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Darwin Image

I just wanted to let you know that Darwin is settled in now. It took him a couple of weeks to adjust and to get used to us, but everything is well. He is a great cat and has obviously been trained by someone in the past. He loves to sleep and play with his toys…favorite of which is a tinfoil ball. Now he follows me around the house meowing at me, which is funny and unexpected.

Happy New Year.


Reiko (now Jasper)

Reiko (now Jasper) Image

Reiko's new name is Jasper and recently we think he has come to know it as that too!  He has been such a great addition to our family.  He is so full of spunk and love that we can't imagine our household any other way!  Out other kitty, Penny (also adopted from NASAP) has adjusted fairly well.  They now enjoy each other's company and can be found cleaning one another and generally following one another around (inbetween some pretty high energy games of "tag" and "who can corner who").

Jasper truly loves attention and cuddles and will seek it out at all times (of the day AND night).  He truly seems happy and well adjusted to his new home.

Bill and I are both thankful that we took the plunge to adopt another kitty (we were worried about how Penny would react) as he is such a good companion for all three of us and has completed our family.

Dots (nowChloe)

Dots (nowChloe) Image

I am very impressed with your organisation and the great care you take in looking after your animals, both before and after adoption.  I have changed Dots' name to Chloe;  she is a very classy cat and I thought Chloe suited her.

Chloe is doing very well and I love her to pieces!  She has basically taken over my heart and home.  What a wonderful, sweet kitty she is!    



Jessica Image

Things are going very well with Jessica.   I'm so happy with her.  She is everything I wanted in a cat.  She's beautiful, sweet, well mannered and a wonderful little buddy to me.  Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better cat.  She loves to play, so I've bought her lots of toys and play with her several times a day.  She also loves being petted, so she gets LOTS of pets.  We are both doing very well together.  She has brought me so much joy and I'm sure we'll have many great years together.  I love the NASAP system - where you match up the pets with suitable people.  It worked perfectly for me.


Muggins Image

Muggins is doing really well with us ... and us with her.    She has turned out to be a wonderful dog for our family ... I don't even know if we could have picked a better pup ... she's got such a nice disposition and is so loving.  We had to farm her out to some friends for four days so we could go to a wedding in BC and she survived it although she had a couple of rough nights, poor dog.  I was sure she thought she had been abandoned ... and we missed her so we're glad to have her at home again.  She must be glad to be back because she's been an absolute angel for us!    She has had her spay done and we have had her to six weeks of puppy training which was very  helpful to us.   Things are good with Muggins.  We love her!
Sandy and Troy (Braden, Jaylene, Tamara and Sylvester too)

Kees (now Auzzie)

Kees (now Auzzie) Image

All Auzzie's vet checks have been done, deworming, boosters and general overall health.  He will be booked for neutering after the May long weekend as we plan to take him camping.  We have changed his name to Auzzie since we were told there may be some Australian Cattle Dog in him.   Afte seeing the vet, she figured border collie and maybe german or belgian shepherd!   He is on the go all the time and a real challenge!

Bridget (now Karma)

Bridget (now Karma) Image

My new forever people have changed my name from Bridget to Karma.  I had a tough time in my first two weeks that I came to my new home.  I had major separation anxiety.  But my forever people never scolded me for trying to scratch my way out the front and back door, or for trying to get out through the walls.  They just showed patience and loved me even more.  Now I'm used to being at home alone, while they are gone to work.  My mom comes home for lunch, so that I can hang out in the back yard for an  hour.  Then when my people both get home from work, they take me to the forest (Sherwood Park Dog Park) for an  hour walk.  I have a cat here to keep me company during the days.  We laze around on our people's bed all day waiting to  hear that key in the keyhole.  We're all excited to have mom and/or dad home!!!   I always beat the cat to the door as I'm the faster runner!   I get to go on road trips to other provinces.  I had a great time running around on the hills in Penticton.  I also get to see children lots, as I love to lick their faces clean.  I love playing with all my new toys.  When I get excited, I like to put a toy in my mouth and show it off to everyone.  I'm happy where I am.   I love my forever home, Mary.  Thanks for hanging on to me and looking after me until my forever mom and dad came and picked me up.  I'm forever grateful to be in their lives and I know that they feel the same way!

Willow (now Saffron)

Willow (now Saffron) Image

Willow is doing great, we have renamed her Saffron or Saffy for short.  She is a beautiful little girl and last month when we had her weighed she was 36.7 lbs.   Hasn't grown into her massive paws yet!  She really loves playing with our first dog, Digger, and they spend most of their time playing together and with her sister, Sadie (Whist).  She had a few behavioural problems which mostly were contributed to eating. We have been working with her and are very happy that she is a lot gentler when getting a treat and when getting her dog bowl.  The kids can now feed her a doggy bone!  We are very happy with her and with Sadie.    Thanks so much for asking about her, it's nice to know that you guys care about their welfare even afte they are in a new home.   I will attach a photo of her or both as they are hard to get a pic of since they rarely sit still for long!!