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Jack (formerly T-Bone)

Jack (formerly T-Bone) Image

My name is Jack and I have a confession to make...I AM GUILTY!  My family has caught me red handed in:  stealing a young girl's heart (it was love at first sight for both of us...honest!); reducing a 6'2", 200 lbs. man to a blubbering softie whenever I am near him (can you imagine, I am the first dog in 20 years that he has allowed on the bed); taking my elderly neighbor for a joy ride (we cruise around the block and he says that I give his day a purpose...whatever that means.  I just go along for the hugs!);  wrapping the lady of the house around my little paws(she says that she still loves me even if I have made a few mistakes on her rug.  I think it is the batting of the eyes that gets to her. My lady also  says that not only am I handsome (it must be the  tuxedo I wear) , I am very smart.  So smart in fact that I am sure to get scouted by the obedience schools...I can hear the phone ringing with scholarship offers!  After I learn my manners there will be no stopping me in having fun visiting people in the hospitals where I will have to suffer through lots of love and attention.  Well, somebody has got to do it!

So, my new family has sentenced me to a lifetime of long walks, gourmet meals, a warm place to live, a yard to play in, car rides, people/dogs to meet and lots of love.  They tell me that they are thankful for the lady who rescued my Mom and gave me a chance in the world and for NASAP who cared enough about me to make sure I had the best family to go home to.  Lucky me!


Honey Image

Happy Thanksgiving!!
It's Honey here and I am just checking in to let you know that I am doing very well in my new home.  I have been here for 2 months now and I am very comfortable and have quite an established routine. For example, I know that mom and dad are going to get up early so being a nice girl I like to help them in achieving this by running up the stairs and doing my pacing around the bed, and you know what, It works!!, I get my morning walk!!  At night, the same magical thing happens, I nudge, pace and lick and guess what, an evening walk!!  Life is great.  My best friend Regan who is almost two years old does a great job with feeding me breakfast.  We also have a great time wrestling each other and making plans.  I am still in love with the park and I know the driving route so well, I start to whine and howl and sometimes like to help drive the rest of the way there!!  Since being with my family I have done all of my healing and I have become strong and healthy.
I wish everyone well, thanks again NASAP!!
Love Honey


Checkers Image

We wanted to send you an update on Pirelli (aka Checkers).  We 
adopted her at the end of May this year and she has been a  great 
addition to our family.  She is very smart and has fit in extremely 
well.  We have had a busy summer with her camping and visiting family.

She travels very well in the car.  She has met lots of new dog 
friends and cats to.  Her best bud seems to be one of our cats.  They 
are constantly playing together.  JD, the greyhound, had a bit of 
difficulty adjusting to the energy level of a puppy but now they get 
along really well.  Though Pirelli is a bit afraid of him when he 
lets loose and races around the backyard.

She also gets along really well with our 21 month old son.  He loves 
to give her hugs and kisses.  Just about every evening they race 
around the house together.  Him in front giggling away and her 
chasing behind him.

Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt her.

Kim, Colin and Jason Manz


Jillie Image

Hi there, Jillie here!!  I just wanted to update everyone on how I am doing.  I am loving life!  What a great summer.  I was adopted in May 2007.  I am about 3-4 years old.  I love my new mom and dad sooo much and I am pretty sure they adore me!  ( I have them wrapped around my little paw!)  When I first arrived here, they had all these toys for me and I really didn't know what to do with them.  Now I have great fun herding them around and taking care of them.  My mom takes me for runs and dad and I have a standing date every night for a game of ball in the yard.  Don't get the wrong idea though, I very much enjoy being a lazy butt in my comfy beds!  I did some training this summer and kind of have the whole leash thing figured out but I am doing more training this fall.  I wanted to thank Amy at Prairie Rose Kennels for taking such good care of me in my time of need.  I fit in like a glove here and I love it !!  Love Jillie!
Andre Lafreniere


Smokey Image

Smokey joined our family in February 2007.  She is such a joyful, loving dog who loves being cuddled and spoiled (which she is).  She bonded with us quickly and over time feels increasingly secure that we belong to her. 
Smokey loves to play indoors and out.  She has a big backyard to play in and loves to say "hi" to her boyfriend Duke (a one year old Shepherd) who lives in the house behind us.  Smokey loves going to the off-leash park where she can make new friends; and when we visit family she and our nephew chase each other for hours on end.  We don't need an alarm clock because she wakes us up with a snuggle - although it's often quite early!  She's a very happy girl and we're madly in love with her.  Each and every day we are so grateful to be in her life. 


