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Solo Image

Hello Genevieve and NASAP. My name is Solo. I now live in a very happy home with my big brother Reo, a chocolate lab! Reo and I play a lot and go on walks with my owner sisters Kate & Jen! My owner mom, Lynn takes Reo for walks down at the off leash park (I can not wait til I can go). My owner dad, Rich, takes my brother for runs (Dad says I have to be bigger to go with them). I am hoping that my mom Teagan gets adopted to a happy home just like the one I have! Here is a picture of me and my brother Reo! Solo (with help FROM Kate) Solo has become a wonderful addition to our family. He has made himself comfortable as if he always belonged with us. He and his big brother Reo have become inseparable and behave just like brother wrestling and chewing on sticks together. As Solo grows his marking are changing and we wonder just how big he is going to get. Solo is fascinated by the gold fish in our small pond and tries to catch them. In a week we will be able to take him down to Terwillegar Park (off leash). All of his brother Reos friends are looking forward to meeting him. Thanks to Genevieve and NASAP for taking such good care of our little guy and allowing us to adopt him in to our family. Lynn, Edmonton


Maverick Image

We adopted Maverick last year in May and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Maverick lives on a farm and is top dog when it comes to any visitors arriving on his territory. Maverick loves to soak up the sun and when he's really in the mood he loves to play with his toys. Maverick's favorite game is to go INTO his toy box and scatter all of his toys all over the farm and when we go to pick them up he'll try and get them before we do and then run away. Thanks NASAP, without you we wouldn't have found "man's best friend".


Mercedes Image

Mercedes has been adopted tonight by a terrific family with two young boys, a stay at home mom and two cats. She will live on an acreage in the New Sarepta area - lucky girl! Mercedes has been renamed "Georgia" and will be very well loved and cared for by her new family. They promise to keep in touch because her foster family was very attached to her and it was hard to say goodbye even though she went to the best home ever. Have a super new life Georgia. Update: Georgia is doing good with everything. I love her! She travels awesome and kennels great. Loves to chew her toys which have tripled since we got her. Will keep you updated... Debbie



Here's an UPDATE on Lucky, formerly known as Happy. We adopted him at Easter, and our lives have not been the same since! We wanted another dog as we lost our beloved Bear about a year earlier and our existing dog, Pepper, was still grieving for her long time pal. Well, Lucky exploded INTO our lives and has kept us laughing ever since. He is just a big kid at heart - people do not believe that he is six. Most of the time at home he is a quiet boy who follows one of us around all the time, but the second that he smells his ball he becomes a quivering mass of excited dog (a BIG quivering mass at about 90 to 100 pounds!) He is happy to chase the ball as long as someone is willing to throw it, he has a great nose and always finds his ball. He is a great pal to Pepper and as he has such a gentle ntaure, has not been a threat to her, even though at 12.5 years old she definitely rules the roost. Lucky made himself at home right away and is well loved by both my husband and myself as well as our kids and grandkids too. We were delighted to discover that Lucky will come, sit, lie down, roll over and turn around all with such enthusiasm, and one of his favourite games is to chase the sun spot FROM the reflection of a watch face. My husband finds that throwing the ball for a while after a tough day is a great way to wind down and Lucky is just so very happy to fetch you cannot help smile at him. All in all, we are thrilled with him, he is such a wonderful addition to our family and we look forward to many years of enjoyment. He was even recognised recently at the off leash park by a lady who had almost adopted him herself!


Celeste Image

Hi There: We changed Celeste's name to Lucy and she is really liking it and seems to recognize and come to it really well. Her and Lucky (our german shepherd) are always together. She never lets lucky get more than a few yards away FROM her and usually you will see her with him as his shadow. Lucky is teaching her all about life on the farm etc... and she is soaking it up. We ended up building a gorgeous dog run for her, however, she is an escape artist and even when we put Lucky in with her she always seems to find a way out and poor Lucky (who doesn't really need to be in there) is stuck in there. She loves being able to run free and doesn't wander very far FROM Lucky so that means she doesn't go off the property. We do not put either dog in the run during the day. They are outside all day and are home to greet us when we come home. They both are extremely happy to see us and love being around us when we are home. We really lucked out with her because we really wanted a dog that would stay home and she is the idea candidate. She does not pee at all only when she gets over excited. She is eating like a horse and loves to pack our shoes everywhere she goes, so we now have put all our shoes away. She has lots of toys around the property and in the house. After a busy day outside keeping watch (on the birds, etc.) around here, she is pretty pooed and loves to come inside. She sleeps inside with Lucky each night on her own bed close to Lucky. The two of them just love hanging out. She is really good around the tractor and cars. She is not afraid of anything (definitely a different dog than the one we picked up) but knows how to stay a good distance away so that she won't get hurt. She has gone to our neighbour (with Lucky) and introduced herself to him and his dog. She loves going INTO the field and jumps like a Kangaroo to be able to see over the long grass. Her and Lucky both do that as they like to know where each of them is. She really wants to say thank you for finding her such a good home. She is very much loved, Has settled in and is becoming a more confident dog daily plus, she is putting on weight. Again thank you and we really love her. Bye and thank you FROM Lucy and Lucky too. Stephanie Haar

Alli (formerly Buffy)

Alli (formerly Buffy) Image

Thought I would give you an UPDATE on the old buffy. We renamed her Alli, and she is responding well to the name. I can't believe how much she has grown in just over 2 weeks. She is adjusting so well to her new home and her sister is very good with her, they spend many afternoons running around the kitchen together. I have attached some pictures for you to see. This is one of her with her sister Jessie.

Usher and Dido

Usher and Dido Image

Hello, just wanted to give you an UPDATE on Usher and Dido, now named Raffi and Dakota. We fell in love with both of them at first sight and decided to keep them together. They play and play all day long. They love to run and dig up as many holes as they can, and they will fetch balls for short periods of time before getting distracted with something else. They play well with other dogs but not so much with cats. We also ran INTO a litter mate, Kira, at Pets in the Park on June 25. Raffi and Dakota are both graduates of PetSmart's puppy school. Dakota was very timid when we first brought her home but now she is very social with other dogs as well as humans. Both puppies are doing extremely well and we could not be happier.


Eddie Image

Hi NASAP Last fall I adopted Eddie, the wonder dog. He settled in very quickly even though to this day my 14 year old male cat dominates his house world. Eddie has been a complete joy. He gets to come to work a couple of times a week with me. There he will wander around and visit, then find himself a spot on the carpet with the warm sun beaming down. Twice daily walks and or trips to the off leash park keeps his Jack Russell character very manageable. I have never known a happier dog. He smiles the day away and makes mine brighter. Thank you NASAP for all that you do. Elizabeth M.