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If you are looking for an energetic, playful and super smart kitty then Lulu just might be for you!

She is perfect for someone who is looking for a trainable cat as she is exceptionally intelligent and highly food motivated.   She comes when you call her and gives lots of head butts.  She would love it if someone was to spend lots of time with her teaching her tricks.  She is also very athletic; she jumps great heights with ease and very little fear.   She would make a good cat actor for the temptations treats commercials. 

Lulu would be fine as the only cat in the house, but is more than happy to share.  She is able to tolerate other cats well (she is living in a multiple cat household and with a cat-friendly dog).  She will require an adjustment period as she is particularly hissy as first and needs her personal space, which can confuse existing animals in the home.  Lulu does require an adult only and secure home as she is an expert level escape artist.  Her foster home is sure she watches and looks for inconsistencies in your routines and will happily take advantage of any opportunity to bolt through an open door or window.  She is very clever, you can actually watch her assessing her surroundings to figure out how it works.  Unfortunately Lulu panics as soon as she escapes and loses her sense of direction very quickly.  She does not cope with beginning outside at all.

Lulu has been in care with NASAP since April 2018 when she arrived very pregnant and gave birth to four healthy kittens.  She is still looking for her forever home.  If you are looking for a fun and lively housemate inquire about Lulu.

Age : 1 year old female
Breed : DSH Brown tabby

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