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Roonie (formerly Camille)

Roonie (formerly Camille)  Image

Camille quickly became Roonie (short for pooch-a-roonie). We got her when she was about 7 months old & she is  now 8 years old & is super sucky. She is a good hiker & moutain bike buddy. She is very healthy & happy. She had reconstructive surgery on a leg about 4 years ago & will never be 100% but is a good 95%. She is very a very good dog. She has a lot of freedom but knows her limits. Her older sister died 3 years ago but we got her another Rottie cross sister 2 years ago & they are THE BEST  of friends. They play very well together & are together 24 hours  a day. She also has a sister cat.
Long live Roonie
Long live NASAP
Michel Lamontagne

Abbey (formerly Sarah)

Abbey (formerly Sarah) Image

Just an update on Abbey,  our sweet girl adopted from NASAP 3 years ago. Abbey was a skinny, streetwise, teenage mom found under a school portable with a new litter of kittens in the bitter cold of winter. She lost half of one ear to frostbite. When we met her, the last of her kittens had just been adopted and she was alone. When we first saw her she was calmly walking around and purring. We picked her up and she snuggled into our neck and we knew she was meant to come home with us. When she first came home she was petrified though of the new place, sounds, smells and our lab, Goldie. She hid for over a month and it took lots of patience and work to get her settled in. Soon after, she began to follow our lab around and before we knew it, the two were inseparable and Abbey had so much love to give to anyone who came to her. She has the softest coat ever and a little pink nose. She is obsessed with spaghetti sauces we think she must have scavenged outside of an Italian restaurant and associates Italian food with comfort. Abbey and Goldie work in cahoots with one another sometimes. We think they plan "steak-outs". We've caught Abbey dragging a large marinating steak off the counter top and running with it and then Goldie and her going for it to eat it. The whole while abbey was on the counter Goldie was watching the door to see if anyone was coming. The two have become best buddies. Abbey looks through the glass doors to the backyard and watches Goldie and mews announcing , " my dog is out there." and stops mewing the moment Goldie comes in, then runs to her and licks her all over, kneads her and snuggles in with her. It's so endearing. When we got out newest addition a few onths ago, Abbey was not impressed with our energetic 6 month old Rosa. She would turn her nose up and bat at her and hiss. Within 6 weeks though the two have become companions as well,laying together and playing together. Abbey now goes to rosa to clean and lick her too. Abbey loves to sleep on your chest or feet and anyone who pets her soft coat immediately falls in love with her.We are very grateful for our dear Abbey.
Thank you NASAP
Angelique, Dave, Carter, Finn, Goldie and Rosa.


Goldie Image

We thought we would update you on our Goldie. We adopted Goldie through NASAP 9 years ago. We knew the moment we met her that we belonged to one another. Goldie has been a sweet companion to our 2 boys and our cats. My 13 said two words define her, " dumb love" because she's always so friendly, happy and lovey and a bit of a bull in a china shop. She loves to smile at everyone. In February we found a mast cancer tumor in her ear and were very worried about the diagnosis as it looked to be stage 2 of 3 and inoperable. Fortunately with the loving care of our vet and friend she was able to remove the tumor and Goldie is doing great. She's now 11 years old , we think, and she's going to live until she's even older. We decided to get another little dog now because Goldie's such a sweetie and would help the new dog integrate into the house and be trained. Rosa been our new addition and Goldie has taken her in and they play and sleep alongside one another. Goldie seems younger now and so happy that we brought her a friend. We love Goldie to bits.
Thank you NASAP for our dear Goldie.
David, Angelique, Carter, Finn, Goldie and Abbey.


Rosa Image

Just thought we'd let you know that Rosa has settled in and is doing really well. She has bonded with her pack - Goldie our lab, Abbey our cat and all the members of the family. At first when she arrived she was very afraid of everything, especially men and boys,other dogs and any strangers to her  She stuck closely to the only female adult in the house and cowered or piddled all the time if anyone else came near her or spoke to her. It took some time and with some great advice from a trainer, the boys and Dave began hand feeding her and walking her and she quickly learned within two days that she could rely on the males to meet her needs and began to trust them. She was like a different puppy after that. She's a sensitive smartie who is quick to learn and very responsive. Now she approaches strangers cautiously for hellos and pets, loves her daily walks at the off leash with the other dogs, heels beautifully off and on leash, has amazing recall off leash, cuddles with Goldie our lab and plays with her and even has started sleeping next to the cat and playing along with her. She's quick to snuggle you and enthusiastic about bones, balls and any stuffed toy with a squeaker in it. Her pretty eyes happy disposition,and cuddly nature have endeared her to everyone. She's been a wonderful addition to our family.
Thank you NASAP.
Carter, Finn, Angelique, Dave, Goldie , Abbey and Rosa.


