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Bijou (now Midnight)

Bijou (now Midnight) Image

We have changed Bijou's name to Midnight. When we brought her home she adjusted immediately she was very happy with her new home. She loves snuggling with mom and dad and meeting us at the door when we come home. She loves chatting with us when ever she can. She loves belly rubs every chance she can get. She snuggles up and sleeps with us in the bed she usually isn't to far from where we are she loves watching mom when sewing. We couldn't be any happier with our choice of bringing Midnight home she has brightened our days and we can tell she is happy we have chosen her.


Cruz (now Willy)

Cruz (now Willy) Image


Willy (Cruz) is doing great!  He had perfect post-op checkups and is an amazing little guy. He has partial vision in his one eye, but has no trouble going anywhere and everywhere.  He steals your heart!!

You wonderful people do a terrific job for all the homeless ones in your care - please keep up the great work.

Thanks so much for getting our little man to us - we love him to the moon and back.



Raven Image

She is doing great! She quickly made friends with our other cat Misty, and the two of them play and nap together all day!


Buddy (now Rocky)

Buddy (now Rocky) Image

Rocky (Buddy) is an absolute love!  He has settled in so well and gets along with everyone, furry or not.  He enjoys his walks and loves car rides, and when we are at work, he spends the day relaxing on the couch with the rabbit. 

Thanks so much for the opportunity to care for this little guy.  He is very special to us.


Kira (now Layla)

Kira (now Layla) Image

Hi, we are doing great, she is an amazing girl that goes by the name of Layla now and she liked it from the first moment. The kids love her, she even listens to my 5 year old.


Max and Jasper

Max and Jasper Image

Fitting in nicely with the baby!


Jimmy Image

Jimmy has been fitting in wonderfully here! Thank you for everything.


Charlie Image

Charlie is loving his forever home. Thank you for giving him so much love and attention!