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Smokey Image

Smokey joined our family in February 2007.  She is such a joyful, loving dog who loves being cuddled and spoiled (which she is).  She bonded with us quickly and over time feels increasingly secure that we belong to her. 
Smokey loves to play indoors and out.  She has a big backyard to play in and loves to say "hi" to her boyfriend Duke (a one year old Shepherd) who lives in the house behind us.  Smokey loves going to the off-leash park where she can make new friends; and when we visit family she and our nephew chase each other for hours on end.  We don't need an alarm clock because she wakes us up with a snuggle - although it's often quite early!  She's a very happy girl and we're madly in love with her.  Each and every day we are so grateful to be in her life. 


Grace Image

Hi there,

I just wanted to write and let you know how Grace the dog is doing.  We
adopted Grace in July.  The funny thing is that I didn't really want a black
dog, or a female dog, but when we met Grace we knew she was the one.  She is
a fantastic dog, with boundless energy.  My three year old daughter loves
her to bits and insists on giving her a hug and a kiss every night before
bed.  Grace graciously accepts the attention - as befits her name.  The best
part is watching my husband with Grace.  He agreed to a get a dog because he
knew how important it was to me, and he knew that our daughter would love a
dog...he tried to convince me that he could care less about a dog...but he
too has fallen in love with Grace and looks sheepishly at me when I catch
him rubbing her belly and "baby" talking to her.  Grace is a fetch and
swimming fiend.  She will not stop playing fetch, and you have to hide the
ball in order to get her to take a rest.  She loves to swim.  When we took
her to the mountains she spent a full half hour paddling around a lake just
for the fun of it.  We love our "Gracie Girl" and are very thankful to NASAP
for pairing us with this precious dog.

Jessica Callele

Cameron (Blinky)

Cameron (Blinky) Image

Hi Jenny & Pat,
It's Cameron (formerly known as Blinky) here and I have been in a great new home now for over 3 fantastic months.  I love my new forever home and my new dads are awesome.  They don't know it, but I totally rule this place.  I always make them go to the store and buy me new toys, like yarn and mice with catnip.  At night I like to cuddle up with them or attack their feet for a bit.  (Which I don't think they like, but I don't care, as I am the boss!!)  I have a friend named Spencer.  He is a Betta fish and one day I hope to catch him, but he seems to be very hard to catch....  I even knocked over the lava lamp trying to get him, but alas I failed.  While they both are at work, I love spending my days looking out the window and dreaming of catching the many birds that fly around.  One of my favourite things is the red dot (laser pointer) that appears and then disappears, I love chasing it all over the place.  It keeps me very active going up and down the stairs.  I also like to play with my mice and hide it under the bathroom door and then mysteriously, it reappears to my feet and then I bat it under again.  Sometimes this can go on for hours.  They don't like me on the kitchen counters, but little do they know that when they are at work, I am on them all day long, until I hear them get home.  I love the scratching post that I have, it keeps my nails trimmed as I hate getting them clipped.  Every time I get put in the travel kennel, I get scared, but then I realize I will return to my forever home.  I pretty much get whatever I want and I feel so loved here.  I am so glad that they picked me to adopt and have as their friend, thanks NASAP for helping me get to where I am at, my home for life!!
Love forever,


Rosie Image

Hi everyone it's Rosie checking back with the wonderful people at NASAP.  It's been over a year. Thanks for finding me such a wonderful family to be with.  At first I was a little worried about the dad, but he turned out to be a wonderful pack-leader.  Every morning he takes me on a twenty minute walk, and then he plays fetch with me when he comes back from work. I especially love when he uses the tennis racket and gets the ball into the high grass or trees. He makes sure I'm well taken care of with lots of pets and he even talks to me! There is also a 7 year old boy who gives me so much love.  He loves to race with me.  He recently taught me how to say hello by shaking a paw, and I get to sleep each night on his bed and keep him warm (or maybe he is keeping me warm).  Then there is the mom.  When she cooks or makes lunches I'm guaranteed to get some vegetables to snack on, and I can always rely on her for some kind words and pets.  I'm not the only animal in the family.  I have a brother named Chico.  They call him a cat but I find that hard to believe.  He has the same colours as I do and we play lots together.  I especially like cleaning his ears and face.  There is another cat named Snuggles, but I rarely see her.  I know she is big and grey but I can't even tell you what she smells like.  We have an agreement - I give her space and she gives me mine! This family includes me in everything they do. I have gone camping and on hikes with them many times. I'm so glad NASAP was able to find me a great forever home.


Asia Image

Just thought I'd send you the most recent on Asia.
She just graduated from Puppy Class tonight so I figured you might like to see some pictures.   She is doing very well.  Her personality only gets stronger by the day.  She's still quite the little runt but it definitely works in her favour when she's playing!  And we found out on Sunday morning that she is definitely going to be a snow dog as well!! haha ... she loved the snow that morning!  We take her in on Friday to get her spayed and then she will be spoiled rotten for the next week.


Wiley Image

Wiley is a 6 yr old Australian Cattle Dog x that we adopted on August 1, 2007.  She was cared for by the most amazing foster family for nearly 2 months until we found her @ NASAP.  We cannot believe how fortunate we are to have adopted Wiley into our family, as she is simply an outstanding dog!  Besides being a very pretty girl, Wiley is gentle and smart, playful and loving, clever, funny, and so much more.  We have yet to see any bad habits from her at all.  Wiley loves our kids and she seems to enjoy the city life of car rides, coffee shops and dog runs equally as much as the country life of camping, hiking trails and interesting critter smells.  She is truly a perfect fit for our family and we could not have wished for a better dog.  Our previous three dogs (2 rescues/1 adopted from a friend) all lived very long and full lives of 16-17+ years.  We look forward to spending many years with Wiley by our side, as part of our family.  A true friend for life!  We would like to thank NASAP and all of its volunteers, especially Wiley's foster family for all the great work they do.


Keisha Image

It’s been almost a year now since we adopted Keisha. We had just lost our American Eskimo, Mollie, after she dug under a fence built to protect her and ran out onto the highway. Less than a week later I was looking on the internet, found the NASAP site, and saw Keisha. Something told me even though we were still grieving that I should meet Keisha. It turned out that she had been surrendered under very unfortunate circumstances, and so my heart (what was left of it) went out to her. She was 11 years old, as well, and I knew a lot of potential adopters would be wary of taking an older dog. I drove out to Devon to where she was being cared for, and took our other dog Bailey with us for the meeting. I fell in love with Keisha almost from the moment I saw her, but Bailey wasn’t so sure. It took us a while to get the two of them calm enough to interact in the same space, but eventually they settled down and began to get acquainted. I adopted her then and there and will never regret it. Keisha has become another member of our family and our lives wouldn’t be the same without her. You’d never know she’s 12 years old, the way she runs around our acreage.


Our sincere thanks go to NASAP for the work they do.


Ken and Joyce Valentine.    

Carmel and Smoky

Carmel and Smoky Image

Hi Jenny,
Well it's be almost a month since I adopted Carmel and Smoky (formerly Ash).....  Today they are 3 months old.  I must be doing something right, because they have almost doubled in size since I got them!!!
They are really good cats and I think they have adjusted very well to their new home. Smoky is just a happy go lucky kind of guy that doesn't complain much, really friendly and trusting.... Carmel, on the other hand, is a little more reserved and needs time to make sure she really really likes you, then you can pet her......she doesn't need much time to find out she loves people and loves to get her pets!   Carmel is also very talkative, where Smoky is a quiet little dude.  They are fun and I'm glad I got them, they have already brought me tons of laughs and lots of company and companionship.