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Cleo and Cinder

Cleo and Cinder Image


Cleo and Cinder are doing amazingly. They adjusted really well and now run the house and pretty well have us

Cleo loves to play in the sink with the water running with a little stream of water flowing. Cinder is more a a cuddler during the day and Cleo is at night.

Their personalities have really developed and we love them to bits.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt them...we are very blessed to have them a part of our family.

June and Brad

Hobo (now Fennec)

Hobo (now Fennec) Image

Fennec is doing great. He is very rambunctious and playful. He likes to play with every and any toy he can find. His favorite are the little springs. He can't jump very well, which is good for us, but he makes up for his lack of jumping with speed and agility. He's always hungry too. Which makes us fear he's not getting enough, but according to his size he's eating good. He just wants to be fat is all. Maybe when he's older. He is still pretty small and very very adorable. Yes, getting better at cuddling all the time. 

Archer (now Squinty McGuinty)

Archer (now Squinty McGuinty) Image


Thanks for the email. Squinty McGuinty (Archer) is doing very, very well. He loves playing with our cat, Fisher and also interacts well with our two dogs. It always seems to be a pet party going on. A great cat.


Ron and Jill


Laser Image

Thanks for checking in. Laser is in the bag below and the pic after that is both Laser and Leah taking up the whole couch. Laser is fine. We had multiple X-rays and exams and a few specialists weigh in. There does not appear to be anything wrong. He bounces back and forth between lame and not lame. It is likely some type of birth defect. Regardless, he is a happy kitty and functions just fine.


Coby Image


Coby is just fine.  

He has developed a great many rituals (patterns of behaviour) which our new foster, Kyla, has disrupted.  And in a good way, I think.  He shares his food and water readily - as Kyla really needs the nourishment.  She's just skin and bone.

From the very beginning, Coby showed an enlightened understanding of our 3 dogs. The biggest dog is blind and Coby seemed to know her vulnerability.  He never took a swat at her or hissed or anything.

The other 2 are dumbasses.  Coby made the appropriate posturings.

Coby is a sweetie and a keeper.


Niko (now Charlie)

Niko (now Charlie) Image


We renamed Niko to Charlie.  He is a rascal...a lot of fun!  He is loved dearly by all!  Thank you for all you do!  Charlie has been a real gift to our family.



Rocket Image

He's doing great ! Getting along with our other kitties. He's still really active - loves to run and jump:). We took him for his neuter and shots.


Wade and Jason

Sputnik (now Oscar)

Sputnik (now Oscar) Image

I promised that I would give you an update.  Week one has been great, and we just love this little fella.  He has adapted very well to his new home and wants so badly to be best friends with our cat Sadie.  Sadie (4 years old), is very good with him and tolerates the kitten behavior extremely well.  They are very sweet as Oscar follows her around and is like a little shadow sometimes.  We have had a few issues with his introduction to our dog Maggie (large husky cross).  Maggie is so excited and interested in the kitten, wagging her tail and crying.   But.......Oscar was two lbs of angry kitten.  Ears back, swatting and growling.  So we had to limit their interaction.  We put Maggie on a leash and let Oscar roam freely so he felt in control and had an escape route.  Last night finally I think we are all living in harmony (with supervision of course).  They were all free to wander the house and Oscar was much better with the dog.  I think we are over the worst of it.  We will not leave them alone though until Oscar is much bigger.  He is eating well and is a bundle of energy!

Anyhow, we love him, he is so funny to watch and scoots around at such speed and dexterity.  We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow for his check up.  Thanks for your work in fostering these adorable animals.  Oscar certainly has found his forever home!!