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Hi, I’m Coke - didn’t the invite say formal attire? Oh well! Me and my tuxedo are happy at any type of party... especially if there are snacks! I like to hang out where the action is, and I will definitely tell you what I'm thinking (usually I'm thinking you should pay attention to me). Sometimes I am a bit shy when I meet new people, but usually the promise of some tummy rubs will get me out of my shell and all cuddled up! The only thing I like more than tummy rubs and pats is FOOD... I’ll do anything for a treat! Especially right now as I'm on a diet - my foster fam says I'm a biiiig boy. That just sounds like there's more of me to love in my opinion! Between me and my brother Peak, I’m the adventurous one, so we’d have to be adopted together so that I can scope out our new digs and check for any treats, of course. It sure would be nice have a furever home where we can settle into some laps and get purring - you should inquire today!

Age : 2.5 years
Breed : DSH tuxedo

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