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Sookie Image

Merry Christmas from Sookie and family!

Lisa and Greg

Beau (now Boots)

Beau (now Boots) Image

Beau (now Boots) is doing well. He's growing and is such a great addition to our family. He loves to cuddle and purr and follows us around everywhere in the house. He especially likes to sleep next to our Samoyed Hudson.  He tries to get as close as Hudson will let him.  He gets into mischief sometimes and has broken a few things in the house but that was expected:). He loves to eat and knows the routine of when breakfast and dinner time is.  He is scheduled for neutering on December 14. Attached are a couple of pictures of Boots and one with Hudson. 

Thank you for him. We love him.

Rita and Jason

Bran (now Atreyu)

Bran (now Atreyu) Image

Atreyu (formerly Bran) is doing great. He's getting big! Despite being initially shy of everything, he soon got over that and is very adventurous, mischievous and active. He loves to play and explore and cuddle! He is such a purring cuddle bug! He still sticks his tongue out when he's really happy! His favorite toys are the feather ones. I haven't had one last longer than 10 minutes. Atreyu also gets along really well with his older sister Scout, a shepherd husky lab mix. They love playing together. There are no issues to report. He loves his toys, loves his food and treats, loves playing with water and napping on the futon and uses the box with no problems. He even helps me when I'm on the computer.  Typical kitten stuff! So things are good! Hope things are well on your end! Cheers and Happy Christmas!



Penny Image

Penny is wonderful, and adjusting perfectly. She is an affectionate and lovely little cat who is completely happy with her new home. She has become affectionate with our older cat, Sofia (who was originally a NASAP cat too) and they are now at the point of snuggling, playing and grooming each other when they think no one is looking. Penny had her surgery done at the Calgary Pet Hospital yesterday and we ensured all the expectations of NASAP were met. They remembered her when the litter was brought in to them too. She is home today, frisky as ever and doing well. We love her. 


Piper (now Marley)

Piper (now Marley) Image

Marley is doing amazing. She recently got spayed and is doing great with that. After the first two days she adjusted great! She loves her cat tree and loves to climb every where! She's probably the most cuddly and affectionate cat I've ever met! I don't have too many photos of her alone - I'll send some of her and my dog Max. They are best friends literally. They cuddle, play together, clean each other. It's the absolute cutest! She doesn't like to be without him, and waits by the door when he goes outside to pee. They get along amazingly.


Eloise (now Miranda)

Eloise (now Miranda) Image

Eloise is now Miranda. She is still a firecracker! She in a bit of a "biting phase", vet thinks she is just teething so hopefully it will pass soon. She is scheduled for her spay surgery on Dec 30th. Miranda seems happy and healthy.


Sophie 16-024-D

Sophie  16-024-D Image

Well for the first almost week things have been going quite good for her, Sophie has been getting along with the cat for most part but after a while of stare downs, she like to start chasing him around the house and then I don’t see him for the rest of the day, he’s very good at hiding.   She seem to be adjusting, she does like her daily walks, and yesterday we went on a long one in Hermitage Park and did very well with other dogs being around, no barking or growling at any of them, we ever did some off lease and played fetch with a stick and she had a fun time.  She now has met all the rest of the family and get along well even with my Grandson, she also is a very good protector and when my oldest daughter came over the first time and let herself in, Sophie would not let her get past the front door until I told her it was Ok and then they became friends.  Josephine and Sophie like to play every day in the back yard and she really like to play with the orange ball hockey balls, she likes it when you throw it in the air so she can jump for it, as well as she really likes her game of tug of war.  Here is s picture of her after we can back from out walk/run yesterday when she wanted to lay in her bed and rest for a few minute.  As for running, I have her close to 2 Km’s now and she likes to go and stays beside myself when we run.

#happytails #nasaprescue 

Flash Gordon (now Charlie) 16-018-D

Flash Gordon (now Charlie) 16-018-D Image

Flash is doing great. We have changed his name to Charlie. He has fit in with our family wonderfully. Our other two dogs love him and it's play time all day. We are very happy to have him and love him alot. Thank you for what you do for these great dogs and cats.