAP enough for the years we shared with Socks.


Karen, David, Anna and Laura.

Jay, Squire and Buzz (also border collie rescues).

Breed : Border Collie

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Prissy 09-900-C

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In loving memory of our sweet cat, Prissy, who passed away on June 20, 2009. She will be missed greatly.

Wendy Buhrs

Breed : DMH Black

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