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Luke (now Hetfield)

Luke (now Hetfield) Image

I've attached a couple of photos of Hetfield (formerly Luke) with our dog Harley. At first he was reluctant about living with a dog but they quickly warmed up to each other and now wherever the dog is, Hetfield is sure to be there as well. He's been a great addition to our family and so tolerant of my 8 year old step daughter who likes to play and cuddle with him. We have a new baby coming in about a month as well and I'm sure he'll be just as gentle with him! Thanks so much for checking in on him!



Sadie Image

Sadie is doing wonderful! She has come a very long way and we are very proud of her. She went from being scared of walking past the bus shelter to greeting people who are standing in it. She was very afraid of the car and now she readily jumps in knowing that’s she’s probably heading to the off leash park. She’s got a great personality and is spoiled by everyone of us. We are happy to have her as our dog.


Ezmeralda Image

Ezzy is doing great. We have all settled in well, she is scheduled for her spay beginning of may. She is a wonderful addition to our family!! :)

Alaska and Jessa

Alaska and Jessa Image

Waiting for the squirrel!  Or anything that moves!

Kyla (now Sonic)

Kyla (now Sonic) Image

Sonic is settling in nicely. She appears to be adjusting more every day, and is even purring more.

Topaz (now Myssti Layla Greystoke)

Topaz (now Myssti Layla Greystoke) Image

Hello Helen & Wonderful NASAP people!

Miss Topaz has been renamed to Myssti (sweet sugar) Layla (sweetheart / Night Beauty) Greystoke.  Tarzan’s last name was Greystoke which makes all the sense in the world for Myssti.  Born November 5, 2015, Myssti will be 5 months old tomorrow and is thriving!  She is up to date on her vaccinations and is scheduled for her spay surgery in mid May.

Myssti is getting along beautifully with Fiona (Norwegian Forest Cat - 7 years) and Sora (Maine Coon Mix - 2 years) and they with her.  We are amazed how the addition of Myssti - a third cat - has changed the dynamics - and how positively - feline/feline and feline/human.  We thought the fit would work - but we’re happy at how well.   The antics are wonderful and the games of playful chase are something to behold.  Myssti is very smart with a sweet and generous disposition.  She plays well independently, with us and with the other 2 cats.  She is an amazing retriever and we have lots of fun playing toss and return every day.  The house has become the most interesting assortment of things moved from one place to another.  

I could go on and on, turn the keyboard over to Jac, who could continue.  Suffice to say, Myssti is a joy and we feel so very lucky to have her in our lives and to care for her.  Anne and her family, who fostered Trixie and her kittens, were wonderful to work with.  Their home is one of the very best foster homes I’ve seen and we commend them for their commitment to fostering. 

In 2004, we adopted Demes and Murphy from NASAP.  They were Maine Coon cross litter mates and were the first creatures that Jac and I adopted together.  They were amazing and filled our hearts and lives with love and great memories in the all too short years they were with us.  I’m happy to say that their adoption legacy lives on in Myssti and we thank you for again bringing a very sweet spirit into our home.

I hope this gives you good information about Myssti’s health and wellbeing.  Thank you for all the work you do.

Janita, Jac, Fiona, Sora & Myssti

Sadie (now Maple)

Sadie (now Maple) Image


Sadie is now called "Maple". We chose this name because she is truly so sweet. She was at home with us from day one. We adore her, she follows me around like a puppy and I think if we were glued to each other she wouldn't mind one bit. She has been a joy in our lives. She is so friendly and loving and has a great personality.

After we adopted Maple we welcomed a kitten in to our home. It turns out the kitten is completely blind and Maple has adopted him as her own. She helps him around the house and really mothers him. We can't keep these two away from each other and we are all very happy.

Thank you for bringing her in to our lives. I've attached a pic in case you'd like to see it. Thanks for checking in.

Jen & Lonney

Ava (now Acacia)

Ava (now Acacia) Image


Ava (renamed Acacia; aka Casey) is doing very well.  I've attached a few photos.  She lost her buddy, Bear, who has a write-up on the In Loving Memory page, within a couple of months of moving here, but she was a good friend to him for a short time, and is settling in after his loss now.  She's a snuggle bug and is helping us to heal our grieving hearts.