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Angel Image

Angel has been adopted into a perfect forever home with another senior dog for company. Congratulations Angel and thank you to her new family for giving her the second chance she deserves!


Adelaide Image

Thought you might enjoy a few photos to show you how relaxed she is...



Tanner Image

Tanner came to us from NASAP 3 years ago today. Our vet thought he was about 2 at the time so happy 5th birthday Tanner and thank you NASAP.

Topaz (now Myssti Layla Greystoke)

Topaz (now Myssti Layla Greystoke) Image

Hello lovely NASAP people! We'd like to send a big thank you to Becky and Anne for their awesome foster homes and for being so generous with their time, homes and information to Jac and I as we chose the newest member of our family.

This is Myssti Layla Greystoke - just about 3 months old and an absolute wonder! Myssti is one of Trixie's litter and started her kittenhood as Topaz. While a lovely name we chose Myssti for its reference to her misty coat and its meaning, "sweet sugar". Graystoke was Tarzan's last name. If you've had a kitten, you'll completely understand that reference!

We admire you for all you do! Thank you again,

Jac & Janita


Stewie Image

Not sure if you remember Stewie? I fostered him and my sister in law adopted him... I gave him a haircut today and thought you might like to see a picture and know that he is doing well and is loved very much!


Farley Image

Without NASAP I wouldn't have my boy Farley. He'll be 10 years old next month and he's still going strong. He's been the best dog I could ever ask for.

Adult photo is from last summer.

Rocket (now Farley)

Rocket (now Farley) Image

Since we won't be able to visit NASAP at Pet's in the Park today I wanted to send a huge thank you and an update on Rocket (now Farley). Farley has been with us for almost a year now. His funny little personality has brought laughter, comfort and a Sonic Bark Control device into our lives. He loves his walks at the dog park, laying in the sun and sleeping in late on the weekends with his Mom Thank you NASAP for all that you do!

Minnervuus & Meesha

Minnervuus & Meesha Image

Minnervuus and Meesha together relaxing. They are both former NASAP cats. Adopted 9 years ago.


Minnervuus knows:
To climb up the cat tree on command and the sit pretty. For a treat.
Say please for food.
Down or off on command.
Still working on leave it, touch

Meesha knows:
Leave it
Take it
Say please for food.
Play cute.
Stand on two paws for a treat.
Working on go to your bed.