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Axel Image

Axle has settled in very well and he is comfortable with his new surroundings. He’s part of the family and we love him dearly. We would like to thank NASAP for the great work you’re doing rescuing such adorable animals.



Jade (now Nala)

Jade (now Nala) Image


Jade, (or now her new name which is Nala) is doing awesome, she's such a joy. A week ago we had her spayed, she did well after the surgery, and is running around as if nothing happened. She is more of an independent spirit, doesn't like to cuddle too much unless of course she is falling asleep then we can pet her non-stop. She loves to play, has lots of energy, but we do keep her as an inside cat only. She's up with her vaccination shots as well. Eats well, soft and dry food, and she is quite lean, I think that's her make which makes her very graceful.

She has adjusted amazingly, and we have had no issues with her what's so ever.

I am attaching 3 pictures of our new family member:)

All the best as well,


Zoey (now Zoe)

Zoey (now Zoe) Image


Zoe (we dropped the y) had been doing very well! She is growing fast. She is extremely playful and will chase anything that moves - shoelaces, coats sleeves, house flies, and of course, her big sister, Martin. Even though Martin is quite a bit bigger, Zoe initiates most of their playing/wrestling. Martin has warmed up to Zoe immensely. I caught the two of them grooming each other and napping side by side the other day. Zoe goes for her spay on October 19. I have quite a few photos of her! I'll send some of the more recent. 


Zoe (now Zoey)

Zoe (now Zoey) Image


The Kucher family is pleased to provide an update on sweet Zoey girl (we changed the spelling a wee bit).  She is a wonderful addition to our family and is doing great.  Being a grown up a girl with a past she has had a few things to overcome.  We have learned to walk on the leash beautifully and go for at least 3 walks a day.  Mom and Zoey really enjoy taking walks together we get to see sun rises and sunsets, we watched the harvest moon and have enjoyed the northern lights together. She loves to be outside and must go around the lake at least once a day. 

Zoey's foster mom and the NASAP veterinarian suspected that she may have allergies to food and that has been confirmed by our own veterinarian.  She has switched to a special diet though and has overcome the ear infections and itchiness just fine.  She struggles being left alone and howls quite a bit but a kennel routine with a soft bed has made all the difference and our neighbours love her so her singing is tolerated

We spend a lot of time together as a family, she loves to cuddle and get wrapped up in blankies.  She is a huge bed hog and loves to cuddle up at night.  If Zoey has a favourite pastime though it has to be playing fetch in the back yard.  She has many toys and they don't last long with her.  She shreds up the lawn leaping and jumping and chasing her toys - this must happen once a day and we are already preparing to snow-blow a path in the winter so that we can play all year.

Zoey is a happy sweet girl who is gentle with our 2 year old boy.  We love her so much and will take good care of her all the days of her life.  Thank you NASAP for making our family complete!

Pebbles and Felix

Pebbles and Felix Image

Pebbles and Felix are doing great! They absolutely adore each other! And they are such friendly and loving cats. Every day I look at my little cats and I can't believe they are actually mine! They are perfect fur babies, minus the fact that they like to jump on the counter top and get into trouble! They are both really little still, Felix is only 5 lbs and pebbles is  3lbs. Here are some photos!! 




Naula Image

Naula is doing great! Thank you for checking up on her. She adjusted to our home right away and is an outgoing little thing. She makes everyone fall in love with her. We’ve had no issues with her. Here are some of my favourite pictures of her. 

Thank you!


Oliver (now Edgar)

Oliver (now Edgar) Image

Oliver was adopted and is now known as Edgar. He's settling in and his new forever home says "He is a lovely boy and I am so happy to have him! He is really starting to shine and gradually getting to know Willow, (my baby that is already here)".

Mystery (now MingSu)

Mystery (now MingSu) Image

Eight years ago, I was reading the St. Albert Gazette when I happened upon a photo of a waif-like cat named "Mystery". As I read the description written about her, something tugged at my heartstrings. The write-up stated that she would take her paw and grab your hand, in an attempt to get you to pat her head. I decided to go to the southside pet store where she was awaiting adoption. Not much was known about her, hence the name "Mystery". When I stuck my hand in the cage, she immediately grabbed my hand with her paw. Her good nature was immediately evident and she had me at the first purr. 

Looking back, the day I decided to adopt her (renamed MingSu) was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. She has brought me so much happiness and enjoyment over the years. She doesn't much resemble that scrawny cat I brought home that day, blossoming into a beautiful cat with a gorgeous coat and loving personality. I can't imagine life without her now.

I urge anyone considering adoption to reach out to an animal in need. They have so much love to give if you just give them a chance.

Corinne and MingSu