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Milo is a very quite boy who came to nasap after being the pound. He is very calm and reserved in new situations but once he feels safe, he really enjoys head scratches. Milo has likely spent alot of his life outdoors. He is now learning about toys and likes to play with wand toys. Milo loves a good box with a cozy blanket to curl up in. Milo is FIV positive. FIV is a life long condition. FIV causes a weakened immune system so He will need to remain and indoor only kitty. That will prevent him from being exposed to any viruses. He should not be around other cats as FIV is transmittable through bites to other cats. Milo Loves dogs though! At the pound milo would get very excited when the resident dog came around. Milo would do fine as an only pet but would love a calm dog friend too. We are still getting to know milo so check back for updates or inquire today

Age : 4 years old
Breed : DSH White and orange male

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