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Rupert Image

Hi everyone. My name is Rupert and I am a very handsome pomeranian. I was adopted this past summer from a loving foster NASAP family. My new "forever" home is great! I have a little sister pom- her name is Sadie. She can be bossy at times, but I just let her think she is the "princess" of the house. But I am really the King. I have a nice yard to run and play in. My new Mum and Dad have a great treat drawer in the kitchen. If I stare at it for a few minutes, they come and give me something really good to eat from it. It is magic! I get to go to the Spa and get a bath and haircut every couple of months.  I love getting scratches and kisses from my new family. I used to be quite shy, but I am getting more comfortable and trusting  when I meet new people. When the weather is nice, we go for a nice walk through the park. I also love to go for rides in the truck. I am so thankful that NASAP gave me a loving foster home where I could stay until you found me a Forever Home. I am sending you a couple of pictures- one is of me and the other is of me, my little sister, Sadie and my Dad. Life is great! Love,


Butter Image

Butter has been adopted to the most perfect forever home! She is living with a lovely single lady who works from home and will spoil Butter like the Princess she thinks she is.  Butter will have all the love and affection to herself and can curl up in bed with her new mom every night! Best of luck to you Butter in your new home.  

Storm (formerly Misty)

Storm (formerly Misty) Image

Misty came to NASAP as a very tiny baby. She was only about 5 weeks old when she came into care on May 25, 2007. Misty was born in Nisku where she was being cared for by a kind woman trying to cope with a large number of abandoned cats and resultant litters of kittens. When we first met Misty it was hard to believe that she would eventually grow into a cat. She looked more like a dilute tortoiseshell hamster with crimped and crazy long hair! Misty was the sole survivor of her litter, including her mother, who was probably killed by a coyote. Misty proved to be very adaptable, and was quite happy to hang out with a litter of 4 older kittens that were rescued from the same location. We were worried about her health because she was so young to be without her mother, but Misty had a fighting spirit that helped her survive and thrive. She was eating on her own immediately, and became well socialized with her foster siblings, who taught her how to play and wrestle. She was always very determined to keep up with the older kittens and she never missed any of the excitement. Fortuitously, the very night that Misty came into care, she met her future adopter (Karey Parro) who spotted her at Petsmart and immediately fell in love with her. Karey writes of Misty (now named Storm):
The object of my affection
I brought Storm home under foster care for the first couple of weeks. She is doing extremely well, she was 0.75lbs at 5 weeks and has since grown to a whopping 2.4lbs in just 6weeks. She has been a bonus addition to my family of cats. She is a loveable cat who enjoys terrorizing her adopted siblings. She has no fear. Her sibilings are as much as 5-10 times her size. She loves to play with just about anything, her favorite is the little sparkly craft balls. She runs, pounces and bats at them for hours. At bed time she comes and snuggles up close. Ahh warmth. I will enjoy seeing her grow into the beautiful cat I know she will be.


Dancer Image

Here is a picture of Dancer getting to know his new family.     Tino, the boston terrier, thought Dancer was the perfect playmate and Dancer knew just how to handle Tino's exuberance!     Dancer's new owners promised to send an update on how he does in his new home so watch this space!


Casanova Image

Hello everyone at NASAP.  I just wanted to send in a quick update on Casanova.  I adopted him in May of 2006 and it was the best decision I made.  It took about a month for him to come out of his shell.  He had to eat behind my bed and only ventured out at night.  Fast forward a little bit and Cass has now taken charge of everything!  He knows that he can get away with anything...all he has to do is look at me and give a little squeak and all is forgiven :)  He sleeps every night curled up next to me, purring like a motor.  All my friends say he has me wrapped around his paw...and they would be correct.  He is the purr-fect little guy, always waiting for me at the door when I get home.  He is a very vocal boy and loves to chat with anyone who is near him.  It was a huge adjustment to have a cat at home, but it was well worth it.  I hope he is as happy here as I am to have him.  Thanks NASAP!  Jocelyn and Casanova :) 


Cassie Image

It's finally official!! After many months of dithering and doddering my foster family finally did what I wanted them to do all along and they adopted me! Yeah!!  I'm so happy in my home that it would have been very very hard for me to adjust to a new place and make new friends. Now I can continue to play with all my friends at the fenced and gated off leash park and keep my doggy sisters close to me.  My routine, which is very important to me, will remain intact and I will always know what is going to happen next (just about anyway)!  I love my family and they love me; it just took them a long time to realize that they really ARE the best home for me and that they don't have to be perfect for me to be happy and well loved.  I am a challenge for sure but none of us would be happy if we couldn't stay together as a family.  Hip hip hooray I'm here to stay!!! :o) :o) :o)     


Cerys Image

Just wanted to give you an update on Cerys since we adopted her in April. She has made a wonderful transition to our family - we all love her and she is one happy cat. She set the dog (Angel - also a former NASAP adoptee) straight about boundaries right off the bat and they get along great - mutually ignoring each other. Soon after she became part of our family, we discovered that she is either partially or totally deaf. She does respond somewhat to loud clapping noises, but that's about it. She likes to sleep in odd places - on tables, in the bathroom sink (the attached photo is a classic) and a variety of other hard surfaces. She can't seem to resist knocking things off the edges of tables - like the cutlery when the table is set for dinner, or the bedside lamp when she is awake at 5 a.m. and wants to be fed. From the moment I saw her picture on the website I felt really drawn to Cerys. We are so very happy to have her with us and feel that she was meant to be part of our family. Thanks for the great work done by NASAP and all its foster families. Kathleen, Jocelyn and Elyse.


Ernie Image

Just thought I'd give you one last update on Ernie to prove you chose a good home for him.  He is doing great, such a smart well behaved dog, still lays down to eat.  Last time I weighed him he was 73 pounds haha, he's sure come a long way from his 2 pounds when he was first discovered.  I took him to the lake a couple times in the summer, he loved the water.  So far the cold weather hasn't bugged him one little bit,  he is just so happy with life and doesn't have a care in the world.