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Hi  My name is Mister and I have lived a very fun life.  I don't remember how I started living on the street but I made it work. One day, I stumbled upon an acreage and it seemed like a good place to hang out.  I met some great people and they fed me and gave me a place to sleep. After a while, I even got to come into the house and play with the young kids.  Don't worry!  I kept my cool and let them crawl all over me. I defended my new home with honor.  I was very good at winning fights with other cats.  Sadly, the family had to move but wanted me to have a chance at a furever home so they contacted NASAP. I was full of sores and scratches but I got to go to the spa to get all cleaned up.  My coat never looked and felt so amazing!  My foster family and I hit it off right away.  I got to crawl up on their lap and spent my time purring my heart out.  I got to meet other cats and these ones were nice and friendly.  I got to eat like a king and would always use my new bathroom litter box.  I can't wait to finally belong somewhere and be someones' friend for life.  Since I lived outside for most of my life, I will need to be able to run free from time to time.  A nice big backyard or acreage will be ideal but I will love a catio too.  Click the link to inquire and you will ge to come and meet me.  How cool is that!  So easy!  I promise you will never regret choosing me.

Age : 3 years
Breed : DSH black male

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