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Flora Image

Flora has just been adopted to a lovely couple who recently lost their older dog to cancer. They came to see Buffy but saw Flora (who has been renamed Pysia)and it was love at first sight. She will be a very happy, well loved member of their family. Pysia will get to go camping and on all of the other many wonderful trips and holidays her new family partakes in. Best wishes to Pysia and her new family. NOTE: Flora/Pysia was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.


Minervuus Image

I thought that I would just send you another UPDATE on Minervuus. Minervuus seems to have adjusted very well. He doesn't hide very much any more except when he is playing or when he knows that he has done something that he is not supposed to (like claw the bed or my leg - trying to get our attention). We are VERY happy with Minervuus and he is happy with us. Actually he has turned INTO a very playful kitty that enjoys to watch my fish (but is terrified of my algae eater), and can be a BIG suck up at times. FROM Angela.

Kitty & Sammy

Kitty & Sammy Image

Randy and I started out fostering Sammy and Kitty and I was warned before they even got to the house that we were not keeping them. We already had 4 cats of our own, and if I wanted to be able to continue helping other animals I had to be ready and able to separate with these 2 cats when the time came. Kitty was a complete nightmare. We couldn't get in the same room as her without her screaming bloody murder for the first few weeks; and Sammy never left our bedroom. We actually had to move a food dish and litterbox in there to prevent accidents FROM happening. After about a month, I fell in love with these cats and knew I couldn't part with them. After the first inquiry about them, I cried for days thinking I was going to lose them. But then we didn't get another inquiry about them for months and by the time we did I had mentally taken ownership of them and refused to part with them. As you can see, Sammy still is pretty fond of the bedroom but Kitty has gone FROM the screaming demon to the most loveable cat we own - at least towards my husband and me. They have turned out to be a great fit INTO our family and I love both of my girls to pieces!!


Keno Image

We are happy to report Keno is doing great! She is a wonderful addition to our family, and is fitting in with her new older brother quite well. As you can see, her new brother uses the leather couch, but did get caught here in this picture. Keno seems very happy and is a loving girl with a big heart. We have introduced her to our family and so far she has been a model pet. She has, we believe, started to lose some weight and never stops romping when we play outdoors, yet when its quiet time she settles in nicely. Keno loves to romp around her new acreage and has stolen her brother's ball as one of her favorites. When we are outside we chuckle when we ask her where the ball is...she will SHOW you where she has tried to hide it or bury it so her brother does not play with it! We feel very lucky to have come across such a beautiful little girl; well behaved and stress free attitude are just a couple of her great qualities. Thank you NASAP for the new addition to our family!


Mungo Image

We hear that Mungo is doing quite well in his new home. Look at this updated picture. Y'ah think??


Hunter Image

Here is a picture of Hunter. He is definitely one of a kind. Hunter really enjoys chewing on ice cubes, running down steep hills (not so much climbing the hills, just down!) and we have also heard him grind his teeth at night!! We love him to death. Rest assured, Hunter is and will continue to be well looked after and especially loved. Sandy and Barry (Note: Hunter was surrendered with a hip problem and Sandy and Barry knew that his future would more than likely include expensive surgery. Since going to his new home, he has had some surgery performed with great success. Hunter could not have wished for a better new home than he has and we thank Barry and Sandy for all they have done and will continue to do for this lovely dog.)


Sherpa Image

Sherpa is now "Hudson". You would have to kill us to take away this amazing little fellow! He is an Angel. In less than 24 hours he has wiggled his way INTO our hearts. This little guy has not made one mess in our home, nor in his kennel. He did not make much fuss over his sleeping arrangements and was thrilled when I let him out this morning and took him for a walk. He is the same age as our son, Cameron. They sleep at the same time, and they are hungry at the same time. Hudson proved to us how much he fits INTO our family within a few hours. We stopped at PetsMart to have his nails trimmed and to get him an ID tag and collar. He was tired. So, he crawled INTO the car seat with Cameron and went to sleep beside him. When we got home I gave him the choice of his kennel with a blanket in it, or a blanket on the floor by his food dishes. He decided that a third choice was better, so he laid down on a corner of Cameron's blanket which was flowing down FROM the couch. (see picture). This morning the blanket was not on the floor and Hudson was sad. So I took the blanket out of Hudson's kennel and put that on the floor by the couch. I think he is happy now. Hudson is already learning to sit and to stay, which I have never seen in a puppy so young. We will keep you updated. NOTE: Sherpa/Hudson was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.

Flynn Ferdinan

Flynn Ferdinan Image

Hi, there. Just writing to let you know about the crazy cat we adopted FROM NASAP in May of 2005 (his nickname is the "Tabby Terror"). He was a stray picked up in the Beaumont area, and we got him the same day he was brought in to the PetSmart. When we got him, he was just a gangly kitten, bent on getting INTO everything and terrorizing our other cat. He has grown tremendously since then (still gets INTO everything, and still terrorizes the other cat), and he is the cuddliest cat I have ever seen. He loves his Mum a lot, and when she picks him up he just sighs and leans his head on her shoulder and purrs. He is a vocal and chatty cat who loves to play with his shoelace or chase Kitty (the other cat) around the house. He was originally named Ferdinan by the PetSmart staff, and we renamed him Flynn Ferdinan (what can I say? He LOOKS like a Ferdinan) He loves to eat tuna and scratch everything in sight, as well as shred cardboard and paper. His Mum has tried to take him outside several times on a harness, but for such a big cat he is sure a sissy-boy! He gets scared and cries to get back in the house! We could not have a Christmas tree last year because Flynn tried to climb it, and he broke it. I think he also tried to eat it. We also had to leave the Christmas gifts in a closet because Flynn likes paper and would open our presents for us long before Christmas Day! We love him, though, and cannot imagine life without him. Who would wake us up at 4 a.m. with shrill yowling? Who would run around the kitchen chasing lint balls and running INTO walls? And who would beat up Kitty? No, life would be boring without Flynn Ferdinanhe's momma's little muffin! Kylie Fergusson, Sean Fox, and Kitty