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Navarro and Tanzi

Navarro and Tanzi Image

Hello my name is Navarro, I was adopted from NASAP on Jan 23.   I am enjoying my new home.   I have a play mate her name is Tanzi, she was also adopted from NASAP in June 2007.   We get on well together and get quiet boisterous when we play.   We have not been able to play outside for too long as it is still too cold, but our mom says once the snow melts and it gets a bit warmer we will be allowed to play outdoors for longer periods. Tanzi and myself like to stand at the window, we are both inquisitive and like to see what is going on outside.  Thank you for sending me to a nice home.   Keep well.  

Statler and Munchkin

Statler and Munchkin Image

Post prandial nap.
Outside, bitter blasts blowing.
Human off to work.

Statler (April 2004)
Munchkin (November 2007)

Milo and Otis (formerly Fuzzball and Shadow)

Milo and Otis (formerly Fuzzball and Shadow) Image

We love our new additions!  Milo and Otis are two 8 year old brothers we got in September 2007. They are wonderful for our family! The kids and Milo, (the fluffy one), chase the laser light all day and Otis, (the black&white one), sits on my lap and purrs as soon as I sit anywhere!
Thank you NASAP!

Kaia (formerly Luna)

Kaia (formerly Luna) Image

Since I adopted Kaia in August 2006 she has come a long way. She is a  high-energy dog who loves to chase a ball,a  frisbee, or stick. (Anything that moves really!) She loves to run and will leap over anything in her path. After initially being very reluctant to get in a car and not too sure about walking on a leash she now absolutely loves to go anywhere, anytime. She is a wonderful companion and maybe one day you will see her in an agility competiton!  Arlene


Charlie Image

Here is a picture of our dear little Charlie and his big brother Tigger. Charlie is growing so quickly and has added a lot of fun to our home. He loves to curl up with Tigger who has a lot of fur to snuggle into and enjoys playing with our daughter's seven month old Siamese, Rocket, when they come to visit. Charlie is the perfect cat for our family.......he is extremely affectionate and curls up on everyone's lap, shoulder, neck.......whatever, as often as he can. We were all happy to read that Charlie's brother Petey has recovered. They look a lot alike. Thanks to all of you at NASAP for all that you do in our community.
The Maher Family


Cromwell Image

I just thought I would let you know that our Cromwell is doing very well.  I wish that his former "parents" could know just how loved he is by our family and how happy he is.  They should never worry that he is not taken great care of.  Cromwell is now 10 years old and is a beautiful and happy "Old Man"!  He is still as handsome and noble as he was when we adopted him seven years ago, just not as shy.  He absolutely adores us, and our two children who are now 15 and 13 (at the time they were 8 and 6).  They have all grown up together and are inseparable.  Cromwell will spend his week days watching out the front window until the children arrive safely home.  He never sleeps when they are not home and will roam the house looking for them all night.  He is often found under the head of one or the other child when they use him as a pillow!  He just loves to be loved, and absolutely melts into you when you pet and hug him.  He still smiles and circles when he is happy.  He likes to steal shoes from the front door and hide them in the house, but he will only take them if he likes you!  We hope that he never leaves us, as he is just a total part of our family ...    Thank you NASAP for connecting us with the adoption of our beloved Cromwell so many years ago.  We thank you and all the wonderful people who work with this organisation, and bless you always!



Pepper Image

We've had Pepper for 8 weeks now and she has brought so much happiness to us. Today she graduated from her Beginner Training Class and we signed up for Intermediate. Yesterday she had her first trip to an off-leash park and she loved it. If we can get her to stop barking at every dog she sees and noise at the door we'll all be a little happier, but other than that she is the perfect companion. Our extended family loves her as much as we do. She is at home in all their houses and is happy to spend time with any of them. Thanks to everyone at NASAP for your program and for letting Pepper move into our home.
Alison and Sara Jean


TJ Image

Hi Mary.  Another little update for you on how Winston (formerly TJ) is doing.  He has settled into our home beautifully.  He is a happy little guy who always has a waggy tail and a kiss ready.  He loves car rides, has come to love his jackets and sweaters as he knows that means he's going for a walk, loves sitting in the laundry basket and lying on pillows.  He is a climber (like a kitty!) and a digger ... tries to hide his bones in the plants.   Keeps us laughing all the time.  He has lots of energy and can really rip around the yard!   Still shy with strangers (especially men) but licks anyone when they scoop him up or pet him.    What did we ever do without him!