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Hi there! My name is Gemini. My foster dad calls me Gem for short. I am an itty bitty baby and was born in early June of 2021. I am a reserved, content kitten who likes to sit on the floor or by the window and watch the world go by. I love to play with my mom and sister (check out their profiles too!) and run around with them. I am adoptable either by myself or with my sister Beatrice! I worked very hard to be born and grow up healthy, and now I'm ready for a forever home! 

I was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). CH is a neurological condition that is painless and will not worsen over time. If anything, my condition will appear to improve as I grow stronger and adapt. CH is also known as "Wobbly Cat Syndrome." When I walk, I have the wiggles! I also experience "intention tremors," meaning that I shake sometimes before I start moving. My back feet slip out from under me sometimes, and I will never say no to a spontaneous and uncontrolled barrel roll. Like I said, this condition is painless and I am not suffering. I am very happy! I can do most things other cats do with no problems. My foster dad will be sure to point you towards any resources or information you might want about CH. There are tons of support communities on social media for parents of kitties like me, where you can ask questions if anything confusing comes up down the road. I don't require any medication or special routines. 

Because of CH, my forever family will need to be extra special. I need a home where there is either lots of carpet, or where my family is willing to buy lots of rugs. This will improve my quality of life, because I will have more grip to run, jump, and play. I also cannot live in a home with stairs, as I can easily fall down them if I'm having an especially wiggly moment. My foster dad keeps my claws a little longer than my sister's to help me climb and keep up with her. I don't like to go up on high surfaces but have no problem being a foot or two off the ground. I will also likely prefer raised food and water bowls as I get taller, because I lose my balance if I have to bend down too much to eat. I don't like when I fall face-first into my food. 

Some kitties with CH have other developmental delays. I am one of those kitties! I have been slowly but surely learning to master the litter box, and haven't had an accident in a while! How I use the litter box is a little different right now. The good news is: you don't have to buy any litter. The other good news is that I keep it in the box. There is no bad news. I may have you buy litter for me in the future, but for now I'm happy with an empty box. If you are interested in adopting me, my foster dad would be happy to give you some more detailed information about how my litter training journey has gone so far. I'm taking my time, and I've made a lot of progress. 

I am also very small and I have been a little slower to develop my social skills and other important kitty instincts. But recently I've made a lot of breakthroughs! I love to snuggle with my sister now and have become super playful. 

I can't wait to find a family who will love me and all my wiggles.

I'd love to be adopted with my sister Beatrice because we have become close friends. That being said, I'm also adoptable on my own! I would do well in a home with another kitty friend or two, with proper introductions. In fact, I think friends to wrestle with would make me quite happy.

Age : 11 Weeks
Breed : DSH Grey Tabby

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