Ringo 18-002-C

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My name is Ringo, I’m a two year old tabby looking for a BFF (best feline friend).  I’m an adventurous and friendly boy who is looking for a likeminded playmate.  I love to play cat-tag – you chase me and I’ll chase you.    I really enjoy playing with toys – throwing them in the air and hiding them under the furniture.  I like laser tag and wand toys too.  I’m pretty busy but do enjoy a good nap and would love a cat nap buddy.   I’m pretty darn handsome and well- mannered.  My very new favourite thing is wet cat food – it is amazing.  I know that you, my future BFF, come with a family and I want to assure you that I do love people too. I’m very charismatic with people.  I can win anyone over instantly just by rolling on the floor and asking for a belly rub.  I love to have long and in depth chats and I’m happy to help with chores to earn my keep. I’ve not actually met a dog yet, but I’ve instantly liked everyone and anything I’ve met so far and I’m not shy so I think I could fit in anywhere.   So if you are looking for a BFF too, tell your people to inquire about me.


Age : 1.5 year old male
Breed : DSH Brown tabby

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