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Farley Image

This is our very handsome boy Farley, formerly known as Cinnamon. He is one of the many puppies from a large litter of 11 from Teagan. He is a year old now and weighs over 60 lbs. He is a very big boy! Farley has successfully completed obedience classes, and is getting smarter every day! He is very well-behaved off-leash, and is so friendly and sociable with all people and animals. Farley's got a humorous disposition and is always doing silly things to make us laugh. Farley is a complete sweetheart, and the whole family just adores him! Thanks to NASAP and Genevieve for helping us take this beautiful boy into our home.


Hunter Image

Hello Mary Just an UPDATE on Hunter. He is doing very well and we are so happy he is a part of our family. Through the summer we took him swimming in the river and he loved it. It was great therapy for his knee and leg. Hunter is an excellent swimmer. Hunter no longer suffers FROM separation anxiety when we leave for work. He knows we will be coming home to him. Sandy Murray

Porkchop & Lanai

Porkchop & Lanai Image

We just wanted to give you an UPDATE on our two NASAP dogs named Lanai (6 year old golden retriever) and Porkchop (13 year old basset/spaniel cross). We have had Lanai for almost 4 years and Porkchop for just over 3 years. We are so thankful to have them and they are thrilled to have each other. Theyve become quite the odd couple and are very attentive to each other. Porkchop is obsessed with balls of any sort (but particularly tennis balls) and when Lanai wants to push his buttons she steals one and prances around in front of him. It drives him crazy as he firmly believes that all balls are his (consider this a warning if you see him in an off leash area). Lanai has become quite the swimmer and loves nothing better than to jump in the river on a hot day. Porkchop will wade in (just to cool off) but doesnt share her enthusiasm for water sports. Thanks so much to all the volunteers at NASAP for the work you do. Our lives have been enriched by the addition of 2 of your former charges. Neil and Merrilyn


Tori Image

Hi everyone, Tori has settled in very well. It took her a few days to get used to wearing her new collar with a bell on it. The elderly cat that we have is doing plenty of squawking and hissing in her direction but is getting used to her new 'sister' slowly. Tori goes INTO each of the kids rooms in the morning and wakes them up for school with some gentle meowing - it's kind of cute. She is curious about the outside world and has poked her nose out onto the deck a couple of times. Generally scooting right back in as soon as she hears any noise at all. She is also HAVING a blast playing with all of the little kitty toys scattered around the house. She gets pretty good speed sliding around the laminate floors. Basically, she is fitting in just fine. Slowly finding her favourite spots to sleep around the house and snuggling with one of us every chance she can. I've enclosed a picture of her on the stairs. Take Care! Jan , Shawn, Bryn, and Ryan


Nala Image

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to send a quick UPDATE on Nala. We adopted her in December, and FROM the moment she jumped in the back of our vehicle at her foster mom's, she has made herself right at home. Nala is a playful, gentle & loving dog - we can't tell you just how happy we are that she came INTO our lives! She and our other yellow lab Mr Copper are best friends, going everywhere and doing everything together - including getting INTO trouble. They each have claimed one of the lounge chairs outside under the gazebo for those lazy summer day naps, and especially love going for walks together. Nala is a true lab - we can't keep her out of the water ! She loves her toys, and especially loves "her baby", a little brown teddy bear that she had at her foster home. She likes to sneak INTO my bedroom and hide her baby under my pillow, and if she thinks she can get away with it, she settles in next to it for a snooze. Thanks to everyone at NASAP - we feel very lucky to have found Nala!

Oliver and Gibson

Oliver and Gibson Image

Hi everybody at NASAP (especially Pat!)! It is Oliver & Gibson here (formerly Ollie (the orange/white cat) & Stan (they grey/white cat)) reporting in. We just wanted to let everybody know how happy we are at our new home! We are what mom calls "wedding presents" FROM dad. She always tells us we are the best wedding presents she got! We must be pretty special! When mom and dad picked us up FROM the PetSmart Luv-A-Pet centre back in November, they took us on a long car ride to our new home. Before we left, they bought us this cool cat tree at PetSmart that we use every day. We are "good boys" and don't scratch the furniture; instead we use our tree! We have LOTS of toys that we play with. Every morning Gibson goes INTO mom and dad's room and wakes up mom at 4:30am so that we can all play. Mom isn't a morning person though, so we don't usually get to play until later on. Sometimes mom locks us out of the room and calls us by our special nickname of "little buggers". We then go off and play with all of our toys until mom and dad get up. Then we crawl INTO their bed and go for our morning nap after we get our breakfast. Oliver has what mom calls "food allergies" and has to eat a special food. Gibson sneaks pieces out of Oliver's bowl with his paw. We share very well, so there are no scuffles over food or toys. Back in March mom and dad adopted a brother for us FROM the SPCA. He is HUGE! Mom calls him a "Rottweiler". Oliver loves him, but Gibson isn't too sure of him. Sometimes he tries to climb our cat tree too, and when he does, mom puts him outside to "cool off". That just proves mom loves us best because we get to play inside while he as to go outside! When he is outside, we like to sit in the window and stare at him. We quietly giggle at him out there! Life is awesome for us! Thanks NASAP for looking after us until we found our forever home. We are glad that there is a great place like NASAP for homeless cats and dogs to go to while they wait for special people like mom and dad to come along. We are really happy with our new family (even the dog!). Love, Oliver & Gibson


Snoopy Image

THANK YOU NASAP!!!! Hi! My name is Snoopy, I am about 2 years old and my new family says I am "a really handsome lab cross. My family came to find me in March 2006 after I stayed for a while with a NASAP Angel named Tara and her loving family. I am healthy and doing well with my new family, who loves me sooooooo much. My family has taken me to obedience training with a great lady named Maggie and I am very well behaved. I am allowed to still be Me though, my family embraces my dog spirit and takes me for lots of walks and I get to visit other dogs (I love my friends!) at the off-leash areas. Being with other dogs and being free to smell and explore the world is very important to me. I love my family and am learning to be good with the household cat. I hope to find another dog FROM NASAP to become part of my family in the future. Thank you Tara and family you are kind people and I appreciate what you did to help me find a home. NASAP is truly wonderful for animals and people. Love, Snoopy


Skittles Image

Hi my name is Skittles, in September I was happily minding my own business playing with the other piggies at my foster moms house when out of the blue this lady showed up. She brought with her another piggy named Micah and we played together for awhile while my foster mom and her talked. Next thing I knew I was on my way somewhere new. Now let me tell you this wasn't the first time I was heading to a new home so I was a little apprehensive and scared. I was wondering if this new family would bring me back after a little while or whether they would see how wonderful I was and keep me. Well as it turns out I am still in my "new" home. My mommy is a very very loving mommy and I love my sister Micah... most of the time. We have our moments and little spats just like other "girls". Do you want to know something funny? Well it seems that Micah got a nickname FROM my Mommy and Daddy before I went to live there, they nicknamed her first Micah Mouse then ...Miss Mousie...well see the funny thing is is that my nickname is Kit or Kitty so we are affectionately knows as Kitty and Mousie...isn't that the funniest thing ever?? Anyhow I must get back to Micah now as we have a play date and it's treat time...Incidentally when Mommy asks who wants a treat you should hear Micah and me squeal...we try to see who can squeal the loudest and Mommy just laughs. I love it here and I am so happy that my Mommy and Daddy chose me to live with them. Love, Kitty