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Hello! This is Miss Gremlin,  she's a sweetheart :)

Gremlin has been with us for almost THREE YEARS. Yep, that's right! She's our longest resident pupper. Gremlin has had a tough time of things - but we haven't given up on her and you shouldn't either. Please read her bio carefully and do not hesitate to ask any questions!

Since coming to NASAP in February 2015, Gremlin has developed beautifully. She has become calmer, more trusting, and a great listener. These characteristics take time and patience to build and develop. She has received many hours of individual training, which will need to be ongoing. She knows her basic commands and walks well on the leash. She is constantly working on her socialization skills with other dogs and still requires more time to work on this skill. She gets along very well with her 'sister' Willow, the resident foster home dog, which took time and patience. And with time and redirection she has made a few friends. On walks she is intermittently reactive to dogs and children and requires redirection. 

She is great with the resident cat - respectful while still being curious. 

She loves car rides, playing in the pool, long walks, and running as fast as she can. She loves squeaky toys and tug of war is her favourite game. 

She is house trained, microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. She uses her crate as her cave and the door is never closed. 

Gremlin suffers from anxiety/reactivity, especially with strangers, children, and dogs. These are being managed with positive reinforcement training and medication, which she is doing fabulous on. She is still very anxious around children and sometimes strangers. We keep a very watchful eye on her due to her unpredictable nature at times. She is very smart and very eager to please. She will need a family that is committed to continuing her force-free training regime, and helping Gremlin to truly be the best she can be.

Gremlin has had a tough last few months! She has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and disco spondilosis in her neck and thorax. This means her vertebrae are fusing together and it will progress to arthritis. Her funny gate and sitting positions are because her hips can dislocate very easily. Being in pain from these conditions has likely contributed to Gremlin's anxiety/reactivity, and we understand what she's saying! 

We originally believed Gremlin suffered from food allergies however when she didn't fully improve on a hypoallergenic diet, we kept digging. She has now been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. She went for an ultrasound and found her intestine to be completely inflamed to twice the normal size. She has been started on steroids to help calm the inflammation, and a limited ingredient kangaroo diet. She also takes stilbesterol twice a week to prevent urinary leakage due to low estrogen levels and has had no further issues.

Gremlin is a much loved member of her foster family, and has been improving more than ever over the past few months now that her medical issues are all being managed appropriately. 

Age : 5 years old
Breed : rottie x
Weight : approx 60 lbs

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