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Lacey Image

Lacey is doing very well. A lot of her anxiety has subsided. When we first got her, she would have nothing to do with men and she didn't know how to go on walks. Now, she goes on walks with my husband who has become her favourite person. She loves our other dog and has become one of the family.


Angel Image

Angel is a darling and doing so very well. She and Rob Roy are becoming good friends.


Sammy Image

Sammy was adopted into a lovely family with a big yard and a dog friend to play with! Congratulations Sammy!


Sasha Image

Update about miss Sasha from 2014. Her family adores her and are so thankful that they found this gorgeous girl! She loves cuddles and has brought such happiness to their family!


Coco Image

Coco is absolutely wonderful. We all just love her to death especially me. She gets on wonderful with my daughter’s dog and also the dog next door, they have fun chasing round the garden. She gets a long walk every day, except today as she does not like the rain. She is in excellent health. She sleeps with me and I take her up to the Care Home and my husband just loves her and also a lot of the residents pet her and always want to see her. She has made such a difference to my life.


Riker Image


Riker is doing very well!  He is a great addition to our family.  He is adaptable and friendly, healthy, and makes us laugh daily.  He loves to sit and watch TV with us in the evening.  He has been to see the vet twice for the rest of his vaccinations and the vet shared that he has the personality of only 10 % of cats he treats.  Riker had a first camping trip on the May long weekend with us. He doesn't love his harness, however, he loves to be outside so puts up with it. This experience of rescuing has been a great one for us and I think for Riker too.  Thank you for all that your organization does to help awesome pets like Riker find a home.


The Harrisons


Opal Image

Hi Helen, 

Opal (or Opie as we call her) is doing very well. She has completely stolen our hearts and has filled the gaps in our family. She is growing quickly but still has a very cute baby face. Her favorite things to do are watching birds in the window, playing with her teaser, and taking naps on the top of the refrigerator. She is very cuddly and her dad and I love taking Sunday afternoon naps with her but still has mounds of energy and loves playing. She does a lot of somersaults and loves rolling around. She was spayed a few weeks ago and handled the surgery and recovery very well. It was hard to get her to stop jumping around, but she has healed up completely. 



Joy (now Cali)

Joy (now Cali) Image


Joy (a.k.a. Cali), is doing great! She has settled right in and is a part of the family. She is (cautious) friends with our puppy, as he is much bigger than her and very rambunctious! She likes to sneak up on him when he's sleeping to sniff him and check him out more closely. 

We are so glad that we brought Joy/ Cali into our home.

Thank you,