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Petey Image

We adopted Petey about 18 months ago, so I thought we should let you know about our "happy tail." Petey has really become a true member of the family because of his buoyant and unique personality. Although Petey is a senior dog, he is really just big baby who loves to cuddle, go for walks and be in the car. We have had a few challenges with Petey - his arthritis has gotten worse and he is a whiz at detecting and eating garbage in mere seconds - but we couldn't imagine life without him. We welcomed our first baby INTO the family 12 months ago and Petey - all 81 pounds of him - has been just great with our son! Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this larger than life character INTO our lives!!


Koda Image

Thank you so much to everyone at NASAP, especially Genevieve, for helping us find Koda (formerly Odin). Koda is one of Teagan's pups, and is happy to hear FROM Happy Tails that so many of his brothers and sisters are happy in their new homes! Koda is so unbelievably smart (and handsome, as you can see by his picture)! By four months he knew sit, stay, lay down, roll over, play dead, sit pretty, shake a paw, high five, fetch, and many more adorable tricks. We didn't need to take him to obedience school because he is so well behaved and eager to please. He is very much a "mama's boy" and follows me all over the house. He spends most of his day playing outside in a big fenced yard, then comes inside in the evening to relax with the family. He sleeps on the floor of our room, but as soon as dad leaves for work in the morning, jumps onto the bed to sleep in a bit with mom. He loves taking us for walks and especially enjoys pulling us on the rollerblades. He plays frisbee and tug-o-war with his dad, and loves to chase magpies. His best friend, Chaz, is a scottish terrier/tea cup poodle cross, and hardly weighs anything at all. He and Koda rough house for hours and Koda is very gentle with his much smaller buddy. We know that we are so lucky to have found Koda, because he has made our lives so much richer! Thank you NASAP!

Cha Cha

Cha Cha Image

Hello everybody, I just wanted to share how wonderful Cha Cha is now doing. You can see her with her two best friends, waiting for a cookie! Cha Cha loves the rain, to play in the mud and dig, eat tomatoes and apples in our backyard, play through the fence with the neighbours dogs, get lots of hugs and caresses, play with her siblings, give us a good lick, cuddling,... So many things! Everybody loves her, she is quite irresistible with her sparkling personality. A big thank you to Genevieve who fostered Cha Chas mom, brothers and sisters. All the pups had a wonderful puppyhood because of them! A big thank you again, Marie-Paule, Olav, Lars, Missie, Milou and Cha Cha (wif, waf, wouf!)


Sprocket Image

We recently adopted our dog Sprocket FROM NASAP. Thanks so much to Carol and Dave for doing such a great job with this guy! He has fit in really well in our home. We recently moved INTO our new house, so Sprocket has a lot more room and a yard too! He gets along so well with our cats, neither of whom were too sure about him at first. Our cat Flynn loves to pounce on Sprocket's tail, but Sprocket takes it like a gentleman. Sprocket loves his new neighbourhood, and enjoys visiting all the other dogs in the area. He seldom barks, and has great house manners! He has adapted really well to being on his own all day. He loves to cuddle on the couch with his dad and get tummy rubs. I think he looks pretty happy in his picture! Thanks again to NASAP, and to Carol and Dave (and of course Rufus!). Kylie and Sean

Clarence and Roy

Clarence and Roy Image

We adopted Roy (on right) FROM NASAP 8 months ago and we can't imagine our lives without him. With the knowledge that Roy may have been euthanized if it weren't for NASAP and their foster homes we decided to start fostering ourselves. Roy loves the company of other cats and with foster cats coming and going we noticed that he was lonely whenever he latest buddy found a new home. As a result we decided to adopt another NASAP cat to keep Roy company, and to be a cherished new member of our family. We chose Clarence (on left) because he got along well with other cats and had a laid back personality. He had also been waiting over a year in foster care for a forever home. We couldn't be happier to have Clarence as a member of the family. He and Roy love to play together and he is a funny, loving fellow to have around. He seeks us out a couple times a day for cuddles and spends the rest of the day finding soft spots and patches of sunshine to nap in. He loves catnip mice and wrestling; interests which Roy share! For some reason he loves hot drinks and we struggle to keep him out of our coffee cups and hot chocolates. I wake up in the mornings with Roy on one side and Clarence on the other. We will continue fostering soon and encourage other homes to do the same. It is an incredible feeling to save these wonderful beings FROM being euthanized and giving them some time to find their forever family. We have found amazing homes for 12 cats since we began fostering in April! We would also like to thank Clarence and Roy's foster home for bringing them to us.


Camille Image

Camille was adopted tonight to a great home with another nice dog to play with. Camille will be spoiled rotten with lots of hugs and cuddles but she will also have to attend obedience classes. She'll be getting tons of walks and will never be left unsupervised in the yard or for long periods of time. Camille and her new "sister" will have each other for company and I'm sure they'll get on even more famously once they know each other better.

Tobi the Borzoi

Tobi the Borzoi Image

Tobi has been adopted by a wonderful lady who has much borzoi experience and came with great references FROM Borzoi rescue. Tobi will have a borzoi brother to play with and lots of love and cuddles in his new home. Way to go Tobi. Keep in touch!


Jake Image

Just another recap about the two beautiful dogs we and our neighbors were lucky to adopt. We adopted Jake (nee Whisper) on the right, in late November 2003 FROM NASAP after finding him on your website. He has been more than we could have hoped for in a companion! He has adopted our quads or snowmobiles as his "herd" as we have no animals for him to guard. He is loyal and a homebody, albeit a little reserved with strangers, but that is all well and good with us. He is gentle and loving but dislikes the coyotes and occasionally large animals that may wander INTO "his" territory. Once they are out of his domain, he comes home with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Jake is not a barking dog but true to his breed (Maremma Sheepdog), he protects his own...we were so lucky to have found him. I hope Lorna FROM Ellerslie Kennel can see how happy he is at his home here. He was so timid at first but he has come INTO his own now. He makes a great camper and loves to go with us on new adventures! As previously stated by our friends and neighbors, his best friend is Maggie (nee Mindy) the Great Pyrenees on the left, also adopted FROM NASAP in April of 2006. She is a precocious and energetic addition to the neighborhood and we love her too. Jake is especially happy to have her to cavort around with for a few hours every day before she goes back to her real home. He tolerates (and I think loves) her ear pulling and will follow her anywhere! Thanks NASAP for the wonderful job you and your foster homes do in allowing us to find and give these incredible animals a new home. And also much gratitude FROM us humans who have the honor of calling them our companions... Jo-Anne and Roman