Hattie Image

Hattie was adopted in late November 2011 and has settled in as if she's always been here. Her new brother Hudson has taken some time to warm up to her, but they've since become friends. Hattie's got a very sweet disposition, and an incredibly loud purr for something so tiny. She loves to cuddle, wrestle, and she maintains a close eye on what's going on outside from the safety of the windowsill. She's been a welcome addition and provided lots of entertainment with her kitten antics. Here's a picture of Hattie (right) with her almost identical "twin" Hudson.


Chester Image

We're just sending you a quick update on Chester. He's doing fabulous here.
Though it did take a while for him to settle in. We think he was terrified we
were another temporary home. The first 6 weeks we had him, he'd hardly leave the
house for longer than it took to pee before he was dragging us back home. Though
now he's quite happy to take an hour run with me almost daily at the dog park.
He LOVES to socialize! lol He barks a cheery 'hello' to everyone he sees. And he
loves to play tag.

At 7-8 mos(ish) now he's 70 lbs and doesn't believe us
when we tell him he isn't a lap dog. We thought he was the sweetest looking
puppy ever, but he really is growing into an even more handsome dog.

did have quite a bit of trouble with his tummy to start, but he's been on a raw
diet for a week now and finally things seem to be settling down for him - and
he's stopped the itching finally!

He's very eager to learn new tricks and
has sit down like a champ, as well as stay, come, off, drop it, leave it, get
it, and we've just started working on hide-and-seek - but smell is not his
strong suit, so it's slow going - but he loves the challenge.

He's still
very rambunctious, but tries so hard to be gentle even with the smallest babies,
our one year old loves to tell him" 'Ester 'It" and " 'Ester 'Own" while giving
him treats. I'm sure he doesn't understand her actual words, but he does as she
commands anyhow and eagerly kisses her in thanks.


Jake  Image

Both have adjusted well to life with each-other, though the cats I’m not too sure about.  Meaning to say, Bender and Nika still aren’t too sure of Freya and Jake.  They love to be close by to either Jenn or I.  Not to mention each-other.  When outside and off leash while Jenn or I are with them, they love to run, play, and just generally check things out.  The down side is if we are not outside with them we have to keep them tethered, as they have proven a few times that they can be adept escape artists.  Though always found within a few blocks of home.  Training is going slow, but I don’t mind at all.  Both need to be puppies, at least for a while yet.  Jake is now starting to get the hang of “ come “, “ lay “, and “ heel “.  The last is taking work, but its the same for Freya, as I don’t push them to learn.  Jake is also learning to sit and wait for his food dish, and being told it’s ok to go ahead and eat.  Which is another point of laughter for us, as they switch from dish to dish.  I don’t know what the difference is, as it’s the same food, and the same amount.  Inside with them is just as entertaining as outside.  They chase each-other often and just plain play around.  At times they need to be separated but what kids don’t.  If one needs a time out, they both get one.  Jake is going through a growth spurt again, weighing in at 40 pounds, and almost as big as Freya height wise.


Thank you again to NASAP, Mary, Linda, and Dave.  For such wonderful friends and life long companions.

Annie (now Raven)

Annie (now Raven) Image

Dear Nasap,
I'm just sending a few photos your way to show you how much she
loves my couch! She is adjsuting well,attached to my leg most of the time and
very well behaved.We are working on housetraining(hit and miss),crate(doing
really well with that)and geting used to new things and people.She is quite shy
and timid and prefers often to make a bee line if she doesn't like
something.Otherwise we have lots of play and even more cuddle time which she
loves. We renamed her by the way...our son picked Raven for her and she already
got used to it. Hope all your other animals are doing well.Tell Gracie Raven is
happy. Hope you don't miss her too much!
Sabine and Steffen