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Hope Image

Hi Mary
Thought you would get a kick out of the picture of Hope her first night with us.  She and our little guy are still finding their boundaries about playing.   She really made us laugh - she moved from her cushion on the couch in our living room and then decided to crawl into bed in the morning!   A 62 lb lovebug.

Gemmie (formerly Sandy)

Gemmie (formerly Sandy) Image

Hi there, I thought you might like an update on how this little one is doing. I’ve attached some photos in case you would like to post a new one! Gemmie is doing extremely well – she’s fit right into her new home and with her new big brother Merlin. We’ve both completely lost our hearts to this little one. She has a very loving, cuddly, and playful nature (which Merlin adores!). I’ve had so many smiles and laughs already in the few short weeks that Gemmie has been a part of our family.  Gemmie has decided that she really likes going on walks (the fresh snow was so exciting for her this week!) and loves to try to keep up to Merlin to bite his beard as he walks. She’s also decided that the best place to be after she’s tired of walking is in my nice warm coat… !! Gemmie has also decided that her new big brother is very dirty – she’s forever trying to clean/straighten up his paws and his beard (very sweet to watch – he loves the attention!). They are also priceless to watch playing with toys – I think Merlin has met his match of wits with Gemmie… greedy Merlin loves to steal the toys Gemmie is playing with, but she’s figured out that if he does, she will pretend to be really interested in a different toy, and as soon as Merlin decides he wants that one instead, she’ll circle back and take the first toy back! Poor Merlin hasn’t figured out yet what’s really going on... J I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work that you and your foster families do. I’m so happy we adopted Gemmie – she’s injected a lot of joy and sparkle into our lives - she’s truly a priceless gem!! Leslie


Noella Image

Noella has been with me for 2 and 1/2 weeks now.  She enjoys  Kobi, often play fighting and tugging toys with him.  She received a good bill of health from the vet and I received advise on housetraining.  Noella is paper trained and loves to go outside with Kobi.  She has met my children's dogs, and after some fear,  she has started to play with them.  Her favorite place is being held and petted, and that is my favorite place for her, too.  Kobi and Noella get their mush session on their love seat while I have my coffee. Thank-you to all involved in her care. 


Boo Image

Hi everyone, it's me Boo.  I am just sending this in to let everyone know that Nasap found me the best home ever.  I love my new sister Sophie (right) and she has shown me all about being a good farm dog,  I don't even chase the horses anymore.  I have lots of little dogs to play with too,  my mom calls them cats, she's crazy.  I am also a foster sister,  the best one ever I'm sure.  I get to teach all the new dogs that come for sleepovers how to be farm dogs too.  I was very nevrous of my dad too at first but now he is my best guy,  we go fo long walks, swim and play catch.  I am so happy that I have found my forever home and will keep helping all the new dogs find their forever homes.  As for my mom she is so lucky that Nasap helped her find me...........what would she do with out me. Thanks Nasap!

Crow (now Stan)

Crow (now Stan) Image

Hello there,

We just thought we would give you guys an update about Crow. His name is Stan, now. Stan is a great little cat. He loves to play with his toys and laser pointer. He has quite the personality. Stan has grown up quite a bit since we adopted him. Still, he likes to knead dough on my face when I sleep. He gets into mischief whenever he can but we still love him.

A few months after we adopted Stan, some friends of ours found another little kitten near their home. We couldn’t find the owners of this little guy, so we brought him home to meet Stan. After a few days of Stan trying to eat the little guy (Stan thought he was a toy, I think), they became best buds. We kept him as well and named him “Noogie”. Now, they are both very happy cats and we are very happy to have them as friends, too. Stan seems to be happier with a friend around the house to pass the time while we are at work. Thanks to Nasap for giving us the opportunity to raise Stan in a fun, caring environment.



Meredith Image

Meredith was our first and only foster cat with NASAP. We don’t know anything about her past prior to turning up at Ellerslie pound. Meredith was a model houseguest from day one. She never bothered with the plants, adapted very well to scratching posts and always used her litter box. We fell in love with Meredith’s sweet personality and her physical ‘quirks’. She has two fused toes and an upper canine tooth that points sideways, not up and down! We were so relieved when Meredith was not adopted after spending a week at PetSmart’s adoption centre when we were both out of town! We happily adopted her in October 2006 after she spent two months with us without receiving a single adoption inquiry. She has always been a perfect cat for us. She loves to be near us or preferably on one of our laps at all times. She sleeps on our bed with us every night, all through the night. In recent months, Meredith has faced some health-related challenges. She was a real trooper about taking her medication and going to the vet clinic for treatment. We are so happy that she has recovered and is enjoying life again as a healthy and happy cat. We hope to love and be loved by her for many years yet to come. We are extremely grateful to NASAP for uniting us with our Meredith.

Jenny & Craig


Sophia Image

Despite her medical troubles a very kind and wonderful woman who loves the Kuvasz breed has adopted Sophia. She is now living out her life on a farm with some sheep to guard as well as a fabulous young man to hang out with. Sophia instantly gravitated to these kind people and is thoroughly enjoying her new home with so much to watch over and protect. She also enjoys much love and attention and will be extemely well cared for as she lives out the rest of her life as a kuvasz should.    


Muggins Image

Muggins has been adopted by a wonderful family with three kids and three cats! Her new mom works in the home so Muggins will have plenty of attention and cuddles from her and from the kids who were very kind and gentle with her. Muggins also has 2.5 acres to run on! Lucky girl... Happy new life little Mugwump.