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Duckey is a sweet kitty that came to Nasap after a change in her family. Duckey is a laid back kitty and likes to lounge on her cat condo. She enjoys sitting beside her foster mom and getting lots of rubs. Duckey has lived with young kids and enjoyed following them around and greeting them at the door. She has been around other cats, and while she will tolerate other calm cats, she much prefers to be the only pet. Duckey recently had a dental cleaning and a couple teeth removed. Following her dental, duckey developed Hyperesthesia Syndrome. This disorder causes duckey to feel overwhelmed and she would get twitchy and feel the need to hide. This sydrome while it has physical symptoms is classified as a complussive behavioural disorder. Duckey is currently on a daily medication that keeps her calm and regulates her compulsive behaviour. So far duckey is responding very well and is almost back to her normal self. Duckey may be able to wean off her medication in time but will likey need her daily medication life long. Inquire today for more information and to meet sweet Duckey

Age : 4 year old
Breed : DSH Torbie female

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