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Cooper (now Lonesome)

Cooper (now Lonesome) Image

Just want to let you know that Lonesome aka "Cooper" is doing real good.  He is awesome smart.  He gets along favously with Whip, my red heeler.  Whip has taught him to leave the yard to go to the bathroom (go out in the field or the bush) and so far he has not ever left the place.  Lonesome thinks he should protect me from my horses though, but we are working on that.  He terrorizes my old cat but my cat doesn't back down so all is good.  Lonesome is awesome in the house, learned very quickly what rooms he is allowed in or not, and when coming from outside he sits by the door until I tell him it's o.k. (in case his feet are wet or muddy).  My Mom and him get along real well too.  So far so good.  I will have to send some pictures when I get a chance here.

Laylah (now Lucy)

Laylah (now Lucy) Image

Dear Angela - thank you so much for Lucy.  She is a doll.  She's full of pep and fun, go, go, go and then she crashes.  Molly is much more active and enjoyes playing with her a lot.  In fact, Molly is not sleeping nearly as much as she has been.  Lucy is sleeping fine, only had to get up with her the first two nights and now dhe sleeps all the way through.  We are giving her lots of walks, playtime and, of course, lots of love.  She is very sweet and affectionate, lots of snuggles and kisses.  She can sit on command and knows her name.  I think she is very bright, quick to learn, and we are training her constantly.  We love having her in our lives and have no regrets whatsoever about adopting her. 


Heidi Image

I don't know if you remember me or not, but that's ok, I'm  sure you remember Heidi!
We are getting along great, she's a wonderful girl, though she has some minor problems, nothing that I wouldn't expect considering her history! I contacted the vet and spoke with them for a while, they had some history on Heidi. Most of the problems are with her being very unsure of what's going to happen to her and she's quite timid. We are getting over these but it'll take some time!
She's fully house trained & spends the night in her own bed at the foot of mine, no accidents - ever!   She still likes to jump up but now pretty much just does it when I tell her it's ok,,, she loves to give kisses and needs lots of attention.
Heidi gets along with all my friend's dogs and has loads of fun with my neighbour's 2 small kids, (4 and 6 years) she's very gentle and loves to play.
She loves to go for rides in the truck. We've been to the mountains a couple times. Last weekend was the latest and she rides great!  She gets wound up when she sees the deer and mountain goats, but listens very well,,,
She followed her nose a couple times and took off, but she came back on her own after a few minutes, and this is getting better too!
She's put on a few pounds but, no matter how much I feed her, I think she's gonna stay on the thin side,  she has lots of energy and spunk so I'm not worried about it.
I sent along a picture from this last weekend, we had a great time!!!!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding and caring for Heidi, she has filled a big hole since I lost my last best friend.
All the best! Les

Haddie (was Kiara)

Haddie (was Kiara) Image

Again, we have to thank you for giving Haddie such a great start in life.  She's pretty amazing.  People at the Belgravia offleash  park think she's the most laid back puppy they've seen and she has a best friend there (Homer a beagle) who she races around with.  Whenever she's overwhelmed with bigger dogs, Porkchop (our other older dog) intervenes as he's her protector.  She's doing extremely well with her housetraining, knows her name and is learning to sit on command.  We're proud parents and she's VERY clever.  She reminds us of our last dog, Lanai (a NASAP dog too) in a lot of her mannerisms.  She's growing by the day so I thought I'd send you a picture from Thanksgiving weekend.  And, before I forget, she is comfortable with everyone she meets (humans and dogs alike).
Merrilyn and Neil.


Hunter Image

Hunter continues to be one happy dog enjoying long country walks and finding a ball nine times out of ten on every walk!    Truly living up to his name.     Here he is with Lucy, his new sister, also a rescue dog.    Thank you Barry and Sandy for giving these two lovely dogs such a wonderul home.


Bella Image

Hello Everyone, I am having a wonderful time with my new family who gives me plenty of hugs, kisses & pets (they even let me sleep on the bed).  I want to let you all know that I enjoy running & playing with my new best friend Oiler, I was excited when I knew there was another dog in the house.  It’s great cause we are both the same age and full of energy!!  I thought it was too cool when I came to my forever home and saw that it had a fish pond (without fish) in the backyard, I spend hours jumping in & out of the pond (which is great in the hot summer).  My most enjoyable part of the day is when Mom & Dad take Oiler and I for a walk and when we are really good (which is all of the time) we all go to the river for a nice long swim. I must say I am an excellent swimmer and I swim circles around everyone.  I am also close to ‘Kaly’ the cat of the house and I enjoy giving her lots of kisses, I was so happy that she kissed me back – she never swim’s with us though….hmmmmmm. I hope you enjoy my picture.  I am on the right (blue collar) and Oiler is on the left (red collar)……I know……we look very similar.  I love my forever home and what makes me feel even better is that Mom, Dad, Oiler, Kaly love me more than life itself. Thank you NASAP, keep up the good work!!!! Love Always, Bella

Jack (formerly T-Bone)

Jack (formerly T-Bone) Image

My name is Jack and I have a confession to make...I AM GUILTY!  My family has caught me red handed in:  stealing a young girl's heart (it was love at first sight for both of us...honest!); reducing a 6'2", 200 lbs. man to a blubbering softie whenever I am near him (can you imagine, I am the first dog in 20 years that he has allowed on the bed); taking my elderly neighbor for a joy ride (we cruise around the block and he says that I give his day a purpose...whatever that means.  I just go along for the hugs!);  wrapping the lady of the house around my little paws(she says that she still loves me even if I have made a few mistakes on her rug.  I think it is the batting of the eyes that gets to her. My lady also  says that not only am I handsome (it must be the  tuxedo I wear) , I am very smart.  So smart in fact that I am sure to get scouted by the obedience schools...I can hear the phone ringing with scholarship offers!  After I learn my manners there will be no stopping me in having fun visiting people in the hospitals where I will have to suffer through lots of love and attention.  Well, somebody has got to do it!

So, my new family has sentenced me to a lifetime of long walks, gourmet meals, a warm place to live, a yard to play in, car rides, people/dogs to meet and lots of love.  They tell me that they are thankful for the lady who rescued my Mom and gave me a chance in the world and for NASAP who cared enough about me to make sure I had the best family to go home to.  Lucky me!


Honey Image

Happy Thanksgiving!!
It's Honey here and I am just checking in to let you know that I am doing very well in my new home.  I have been here for 2 months now and I am very comfortable and have quite an established routine. For example, I know that mom and dad are going to get up early so being a nice girl I like to help them in achieving this by running up the stairs and doing my pacing around the bed, and you know what, It works!!, I get my morning walk!!  At night, the same magical thing happens, I nudge, pace and lick and guess what, an evening walk!!  Life is great.  My best friend Regan who is almost two years old does a great job with feeding me breakfast.  We also have a great time wrestling each other and making plans.  I am still in love with the park and I know the driving route so well, I start to whine and howl and sometimes like to help drive the rest of the way there!!  Since being with my family I have done all of my healing and I have become strong and healthy.
I wish everyone well, thanks again NASAP!!
Love Honey