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Boye (now Murphy)

Boye (now Murphy) Image

I am pleased to say that Boye (now Murphy) is doing great.  Although he's not the quiet withdrawn boy we first bought home!  He has certainly come out of his shell.
I have attached some photos but couldn't get him to stay still long enough to take some decent pictures.  I will try and send some more recent ones soon.


Eli Image

Eli is doing great!  He is now up to date on his shots and he is on special dog food to help lengthen his life as he has a heart murmur.  He has settled in and knows who mom and dad are.  He has become quite protective of me inside the house.  He does not become aggressive but make sure Dave knows not to tease me.  Eli still is shy with new people.  He is especially shy with tall men.   Eli quite likes the grand children and is very gentle when I take him to the nursing home to visit mom.  He will sit beside mom's wheel chair and if I tell him to stay he doesn't move if I go to her room to get something.  We still find it hard to believe he is so well trained.  Most times he waits at the back door to have his feet wiped before coming in.  He doesn't bother us at the table.  He loves walks and is very good.    When we go for a walk and i'm ready to go home I tell Eli to take me home and he leads me home.  If he stops I just tell him we n eed to go  home and he decides which way to go!   He is the most cuddly dog we have ever met.  He likes to be with one of us most of the time and if we are watching tv he is beside one of us or between Dave and I.  He loves to lean on us and put his head on our shoulder.  Eli is very much part of our family and we can't believe how fortunate we are to have him.

Ragu (now Waldo)

Ragu (now Waldo) Image

Waldo is doing great!  He and his big brother Trigger ae now the best of friends and have a great time playing tug of war, wrestling and running around our new acreage trying to find whatever kind of trouble they can!  Skunks are a favourite - so he has already had a few baths!   Wally, as we call him, was the perfect fit for Trigger, shy enough at first so Trigger did not feel put out, but friendly enough to want to make friends.  Now every morning when I get up to let them out, Trigger runs right to Waldo's kennel and wags his tail until I let his buddy out with him.   Last night we did our first kennel free night as he is outgrowing it so fast and he was great ... no pee and all my shoes are drool free.  I am very impressed with this as Wally has a tendency to eat anything outside that is not nailed down!  He is very smart so he seems to know that in the house only certain toys are his.  Stuffed animals are a favourite of both the boys.   Waldo even had his first visit to a doggy daycare when we went to Jasper for the weekend and everyone there loved him.  the next big adventure will be getting him fixed.  He is not much for car rides and gets sick every time so I think that will probably be the worst part.  Hopefully he will grow out of this.  We are very grateful that NASAP is out there trying to find a better life for so many animals.  Keep up the good work!  


Tundra Image

Tundra is doing soooo good!  When we first got him he hardly did stairs, and when he did he plowed through them like a freightliner.  We have him on the same food, and started him on the glucosamide supplements, and that combined with regular exercise the vet said he has lost 10 pounds (that was about a month ago, I am sure he has toned down more since!!).  He does stairs with ease now, and has sooooo much energy.  He jumps up on our huge king sized bed with no problem, although we don't let him stay up there, it was quite the accomplishment!  His favorite toys are rope toys and he flings them around and pounces on them like crazy.  Him and Baylie outside together are quite a riot, they run circles around the yard all the time and play pounce at each other.  They have gotten along sooo great, they often will go up to one another and lick the other on the nose, it is so cute.
We couldn't imagine our life without him.  After having his breed we would definitely not hesitate to get another elkhound again.  He has fit in so well, and has quite the personality.  I could however do without the craaazy shedding that has been going on.  I spend roughly 45 mins. each day brushing him and pulling loose hair off him.  We have made him a doggie spa appointment on Tuesday where they do something special to pull away all the loose hair (Tyler calls it rotor-raking, hahaha) so we will see how that goes.  At first I was freaking out with all the hair in the house, now I have become used to it and it seems like nothing to have a huge ball of hair attached to my sock, or in my water glass... it's now just second nature. :) Attached is a picture of Tundra with his new sister Baylie!  Thanks,Amy

QTip (now Bubba)

QTip (now Bubba) Image

How can we thank you for matching us up with a dog so perfect for us?  We cannot believe how sweet and intelligent this little guy is.  It's very obvious he once had a home where he was well trained because he knows so much already - all he needs is a little reminding of some of the rules.   The only slightly poor manners he has shown so far was a nice long cool drink from the toilet - I guess he felt he needed to make sure we know he is a dog and not a person!  He's a very funny boy and will play ball for hours if he can.   He "sits" with the right motivation, "comes" when he's called and never has accidents in the house.  He's already learned that it's ok to go up on the couch but nowhere else and he LOVES a ride in the car!  Taking him to PetSmart was like taking him to Disneyland - we all had fun and he's very popular with other customers and other dogs. He's so sociable and friendly - everyone so far is very taken with his charm.  
Mary, we're looking forward to a long good life with our new adopted son.  Thank you again for placing that ad at exactly the right time for us to find the dog of our dreams.
Sharon & John


Cuda Image

Cuda really doesn't like to have his picture taken.  Last week my niece was out photographing my daughter for her Grad pics and took this one of him without him knowing!  He is quite proud.   He has become rather protective of our property and I have to watch him when strangers arrive.   Once we have accepted them he is fine as well. He even chases strange dogs off the yard, but won't fight with them or follow them.    Yes, the boy is growing up!!

He sends his love and wants to thank you again for saving his life.

Your friends Dale and Jewel

Moose (formerly Gordon)

Moose (formerly Gordon) Image

This is an update from Moose (formerly Gordon). My humans have sent a selection of pictures for you to decide from. I am happy and comfortable in my new forever home. I have an older brother (Ducky) and a younger brother (Nugget). We get along great. I love my people and they let me pretend I'm a lap cat even though I weigh fifteen pounds. I'm spoiled with lots of toys and warm beds and climbing areas. I'm so happy that I never stop purring even when I'm asleep.

Buddy and Copper

Buddy and Copper Image

Just wanted to send you a quick note about Buddy and Copper.  Both our girls came from NASAP.  We got Buddy in September of 2004.  Copper came to us in October 2007.  Copper is a typical Jack Russell... dominant.  She's been getting some training, and is learning her manners.  Buddy is a submissive dog, so is a good match for Copper.  Both dogs are loved and enjoyed.   You folks do great work....thanks for all your efforts :)