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Jewel (Santori) and Jasmine (now Vastra)

Jewel (Santori) and Jasmine (now Vastra) Image

Hi there!

Jasmine (who I have renamed Vastra) and Jewel (who I have renamed Santori) are doing well. They are both growing well and are over 7 pounds each now. Their spay is scheduled in a couple of weeks.

They are getting along really well with our dog, Clara. Cuddling with her at night. Santori sometimes likes to tease Clara with little swats and playing. This was my biggest worry but they have done so well, all of them that now I don't really have to supervise too much when they are all together.

Vastra is more mellow and incredibly cuddly.

They are challenging to get good pictures because they are still very playful and active but I have attached a few. My goal lately has been to capture all three of them in a cuddle but they often scramble when I get the camera out.



Chloe Image

All is well with Chloe and our other pets. She has adjusted well and is even getting along with our two cats.

Thanks, Dave


Dre Image

He is adjusting wonderfully, has has an adventurous summer on the farm and loves walks. He is a good fly catcher and loves to snuggle. He still has some skin issues due allergies. He saw the dermatologist and was recommended different medication. The new medication did not work- so back to the old medicine and now he is better. He has all of his fur still and scratches less. Take care,


Rosa and Ava (now Acacia)

Rosa and Ava (now Acacia) Image

After some initial medical issues, Rosa Bear is doing quite well, and is really beginning to settle in to her new family.  Days are spent being an absolute kitten...playing, chasing, wrestling, tumbling, jumping, chewing, and generally creating havoc everywhere she goes!  She has bonded hard and fast to her older sister, also a NASAP adoptee, Acacia (formerly Ava), and she thinks that they are just the absolute best of buds.  Acacia has slightly different feelings about the relationship but generally tolerates Rosa's wild antics, however, in quieter moments she will shower her little sister (brat though she is) with lots of love and tender grooming.  All in all, I think these two feel that they have found a pretty wonderful life.  Thanks to you, NASAP, for saving these little souls and giving them a second chance to see how great life can be!


Hope (now Lilly) and Aurora (now Fussel)

Hope (now Lilly) and Aurora (now Fussel) Image

Lazy sunday... Both are adopted from you. In the front you see former Hope (now Lilly) and in the back you see former Aurora (now Fussel). we love them sooooo much!

Fortune and Raila

Fortune and Raila Image

Fortune and Raila were adopted 9 years ago and they are loving their second chance home and being together!!


Bella Image

Bella was adopted 13 years ago and she is still energetic and loving life!


Daisy Image

We adopted Daisy from NASAP and she turned 14 years old this year! Thank you for all your wonderful foster home care- she's still insane and loveable. This is Daisy after she just ate my BBQ scraper.