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Opal Image

Hi Helen, 

Opal (or Opie as we call her) is doing very well. She has completely stolen our hearts and has filled the gaps in our family. She is growing quickly but still has a very cute baby face. Her favorite things to do are watching birds in the window, playing with her teaser, and taking naps on the top of the refrigerator. She is very cuddly and her dad and I love taking Sunday afternoon naps with her but still has mounds of energy and loves playing. She does a lot of somersaults and loves rolling around. She was spayed a few weeks ago and handled the surgery and recovery very well. It was hard to get her to stop jumping around, but she has healed up completely. 



Joy (now Cali)

Joy (now Cali) Image


Joy (a.k.a. Cali), is doing great! She has settled right in and is a part of the family. She is (cautious) friends with our puppy, as he is much bigger than her and very rambunctious! She likes to sneak up on him when he's sleeping to sniff him and check him out more closely. 

We are so glad that we brought Joy/ Cali into our home.

Thank you,



Alston Image

He has been fixed and has had his shots. The vet said he is a healthy beautiful cat. He has very much become part of the family.


Sterling and Sophie

Sterling and Sophie Image

Sterling is an absolutely fantastic kitty. He loves everyone and loves to be spoiled. He is a great companion to former NASAP kitty Sophie and loves having foster kitties to play with. Sterling doesn't have a mean bone in his body and has never once hissed when meeting new friends. He loves cuddles more than anything and thinks he is a small kitty (which he isn't) so he tries to sit up on your chest to sleep. Very happy with him.


Sputnik (now Oscar)

Sputnik (now Oscar) Image

We renamed Sputnik to Oscar. A new life,  a new name! We absolutely love him and he has fit into our home effortlessly. He is best friends with our dog Maggie and tries to be friends with our 4 year old cat Sadie.  Sadie will play sometimes ....but doesn't want to be Oscar's mom! Oscar is healthy and super cuddly. I will send a couple photos for you. He is with us forever!


Blaze (now Simon)

Blaze (now Simon) Image

Simon... Aka Blaze... is doing amazing, he is such a joy to have in our home, my nephew who is 20 calls him his best friend, we have all bonded with Simon, he is loving,'playful and naughty (kitten naughty), and we love him dearly. He loves to talk to us, purr for us, cuddle and sometimes bites us when he is happy and playing, we are working on that. It only took a couple of days for him to feel at home, he never asks to go outside, which is a big relief. 


Venus (now Picabo) and Apollo

Venus (now Picabo) and Apollo Image

We changed Venus' name to Picabo. They are doing very well. They are two very different cats. Lots of personality. 

Kind regards,


Onyx (now Joy)

Onyx (now Joy) Image

We are all getting along very well. She has lots of personality and has been a great addition in our house hold. The first couple days our other cat was a little stand-offish but they've become good friends and someone to drive crazy with here never ending kitten motor.  

About 2 weeks ago, Joy (Onyx) got spayed and she never missed a beat, impossible to keep the cone on for more then 5 secs, so gave up almost immediately on that.  

Too bad we didn't have more room for her siblings, cause if they were anything like her, I'm sure they have been well received in which ever family adopted them.  She's a great lap cat and loves to purr and sleep on your head! Crazy cat, but we love her.

Thanks for the follow-up.