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Bingo (now Benji)

Bingo (now Benji) Image


We're all doing well. The cats have been introduced nicely, and while they are constantly playing, our other cat Kali seems to be teaching Benji his manners. Here are some photos for updates.




Astro Image

Astro has settled into the family very well. He is very vocal and has quite a personality. His best friend is a rabbit named Marshmallow. He has been neutered and has all his shots up to date. He is growing very fast!!

Enjoy the photos.

Nicole and Ken


Neptune Image


She is doing great. Loves to cuddle and run around the house. I will be booking a spay appointment right away. Thanks,


Jupiter (now Kiki)

Jupiter (now Kiki) Image


I'm very happy to let you know that Kiki is doing great!!!!!  She is such a wonderful cat, she is very good with the children and the dog!!

All her shots are up to date, and she was spayed last week and is recovering well.

She is a perfect addition to our family!!!


Celeste (now Pippa)

Celeste (now Pippa) Image


Things are going really well with Pippa (formerly Celeste)! She is definitely a family member now. She was quite shy when she first arrived but now sits and cuddles with us and even enjoys being brushed. She loves to play with her foam bouncy ball on the stairs (she is quite the little athelete with her ball handling skills). She's had two vet visits so is up to date on her shots until next year.

Thanks everyone at NASAP!



Cookie Image

Just wanted to let you all know that since I brought Cookie home last werk, she has settled right in. We love her so much already, she is a sweet girl. She has a vet appointment on Monday. Thanks for all you do to help these animals and bring them to us. You are angels.


Hope (now Lilly) and Aurora

Hope (now Lilly) and Aurora Image

Hope (now Lilly) is doing amazing. She is a little cute cuddle bug and is doing great with our dogs and other cats. We love her very much and you can be assured that she has a loving and caring home for life. We also adopted Aurora from NASAP not so long ago and she is doing amazing as well. Both are the most cuddle-loving cats we've ever owned. Thanks so much for doing a follow up so we know that you care about your animals that were in your care.

Family Faust

Tiki (now Tia)

Tiki (now Tia) Image

We renamed her to Tia, and she is doing wonderfully.  She and Tucker (our male cat, 3 months older than her) seem to have bonded quite well.  I am always happy to show off "the kids".  The one shot shows her and Tucker playing in some empty drawers.  She is such a sweet little girl.