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Checkers Image

I know that it has been a very long time since I sent anything to you.  I was thinking about you the other day and thought I would send you a note and some pics of “Sir” Checkers.  Checkers is doing very very good. We had a big scare this summer and almost lost him.  We had renovated our basement last winter and Checkers apparently ate one of the plastic electrical caps.  Because there  was a hole in the center he did not show any sign of concern (of course we did not know that he had eaten it at the time) until a furball plugged it up.  In early July he started vomiting blood.  We took him in to the vet and they gave him something to settle his stomach because there was nothing else wrong.  It continued and we went back in a week later.  He had lost A LOT of weight.  He went in for X-rays which they then found the cap in his intestine.  He had exploratory surgery to remove it.  Unfortunately because of where the surgery was, he developed a severe infection.  Our poor little one had a rough couple of weeks. After some antibiotic injections and some fluid drained, he slowly came around.  He is doing wonderfully now and has gained all of his weight back.  Hopefully, this experience will deter him from tasting unfamiliar things, but I’m not so sure. I attached a few pics of Checkers and Mario, doing what they do best. CUDDLING!!!


Marmalade Image

Marmalade is doing fantastic! He settled into my home extremely quickly and we get along very, very well. He is extremely affectionate and loving- exactly what I was looking for.

Loki (formerly Eddie)

Loki (formerly Eddie) Image

Hi there,
Sorry I haven't sent pictures in a while I've been meaning to and just keep forgetting! I've attached a few for you this time - he's darkened up quite a bit and is a very handsome guy. He's going to be quite big, he's already taller than one of our girl cats.


Sevin Image

Sevin is doing just fine. I think he's adjusted very well to his surroundings and his new, albeit extended, family :). We are out daily to the river, and Terwillegar when we can, and he listens quite well. Actually very well... he's a bit of a sponge outside - he loves to learn - and it was all of 40 minutes of teaching and he was doing full swim water retrieves. I think mostly he just likes being outside which is good for the both of us!

The only weird behaviour I've seen is truly a weird one. He turns on anyone who opens or closes a recliner. I thought it was limited to recliners but it's actually a metal on  metal sound as he did it to me last night as I was opening the fireplace... it's weird for sure, but now that I know what it is I'm getting him used to it, and even now its less of an issue. He's a happy, healthy, loveable boy - I'm sorry, but you can't have him back ;-)


Marley Image

Hi there,
We are very happy to say Marley is a great addition to our family. He is a very loving dog and always wants to be cuddled (I think he thinks he is a lap dog) :). He has grown attached to everyone in our family but is especially close with our 6 year old daughter. He has not been having any more problems with his nails. Him and our other dog are best friends and keep each other very busy during the day. We also took him camping a few times this summer and he loved it and did very well. I have attached some pictures so you can see how much he is loved and has grown on all of us.


Othello Image

Othello is doing awesome! The little man made himself right at home from day one! He loves playing with his big brother Bart! We changed his name to Jack and he certainly knows it! He is such a cuddly furry baby I'm so glad I found this little addition to our family!

Beau (formerly Barbeau)

Beau (formerly Barbeau) Image

I would like to let you know that we adopted Barbeau beginning of Sept and have now changed his name to just Beau.  He is simply adorable and very handsome and loves having a family.  He is extremely playful and is a joy to have. He loves to sit in our kitchen window and watch the squirrels and birds at our feeder.  He loves all the attention he gets daily.  We are very happy to have this new family member.  Thank you nasap.

Gnap Family


Chili Image

Deimos aka Chile on the left, adopted from NASAP early 2013, and his new husky brother bandit on the right. Just wanted to let you know Deimos has been such a great fit to our family. He is so smart and beautiful. We have so much fun taking him for walks and he is a great listener too, even though he is only 8 months now. He is very happy with us and we are very happy with him :) Thank you!