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Mackayla Image

Mackayla is officially a part of our family. She has mastered her separation anxiety with the help of Itbit the cat. They are buddies now.

Daisy and Scout

Daisy and Scout Image

Here is Daisy and her new best friend (and NASAP alumni!) Scout! Looking good, puppies! Congratulations on your furever homes and as always, thank you for opting to adopt!

Misty & Milo

Misty & Milo Image

Misty and Milo are doing great. Crazy and hyper little monsters lol. Both get along with my dog Belle. Great addition to my family.

Cheytan (now Chiva)

Cheytan (now Chiva) Image

She is doing well. She has caught all the mice and now spends her time tormenting the dog - they've become friends and we enjoy her immensely. we call her Chiva


Leah Image

Excellent thank you. She is a happy cat.


Riley Image

Riley is the best cat in the world. There is no one I love more than him. He waits at the door for me to come home and then proceeds to escape into the hallway when I open the door. He likes to sleep beside me on the blanket I declared was his (won't sleep without it). He gets angry at me when I don't pay enough attention to him, which results in shredded toilet paper and paper towel all over the place. I love him to bits. I'm so glad I have him. Things are great.


Angel Image

Angel has been adopted into a perfect forever home with another senior dog for company. Congratulations Angel and thank you to her new family for giving her the second chance she deserves!


Adelaide Image

Thought you might enjoy a few photos to show you how relaxed she is...