O'Malley 18-006-C

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Hi there, I'm O'Malley and I'm no alley cat anymore. I'm a big boy with lots of personality. My favourite thing is to roll around for rubs. I've been on the streets for a while and my fur is not my best feature. But don't worry... soon I'll be shaved and turned into a lion! I'll be the best looking cat there is after that! I'm a very good eater and have perfect manners when using the cat box. I tend to coo rather than meow. It's my way of singing. I'm pretty calm for a former street cat.  I can smell the other cats in my foster home but I can't meet them till I get something called a neuter. I have no idea what that is but my foster mom said I won't feel a thing. After that I'll be ready for a home of my own. If your looking for a cool cat then hit me up. I'll be waiting.

Age : 1 year old
Breed : DLH black and brown tabby

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