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Sky (formerly Gina)

Sky (formerly Gina) Image

Sky (formerly Gina) adopted Nov 2011- protecting her family from dangerous shoeboxes.

Charlie and Eddy (formerly Keeper)

Charlie and Eddy (formerly Keeper) Image

We adopted Charlie [brother of Petey, Hannah and Marvin].  five years ago. He is the tabby on the right and he is with one of his best friends, Eddy [formerly Keeper, who was adopted two years ago by our daughter]. We love these boys very much. When they visit each other they love to chase each other all over the house. Amazingly, they both love to play fetch.....must be a tabby thing!  We appreciate all the work that NASAP does to find great homes for so many loving pets!
The Maher Family


Colby (Grasshopper) & Frankie (Aaron Beck)

Colby (Grasshopper) & Frankie (Aaron Beck) Image

The black and white kitty is Grasshopper now named Colby that we adopted yesterday from NASAP, thanks Aime and the other cat is Frankie I adopted last year. Colby is settling in wonderfully and has totally explored the house. Right now he is having a nap in bed with his dad. Thank you NASAP for 2 wonderful kitties!


Mick Image

NASAP it's me Micky (formerly Mick) I just wanted to send a shout out to everyone there who helped me find my furever home. My new mommy and daddy have given me an excellent retirement home with plenty of company (besides my new brother, there are 5 other dogs on our street that I get to play with!!) and my very own beanbag to sleep on at night. I started off underweight and very timid when they brought me home but only a month later I am one handsome man who has packed on the pounds and don't think twice about being petted and invited in the house. I now know that the big square thing in the kitchen holds treats that my mommy and daddy give to me every morning before they go to work. For Halloween I dressed up as a garden gnome (that's me on the right) and I hear Christmas is just around the corner. I keep leaving hints about this specific bone I love to chew on, hopefully mommy and daddy get it for me! 
Smiles and tail wags, 

Ladbug (now Chloe)

Ladbug (now Chloe) Image


We just wanted to update you on Ladybug, now named Chloe. She is getting along great with our other two cats and cuddles and sleeps with Maddy (our 4 year old female cat) every night! They all play and clean each other all the time. Our cats are more active and energetic thanks to having a young kitten around to keep them on their toes. She fits right in with the family and has really taken to our five year old daughter. She cuddles with her more than anyone else and follows her around the house. She is an amazing animal and we are so happy to have given her a forever home.  We were very pleased with our experience going through NASAP and will think of you in the future, thanks!


Leo Image

Hello all my NASAP friends it's me Leo. I miss you all very much, but am very happy to have finally found my forever home.  I was a little scared at first and didn't know what was going on, but I soon found my place and realized that my new home is the bestest place ever!! I have a big back yard to play in, a comfy bed to sleep in every night (not to mention I get to snuggle every night with my puppy Mommy before I fall asleep) and I get to play with my sister Java and our kitty Gordy. I'm not sure about Gordy yet but I'm sure we will become very good friends soon.  I'm getting practice with learning to walk on a leash with out pulling so much. I even have a job!! Java and I get to go to a dog grooming school once a month so the students can practice their grooming skills. It's really fun and I get lots of pets and attention from everyone. I want to say thank you to everyone at NASAP for helping me find my forever home. The people who came and got me from the pound, my foster mom, all the volunteers who worked so hard to find a good home for me, every single one of you will always have a special place in my heart!


Tail Wags and Kisses

Leo :)

Munchkin (formerly Ginger)

Munchkin (formerly Ginger) Image

Hi, I figured that I would give everyone an update on how I am doing. I have been with my new mom and dad for a little over a week now. Still poking my head around everywhere trying to find out what is in all of these corners. My new older sisters are not hissing and me anymore and even come up to me a give me kisses. One of them even lets me share the couch with her. It took me a bit, but I finally figured out that my brother really isn’t a cat but something mom calls a rabbit. I tried his food once cause he was chomping on it really fast but it was gross. I still haven’t caught up to this wild red dot. I try so hard for hours on end but I can’t seem to catch it. I have also found out that out our front window, mom put a bird feeder. The birds come and fly really close, but I still can’t get them. My mom says that they have to fatten me up cause I was so skinny when they brought me home. I keep trying to eat all the food when it is dinner time but my sisters won’t let me have it all. So I am doing great! I love snuggling with my new dad cause he is so warm! Thanks so much for all the care NASAP gave me before I was adopted!


Rosie Image

We adopted Rosie from NASAP 6 years ago and are happy to see that her wonderful foster family is still involved and raising perfect puppies for lucky families-to-be. Rosie is a very sweet, funny and intelligent border collie who keeps me active in the river valley of Edmonton for about 2 hours every day! She has travelled all around Canada and loves camping. She also likes to sing, bike and swim with me. I couldn't ask for a better friend. Her constant, devoted little soul has brought me more joy than I ever expected. I can't imagine what life was like before she arrived. Thank you NASAP and Laura for all the wonderful work you do, and all the lives you have enriched over the years!