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Jessa (now Pudge) and Alaska

 Jessa (now Pudge) and Alaska Image

Actually I call her Pudge! She is very happy! She and Alaska get along well and my golden retriever, Maggie, is very accepting of both!  She loves watching the birds and squirrels in our backyard!

Aurora (now Fussel)

Aurora (now Fussel) Image

Hi... Aurora (now Fussel) is doing great. We just had her spayed on Wednesday. She is coming along with our dogs and other cats and she is the most cuddly cat!!! We love her and are happy that she is a big part of our family now. :-)


Family Faust


Gazu & Gizmo

Gazu & Gizmo Image


Both the kitties are doing great! Growing like crazy! They are both healthy happy cuddly kittens. They have all of their shots now and are booked for their spay and neuter on August 8th! We love them so much :) 

Thanks for the follow up :) 


Gabby (now QT)

Gabby (now QT) Image


QT (formerly Gabby) had a vet checkup last week. Very healthy and is expected to be small. We haven't scheduled her surgery yet. This is a month old photo when she was living the life in a hotel.

Lyndon (now Ron)

Lyndon (now Ron) Image

He is doing great. Changed his name to Ron however but he and my other cat are getting along fabulously. Very happy to have him in the family.


Juniper Image


I've been meaning to send an update--thanks for reaching out. Juniper has settled in very nicely. She's super active and fun. Loves her food, though she's still only about 6 pounds. And loves tormenting her 'brother' Dublin, who she grooms and fights, sometimes at the same time. :)

All in all, she's been a wonderful addition to my home and we love her to pieces. I'll forward you a photo of Juniper in her favourite spot so you can see her. 



Gator Image

Gator is doing great. He has puppy he likes to play with now. His neuter appointment is coming up in early August.



Trixie Image

Hi, thanks for checking in.  Just last week I was thinking it was time to send an update.

Trixie is doing great although she loves being outside so much we sometimes joke that she just uses us for food as some days we only see her when she is hungry.  When we adopted her, her foster mom did say she was very funny.  We didn't know what she meant at the time but do now.  She likes being silly by rubbing up against you and falling down and most of the time when we have Trixie sightings it is that we see her tail up in the air as she is quickly running around the yard.  After hissing and hitting our dogs and other cat the first two weeks she adapted to them well and is great friends with our other cat now.  She has yet to bond with her new dad much but adores me and always has time to snuggle with me.  When she does come home at night she will sleep by my side the whole night until I get up in the morning.  She is a bit territorial and guards me from the dangers lol of my other pets while I sleep.

Overall we adore her and are happy that she is part of our family.

Thanks for all you do.