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Hello: Just wanted to send in an UPDATE on our "Sheabee". She is the hit of our entire circle of family and friends! We just love her to peices and so does everyone she meets. Shea is a real treasure and I get the most energetic greeting when I come in the door (even if I am just taking the garbage out!). Every day my husband and I are more thankful to have Shea in our life. Her grandparents spoil her rotten and she sops up every second of it. She is so good with children and she even loves our cats!! She is so smart and is a whiz at her basic commands. She absolutely loves the Leduc off leash and is the fastest creature I have ever seen. It is magnificent to see her run. She loves to play with the other dogs and she seems to outsmart them all with her game of "you chase me then I'll chase you". I can't imagine our life before her. Thanks a million for letting us bring this little sunshine INTO our home. Laura, Dan and "Sheabee" Barr (& the cats!)


Penny Image

Hello this is Penny, YES, I love my new home and I do have the greatest big brother WEIMARANERS ever. They let me jump and run and play with them and when I'm tired I can sleep with them too (on Mommies bed). I get really good food and treats and I'm learning to sit(easy), fetch, heal, come( that's a tough one sometimes). I can help pick up dropped things and usually give them back already. I still jump on people when I get excited but I'm learning to be more polite. Everyone that meets me says I'm becoming a very polite little cocker spaniel ( with a big weimaraner attitude). I went to B.C to meet my Grandma and she loves me all to pieces ( just wait till I complete my training) . She said I have the cutest face and mommy agreed that I melt everyone's heart when I cuddle and look up at you with my big brown eyes. I love to give kisses too. Mommy said I sound like an ewok when I want to cuddle and have my tummy rubbed. It works every time too. Well , I gotta go, my big brothers want me to chase them around the yard and play with them again and then it will be time for a nap. P.S. I did get a summer hair cut and it's great, I dry off FROM swimming much faster.