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Asia Image

Just thought I'd send you the most recent on Asia.
She just graduated from Puppy Class tonight so I figured you might like to see some pictures.   She is doing very well.  Her personality only gets stronger by the day.  She's still quite the little runt but it definitely works in her favour when she's playing!  And we found out on Sunday morning that she is definitely going to be a snow dog as well!! haha ... she loved the snow that morning!  We take her in on Friday to get her spayed and then she will be spoiled rotten for the next week.


Wiley Image

Wiley is a 6 yr old Australian Cattle Dog x that we adopted on August 1, 2007.  She was cared for by the most amazing foster family for nearly 2 months until we found her @ NASAP.  We cannot believe how fortunate we are to have adopted Wiley into our family, as she is simply an outstanding dog!  Besides being a very pretty girl, Wiley is gentle and smart, playful and loving, clever, funny, and so much more.  We have yet to see any bad habits from her at all.  Wiley loves our kids and she seems to enjoy the city life of car rides, coffee shops and dog runs equally as much as the country life of camping, hiking trails and interesting critter smells.  She is truly a perfect fit for our family and we could not have wished for a better dog.  Our previous three dogs (2 rescues/1 adopted from a friend) all lived very long and full lives of 16-17+ years.  We look forward to spending many years with Wiley by our side, as part of our family.  A true friend for life!  We would like to thank NASAP and all of its volunteers, especially Wiley's foster family for all the great work they do.


Keisha Image

It’s been almost a year now since we adopted Keisha. We had just lost our American Eskimo, Mollie, after she dug under a fence built to protect her and ran out onto the highway. Less than a week later I was looking on the internet, found the NASAP site, and saw Keisha. Something told me even though we were still grieving that I should meet Keisha. It turned out that she had been surrendered under very unfortunate circumstances, and so my heart (what was left of it) went out to her. She was 11 years old, as well, and I knew a lot of potential adopters would be wary of taking an older dog. I drove out to Devon to where she was being cared for, and took our other dog Bailey with us for the meeting. I fell in love with Keisha almost from the moment I saw her, but Bailey wasn’t so sure. It took us a while to get the two of them calm enough to interact in the same space, but eventually they settled down and began to get acquainted. I adopted her then and there and will never regret it. Keisha has become another member of our family and our lives wouldn’t be the same without her. You’d never know she’s 12 years old, the way she runs around our acreage.


Our sincere thanks go to NASAP for the work they do.


Ken and Joyce Valentine.    

Carmel and Smoky

Carmel and Smoky Image

Hi Jenny,
Well it's be almost a month since I adopted Carmel and Smoky (formerly Ash).....  Today they are 3 months old.  I must be doing something right, because they have almost doubled in size since I got them!!!
They are really good cats and I think they have adjusted very well to their new home. Smoky is just a happy go lucky kind of guy that doesn't complain much, really friendly and trusting.... Carmel, on the other hand, is a little more reserved and needs time to make sure she really really likes you, then you can pet her......she doesn't need much time to find out she loves people and loves to get her pets!   Carmel is also very talkative, where Smoky is a quiet little dude.  They are fun and I'm glad I got them, they have already brought me tons of laughs and lots of company and companionship. 


Seven Image


It's Seven with an update! My name was formally Beano and now it's lucky number Seven! I am loving my new home! I am spoiled rotten and even get to hang out with a cat!! I have heard my mom and dad say many times that I am a fabulous puppy and they could not ask for anything more!!


Niblick Image

Hi Delaine,
Just thought I would let you know how things are going.
You would think he knew that the adoption papers were signed. The next night, for the first time, he took a bite out of one of the corners of the bedroom walls. Luckily he doesn't take very big bites. He also started running around Brad's legs like he was possessed. Obviously celebrating. We all had a good laugh. He still does it every once in a while if you stand still too long. He attacks the broom and growls at it if I try to sweep up after him: very amusing. My niece thought it was the most amazing thing having a real live Easter Bunny on Easter morning. He likes to run round our bedroom at 3:00 in the morning. If you close him out of the room he scratches at the door to get let back in.
Niblick has claimed every room upstairs as his own. When he wants to be alone he crawls under our bed. Of course half the time Mitchell crawls under there with him. He seems to be loving all the attention. He actually runs at us if we stop patting him and he wasn't done yet.
We just love having him around. As pets go he's very well behaved and except for the 3 AM hoe downs he's very quiet.
He's settled in very nicely and is considered part of the family.
Bye for now,

Mitsy (Now Tanzi)

Mitsy (Now Tanzi) Image

We adopted Mitsy on June 27, 2007, she is now known as Tanzi.  We lost our Border Collie Jozey on June 15.  She was 14 on June 13 and we had to put her down on June 15 due to illness. 
The vet is still not sure how old Tanzi is or quite what breed she is, but says she is under 4 months old, we are now waiting for her to lose her baby teeth then the vet will have a better idea of how old she is approximately.   She will be spayed towards the end of Sept beginning Oct.  
She now lives in a side by side duplex with a fair size garden.  
She has settled down nicely, everyone that sees her says she is a lovely little dog.   She does not bark much, loves playing in the water. We have bought her a flat plastic storage box and she plays in the water for ages.    She loves to cuddle too.  
She loves playing with Eddie [Jack Russell] he belongs to our daughter that lives in the other duplex next door.  
She loves going for walks and is very good when she goes for a ride in the car.    She gets excited when she sees her leash and harness.  
She loves standing at the front screen door and watches everyone that pass by in the street.   She gets excited when she sees other dogs going for walks with their owners.    She has made friends with Miss Sophie from down the road a little white Scottish Terrier and George from across the road he is a Chihuahua
She eats very well and loves her treats.  She is also doing very well with toilet training, although she has had about 4 "accidents" in the past 3 weeks we think she is doing a great job.  
Tanzi also loves to watch the planes that fly over our house, we are not too far from the City Airport so she sees them often.   When she hears a plane she looks up into the sky and follows it until it disappears behind the neighbours house.   She also occasionally watches TV if she is not too busy playing.  
We are very fortunate to get such a lovely puppy.   
Keep well and keep up the good work
Andrié Labuschagne  - Edmonton


Major Image

"This is Major, the german shepherd formally known as "Lucky",  who we were fortunate enough to adopt from NASAP last September.     He is now 14 months old and doing very well.     He is a very good boy and loves his new brother, Gus the boston terrier, who is six months old.   They are firm friends.       Keep up the good work, NASAP!"