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Brooklynn Image

Brooklynn (now also called Brook and sometimes Brookie Bear) is a 75 pound sweetheart. She gets along great with her roommate Diesel the cat; I adopted Diesel approximately 13 years ago through NASAP as well. She seems to enjoy sitting like a frog and gets a kick out of me laughing at her silly ways. The couch is her favorite place to hang out whenever we are inside; her second favorite spot is her bed from Costco.

She still barks and is 'dramatic' when she sees another dog but doesn't pull on the leash if we're far away. We simply go for longer walks to avoid running into other dogs. I've worked with a trainer once and will again when I need to. I think we'd both like to be able to walk up to/past other dogs rather than avoid them.  For now, she's happy at home and we've figured out how to go for walks without stress. I bought her a freedom purchase ever.

Recently she started licking her leg in one particular spot (not sure yet if that's just a bad habit, driven by boredom, from anxiety, an itch that's now an obsession to nibble at, etc.); we've been to the vet a couple of times and we're trying a cone and antibiotics for now before starting any medications. I don't feel that she's anxious but it's possible she's bored sometimes and now does that out of bad habit. My focus is to get the spot to heal and to keep her mind busy.

She rarely scratches due to itchiness; I've kept her on the same brand of food that she was eating before I adopted her but switched her from the Lamb to Duck. She sure does love her food!

I feel very fortunate that both Diesel and Brook are part of my life.

Happy New Year to everyone at NASAP!


Dolce (now Lucy)

Dolce (now Lucy) Image

Things are going very well. We have changed her name to Lucy. She is getting along very well with the other cat in the house and she loves bed time. She sleeps with us in the bed almost every night.  She was spayed on December 13th and I have attached the spay certificate along with a few pictures. Have a great Christmas!!



Simon Image

Simon is doing well and has become a very cherished member of our family.  My husband, Dean loves the little guy.  Dean finally has his boy to watch hockey with.  Motley, our 11 year old female cat is slowly warming up to Simon, but Simon is oblivious to her smugness.  He is working on being a great little brother to Motley. 

Simon's not so little anymore. 

We are dog-sitting a 22 month old Golden Retriever, named Tucker.  Simon was a little intimidated by Tucker's size at first, but they have become best friends. 

I am planning on putting up the Christmas tree next week.  I know Simon will love it because he loves to climb and he loves to hide.  The tree will be the perfect environment for him.

I post photos of Simon on facebook.  Today I took a video of him watching hockey and hopefully I can get it on Facebook too. 

Thank you Anne and Shawn for taking such wonderful care of Simon during his first weeks of life.  The loving environment in your home has made him such a warm, fun, loving, playful and healthy kitten.  Our family is looking forward to sharing many years with Simon. 



Tango Image

Tango is very loved by his adoptive family. They are extremely happy and over joyed and he has made himself right at home!  He has settled right in!


Kaiser Image

Kaiser thinks he owns the place and loves his squeaky toys!


Phantom Image

Phantom is loving his new furever home!!! Having 3 little people to play and snuggle with is probably his favorite thing. Thank you for letting us bring this guy into our family.

Maple (now Guenhwyvar)

Maple (now Guenhwyvar) Image

She has adjusted to life at our house superbly.  There was no chance of keeping her in a room by herself for any length of time - she was out of there the first night.  Kitty is playing, eating, and everything is normal. Kitty and dog get along well - they are a little cautious (mostly the dog), but eat together and *almost* sleep together. She has zero issues with the dog and being here with us. She will be meeting the grandkids soon.  One at a time though...

Kirby (now Grimm-Lee)

Kirby (now Grimm-Lee) Image

Thanks for checking up on Kirby. He has changed his name now to Grimm-Lee! He is doing so well, loves to play and chase his wand toys or laser pointer around home! Grimm-lee usually loves to sleep with me, half the time I wake up to him snoring on my pillow! He is so well-behaved, and such a great little companion!!! Here are a few photos, him in his cat tree; sleeping; and relaxing. He's so cute:)