Grace Image

Hi there,

I just wanted to write and let you know how Grace the dog is doing.  We
adopted Grace in July.  The funny thing is that I didn't really want a black
dog, or a female dog, but when we met Grace we knew she was the one.  She is
a fantastic dog, with boundless energy.  My three year old daughter loves
her to bits and insists on giving her a hug and a kiss every night before
bed.  Grace graciously accepts the attention - as befits her name.  The best
part is watching my husband with Grace.  He agreed to a get a dog because he
knew how important it was to me, and he knew that our daughter would love a
dog...he tried to convince me that he could care less about a dog...but he
too has fallen in love with Grace and looks sheepishly at me when I catch
him rubbing her belly and "baby" talking to her.  Grace is a fetch and
swimming fiend.  She will not stop playing fetch, and you have to hide the
ball in order to get her to take a rest.  She loves to swim.  When we took
her to the mountains she spent a full half hour paddling around a lake just
for the fun of it.  We love our "Gracie Girl" and are very thankful to NASAP
for pairing us with this precious dog.

Jessica Callele

Cameron (Blinky)

Cameron (Blinky) Image

Hi Jenny & Pat,
It's Cameron (formerly known as Blinky) here and I have been in a great new home now for over 3 fantastic months.  I love my new forever home and my new dads are awesome.  They don't know it, but I totally rule this place.  I always make them go to the store and buy me new toys, like yarn and mice with catnip.  At night I like to cuddle up with them or attack their feet for a bit.  (Which I don't think they like, but I don't care, as I am the boss!!)  I have a friend named Spencer.  He is a Betta fish and one day I hope to catch him, but he seems to be very hard to catch....  I even knocked over the lava lamp trying to get him, but alas I failed.  While they both are at work, I love spending my days looking out the window and dreaming of catching the many birds that fly around.  One of my favourite things is the red dot (laser pointer) that appears and then disappears, I love chasing it all over the place.  It keeps me very active going up and down the stairs.  I also like to play with my mice and hide it under the bathroom door and then mysteriously, it reappears to my feet and then I bat it under again.  Sometimes this can go on for hours.  They don't like me on the kitchen counters, but little do they know that when they are at work, I am on them all day long, until I hear them get home.  I love the scratching post that I have, it keeps my nails trimmed as I hate getting them clipped.  Every time I get put in the travel kennel, I get scared, but then I realize I will return to my forever home.  I pretty much get whatever I want and I feel so loved here.  I am so glad that they picked me to adopt and have as their friend, thanks NASAP for helping me get to where I am at, my home for life!!
Love forever,


Rosie Image

Hi everyone it's Rosie checking back with the wonderful people at NASAP.  It's been over a year. Thanks for finding me such a wonderful family to be with.  At first I was a little worried about the dad, but he turned out to be a wonderful pack-leader.  Every morning he takes me on a twenty minute walk, and then he plays fetch with me when he comes back from work. I especially love when he uses the tennis racket and gets the ball into the high grass or trees. He makes sure I'm well taken care of with lots of pets and he even talks to me! There is also a 7 year old boy who gives me so much love.  He loves to race with me.  He recently taught me how to say hello by shaking a paw, and I get to sleep each night on his bed and keep him warm (or maybe he is keeping me warm).  Then there is the mom.  When she cooks or makes lunches I'm guaranteed to get some vegetables to snack on, and I can always rely on her for some kind words and pets.  I'm not the only animal in the family.  I have a brother named Chico.  They call him a cat but I find that hard to believe.  He has the same colours as I do and we play lots together.  I especially like cleaning his ears and face.  There is another cat named Snuggles, but I rarely see her.  I know she is big and grey but I can't even tell you what she smells like.  We have an agreement - I give her space and she gives me mine! This family includes me in everything they do. I have gone camping and on hikes with them many times. I'm so glad NASAP was able to find me a great forever home.