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Hello there! I just wanted to give you an UPDATE on how Scout is doing. She finished her obedience classes in March and passed with flying colours, she got 99%! She is a very smart little girl and learns quickly. She and Chester are inseparable and it is so cute to see them play together. She is learning not to jump up, rarely does it inside anymore or at the off leash park but we still have to work on it in the back yard. She is definitely a snuggly girl and doesnt take no for an answer when she sees you have had a bad day and need a snuggle, whether you realize it or not. She had her first trip to our vet yesterday, to UPDATE her shots. She was really good there, charmed all the staff. Chester snuck out of the house when we were leaving as he wouldnt have her going anywhere without him so he waited in the vehicle while she was in the office. He definitely keeps an eye out for his little sister. She loves to roll around in the grass and play in the yard so I guess we will have to get used to her being off-white as that is the colour she returns to within days of being bathed. All in all, we are still very happy to have her as part of our family and I think she is very happy to be here. She has really relaxed and settled in to her new home and routine and is really attached to us and to her big brother. She loves her weekly day care day and runs like the wind on our trips to the off leash, well, maybe prances is more like it as she practically flies through the air in the meadow. We are very close to the Buena Vista off leash area so are able to go there frequently. When the ice is completely thawed we are curious to see how she likes the water and how well she can swim as she keeps heading that direction when we are there but for now we have to tell her no. Chester is a big swimmer so I am sure she will be too as she likes to do whatever he does. We fell in love with her the minute we met her and feel fortunate that we are the ones that get to give her a forever home. Janet and Brent


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Our wonderful boy Sparky came to us in August of 2005. We were initially going to foster Sparky but it only took a few days to realize he wasnt going to leave our home. His crooked smile and funny antics stole out hearts. He has an 8 year old sister named Lara that he took to right away. He loves the outdoors, chasing birds and eating wasps but his most favorite thing to do is going for rides in his Daddys work van. He has been a blessing to our family.Thank you Nasap for bringing him INTO our lives!


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Shelby is a very lucky girl who was adopted to a wonderful couple who have another rescue dog named Max. Shelby liked them almost right away and she and Max get on very well together. She is very busy with her new family and enjoying lots of love and attention.


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Hello: Just wanted to send in an UPDATE on our "Sheabee". She is the hit of our entire circle of family and friends! We just love her to peices and so does everyone she meets. Shea is a real treasure and I get the most energetic greeting when I come in the door (even if I am just taking the garbage out!). Every day my husband and I are more thankful to have Shea in our life. Her grandparents spoil her rotten and she sops up every second of it. She is so good with children and she even loves our cats!! She is so smart and is a whiz at her basic commands. She absolutely loves the Leduc off leash and is the fastest creature I have ever seen. It is magnificent to see her run. She loves to play with the other dogs and she seems to outsmart them all with her game of "you chase me then I'll chase you". I can't imagine our life before her. Thanks a million for letting us bring this little sunshine INTO our home. Laura, Dan and "Sheabee" Barr (& the cats!)


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Hello this is Penny, YES, I love my new home and I do have the greatest big brother WEIMARANERS ever. They let me jump and run and play with them and when I'm tired I can sleep with them too (on Mommies bed). I get really good food and treats and I'm learning to sit(easy), fetch, heal, come( that's a tough one sometimes). I can help pick up dropped things and usually give them back already. I still jump on people when I get excited but I'm learning to be more polite. Everyone that meets me says I'm becoming a very polite little cocker spaniel ( with a big weimaraner attitude). I went to B.C to meet my Grandma and she loves me all to pieces ( just wait till I complete my training) . She said I have the cutest face and mommy agreed that I melt everyone's heart when I cuddle and look up at you with my big brown eyes. I love to give kisses too. Mommy said I sound like an ewok when I want to cuddle and have my tummy rubbed. It works every time too. Well , I gotta go, my big brothers want me to chase them around the yard and play with them again and then it will be time for a nap. P.S. I did get a summer hair cut and it's great, I dry off FROM swimming much faster.