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Skittles Image

Skittles has been a welcome addition to our home. We really enjoy having her and she seems to be a great fit. She greets us when we are home from work and likes to perch on top of our couch. We like that she enjoys playing fetch and can jump for her treats.



Teddy Image

Teddy is doing very good and has adjusted to living here.

Anna (now Lapjes)

Anna (now Lapjes) Image


Anna is renamed Lapjes (Lap-yes) and we LOVE each other. She is very vocal (sometimes at night) and loves any form of attention. She is always purring. 

Thanks for checking in,



Emma Image

She is good. Both cats are comfortable with the kids now and love cuddling.

Nan (now Effie)

Nan (now Effie) Image


Nan is doing well. Renamed Effie she was reunited with her brother Bert and they always curl up together. She has been eating well, and playing lots.

Perdita (now Pi) and Hobo (now Fennec)

Perdita (now Pi) and Hobo (now Fennec) Image

NASAP alumni Pi and Fennec are having a lazy Sunday together.


Bert Image


Bert is doing great, he's earned the nickname of counter goat since he likes to steal potato peels (he thinks he is stealing the best treat ever), and other various vegetable items off the counter when he thinks no one is watching, it's pretty adorable. He is getting along with all the other animals quite well, as he is not a shy cat.

Attached is a photo of Bert in his Halloween sweater.



Leia Image

Leia is doing awesome! She was spayed in Sherwood Park. We love her.