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Edith Image

Edith is a great pet.

Chewie (now Chuck)

Chewie (now Chuck) Image

Chewie (now Chuck) is a goofball of a cat! He is getting along well with his sister, Sasquatch and our new daughter. We know we signed a contract stating he won't go outside, but apparently he didn't get the memo! Every time we open the back door he bolts for it! It's apparently his favorite game, "make the human chase me around the yard". Good times.

Thanks for the follow up.



Coby Image

He is doing great, full of life and energy. 


Chrissie Image

Chrissie is doing great! She's very playful and happy.


Margery (now Molly) and Florence (now Daisy)

Margery (now Molly) and Florence (now Daisy) Image

Molly (aka Margery) and Daisy (aka Florence) are doing awesome.   They are such a blessing in our house.

They have such great personalities we are so lucky to have found them when we did.  We were very lost when we had to put our 14 year old Tigger down.  The house was quiet and empty.  Molly and Daisy have brought our house back to life.   My daughter loves that fact that they snuggle with her.  Molly is a sneaky monkey always looking to steal my daughter’s hair elastics.   Daisy still loves to play fetch and watch out the window.   It is always so cute how they always snuggle up together, it is hard to see where one starts and one ends.  Ms. Molly likes to wake me up in the morning with her super loud purring as she nuzzles into the crock my neck.  I have used it to my advantage when I am trying to get my daughter up.  I pull down her blankets so her neck is exposed and let Molly go to town, she is hard to ignore when she gets purring and wants some attention.

We look forward to many years with them in our lives.


Gretel (now Duchess)

Gretel (now Duchess) Image


We renamed Gretel to Duchess. Duchess is a pure delight and settled into to our home effortlessly. Duchess and our other cat are great friends, that bring each other great joy and physical activity chasing each other. Duchess is right right on track according to last vet visit. 

Glad she is part of our lives.

Thank you for the follow up,

The Campbells

Darcy (now Harley)

Darcy (now Harley) Image

Hello NASAP,

Harley (Darcy) is doing fantastic.  

We had a minor setback with his amputation after he had been with us for about a month. Our vet corrected the issue with no problems at all.  Harley sailed through the procedure as if nothing had happened!! He has no difficulty at all in getting around; and in fact is somewhat of a speed demon!!

He is a treasure to us and is very much loved. He has a terrific personality and settled in with the others very easily.

Thank you for rescuing our beautiful boy and giving him a chance to have a long and safe life with a family who loves him.




Barney Image

Good evening,

Barney is doing well. I am just trying to get his health issues under control. He just had his dental and had quite the inflammation of his gums (we're thinking from the atopica-his medication for his skin lesions). The lesions are completely healed up but he may be allergic to his medication. We are waiting to hear back about the results of the biopsy. As well he has had to have his front lower 6 teeth pulled. Aside from all of that he is doing fantastic. He has adjusted well to my other cat and is honestly the sweetest cat I have ever met.