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Gigi is a very lucky girl and has gone to live with a family who has other springers for her to hang out with. They really weren't planning on adopting another springer but when they saw Gigi they fell in love and thought she was a perfect match so took her home!


Bambi Image

Hi there! I thought I would let everyone at Nasap (especially Nikki and family) about how I am doing since I was adopted in October 2006. I came home to two new animal friends: cats! I don't remember ever living with cats before, but they're alright. One of my new feline brothers was very unhappy with my arrival, but since then he has adapted and now he doesn't mind me at all (unless I get a little too close....). I also get to play with my very own little boy! He's especially fun to be around when he's eating, since he's just 18 months old, and likes to DROP the occasional piece of food for me. I adjusted to my new home immediately, which was great. My adoptive mom lets me sleep on the bed and the couch, but only when my adoptive dad isn't around (then I have to sleep on my own bed). I stopped taking eye drops shortly after I came to my new home. The vet says that everything looks fine, but that I am mostly blind in my right eye, and will probably remain that way. Ah well.....I have one super-seeing left eye! Everything has been going great. Except that I am extremely camera shy! As soon as I see that camera come out, I run as fast as I can and hide! My mom keeps hoping to get a good picture of me, but I am too fast for her! She had to take this picture really far away FROM me, so I wouldn't really notice. I am HAVING a great time here, and have a nice big yard to run around in, cats to torment, and a little boy to play with. And lots of other people who come visit me too! I'll try to give another UPDATE in the future (if my mom can ever get a good picture of me!). Love, Bambi


Trapper Image

I was reading over the Happy Tails section of the web site and realized that I had not done an UPDATE on Trapper for quite some time. I was a foster parent for dogs until Trapper came to live with us and decided that he was not going to leave. So there ended my fostering and Trapper was officially adopted INTO my animal family. Trapper is now a very different dog after four years of being with us. It took him a very long time to trust, but now he can confidently stay in the yard when new people SHOW up at the farm. He even can get brave enough to go CHECK them out and do a little barking, but only if his adopted brother is with him. Otherwise he would just stay on the deck and bark. But barking is a new thing to him as well. He did not actually bark until this past summer. His brother had to spend the day at the vet after being stung in the mouth by a bunch of bees. It was very scary. At first Trapper was determined that he was going to stay at the vet with Willy, but after much coaxing I managed to get him back in the truck. Trapper was ecstatic when Willy came home that evening, but Willy was not a happy boy. So our timid boy surprised us and took on the role of family protector that night. We were all very proud of him. He was very happy when Willy could take the role back, but now we know that Trapper has it in him if he has to do it. He is still very attached to Willy and will not stay outside if Willy is not there, but he is making huge steps to his independence. Trapper would not SHOW any kind of affection when he first came to live with us. As a matter of fact it has taken almost three and a half years for him to feel comfortable enough to SHOW a little. He will let me give him a kiss now, where before he would turn his face away. He will give one back but I am sure that will come. Sometimes he will like our hand or our leg and that is huge. He learned how to wag his tail this past year as well and he will lift his paw for you to come and pat him, even if he is four feet away, he is learning. Our lives have been enriched by HAVING Trapper in our family. He loves the horses and likes to chase the barn cats, but he seems to leave the house cat alone. Thank you NASAP for giving me the opportunity to foster and to be an adoptive mom. Shelley,Trapper & Willy


Janey Image

Hello! I just wanted to send you some pictures of Janey (or as you remember her - Grace). She is doing really well, and we just love her to death! She has grown INTO such a pretty, energetic little girl. She still loves her toys, we can't seem to buy her enough. She also loves to torment the cat! She tried to pick our cat up the other day by the scruff of her neck, as if she was her puppy! She is just so funny. I think she thinks our cat is her little toy. But I know deep down they love each other, haha. She is so smart, and is learning new tricks. Right now we are trying to learn "roll over", but she hasn't got it down quite yet. We also attended puppy classes at the vet clinic and that was such a blast! Janey loved it. I can't believe that she is almost 6 mths old already. She acts like my little baby, she follows me around all day long. She is really good company, I must say. We just feel so happy and lucky to have her. =-)Well, I guess that's all for now, enjoy the pictures!! Sarah G.


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Hi! My new home is great! I have a meadow right behind my house and three acres to play in. We have been going on some long walks. My mom said we walked over three miles! I was so tired I was ready for bed at 6:30. I have a cat in my new home, her name is Dawg. She is still scared of me so I'm being very patient with her. I met my new vet. Her name is Tara and she's very nice. I'm coming out of my shell and my new mom is teaching me how to play and that it's ok to play with each other. No toys yet but maybe in time I will play with them as well. So far everywhere my mom goes I go. Sometimes I have to wait in the car but she comes back. I'm so happy when I get home I jump in the snow and roll around, mom calls them doggie angels. I would like to thank N.A.S.A.P and my foster family Dave & Carol for giving me this great new life. Thanks again! Love Layla


Cuda Image

Hello Lena, Thought I would DROP you a quick note. Things are going even better then expected with Cuda. He doesn't even have a slight limp. Nothing!!! He is in on the buddy system with our other two dogs and stays around the place nicely. He spends almost every day outside digging, playing and doing dog things. Evenings are spent in the house most times with Dale and I. He loves it when the kids come home to visit and helps wake them all up in the morning when we tell him too. He treats every kid differently (according to what he can get away with, Ha). I am pressently employed in another little country school Round Hill. We will be setting up a time that he can come and visit there. I am working with children both in the classroom and ones that are in a special reading program. I have taught them all about NASAP what it stands for and had them read Cuda's story FROM this year's day planner(they made a mistake on the eight pins in his leg). I have told a lot of people about NASAP and shown them your web site. Dale and I often look at it and enjoy reading about the animals. Cuda's latest venture is hockey. We have cleaned off the dugout and often skate there and have skating parties. He runs full out along the sides just dying to get at the puck, but not too crazy about coming on the ice. If the puck gets close to the sides though he'll have it in a second. Then the game is put on hold till you can perswade him to give it up. People just love this dog. He is FULL of personality!!!! So do we. TTYS Jewel


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Sprite has been adopted to a lovely couple who will teach Sprite all her basic manners and have a plan to get her INTO the Pet Assisted Therapy program when she is old enough at about one year of age. Sprite really enjoyed meeting her new family and their very excited roommate who will also be spending alot of time helping in training Sprite and with her exercise and walks etc... Sprite will be very spoiled and well loved in her new home. We miss her already but she said we will get lots of pictures of her in her new home as soon as she has time!

Winky and Konyn

Winky and Konyn Image

I'd just like to thank you for raising such good bunnies to keep me company. They have the run of the living room mornings and evenings and seem quite happy and spoiled. Winky (brown bunny) has undertaken a most ambitious project of trying to connect his favorite area, the underneath of the couch, to the bunny condo. Konyn has lost the extra weight she put on during foster care thanks to Winky's encouragement to run around and now she sometimes squeezes underneath the couch to help Winky with his project. I have finally figured out the whole digital picture thing and I am sending an attachment of some snaps I got when I interrupted some quiet nap-time the other day. Take care, Kelly