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Rainbow (formerly Rosencrantz)

Rainbow (formerly Rosencrantz) Image

Our Rainbow is doing awesome!!! He has fit right in right when we arrived home. He did not hide but plopped himself down in his new perch & waited for the family living to begin. It's like we have had him for years.

We all enjoy the great balance of crazy playtime, we haven't heard Jorja scream this loud with delight as Rainbow chases her & the feather stick around the house & the wonderful snuggles once playtime is done.

Our local vet checked him out in perfect health & wished us many years together.
We can't THANK YOU enough & we feel that it was meant to be. I have attached a pic of Rainbow during the 1st hour that we were home & I am sure you can see how surprisingly relaxed he was.


Daisy (formerly Trinity)

Daisy (formerly Trinity) Image

Hey there Nasap team members! I just thought I would update you on my Daisy, whom we adopted on December 14th 2002 years ago from SouthPoint Petsmart when she was 3 months old. Her name was Trinity ( 02-454-D)

Your team wrote down the following:

Gets along with anybody and everybody, plays together well with other dogs. Still needs to learn to "calm down" likes to play with cats, not housetrained, but getting there, kennel trained, leash trained but still pulls. Comes when called- eventually. Barking- while playing, destroys cheap plastic and stuffed toys. Needs basic obedience training and needs plenty of love and reassurance.

Well, now it's 11 years later and she still is exactly the same!!! She became a star dog for flyball (received her Onyx) and agility, and passed her pet therapy test as well. But she is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. She can find her way into any garbage can or drawer. You name it and she's in it. I've attached a video link to facebook with Daisy just a few years ago. So you can see she still gets into trouble!

But for all her craziness we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for all the work you do and the time and care for that month your foster family.

Thanks again to all of you. Looking forward to many more healthy and happy years!



Dixie Image

Hi Donna,

Here is a short update from our sweet little Dixie. We adopted her a year ago and she is still doing great. Two weeks ago we got her shots done and she is healthy. She is still a hole bundle of joy. She is always with us, she needs to know everything what we are doing. We are really very happy that we have her. Attached a few pictures so you can see yorself how good she is doing.



Mimi Image

Just thought I would share my story on the 10th anniversary of adopting Mimi from NASAP.  Her and her sister had been abandoned outside a farm near Sherwood Park.  Mimi's sister got adopted first and so she was all alone with her foster family.  Found NASAP on-line and loved the picture of Mimi. Made an appointment and the rest is history.  We added a dog to the mix several years after but she made it clear this was her domain  She still remains #1 in this household.  Attached is a picture taken a couple of years ago.  She's always been a beautiful girl.

Asiah and India

Asiah and India Image

We are so glad that we adopted these 2 girls.  Now our family consist of 2 girls and 2 boys. They have been such a joy to have them around.  They were brought here straight from the vet appointment and as soon as we got them in the house we opened their cages.  Instantly Coffee (aka Paddy that we got from you before) came up to one of the girls and started licking her head.  The three of them got along right there and then.  Our other cat Cola took a littler time as he is a little timid.  Wow what a blessing to have these girls.  They all get along great, play fighting (which doesn’t seem like playing) and chasing each other around the house.  They go so fast you have to get out of the way quick because as soon as one comes the others follow.  They make me laugh all the time.  When they are running through the house you never know who is who, just quick flashes of black.  India stick plays fetch with the ball and has the softest, cutest little cry (unless it is food time).  Asiah has been getting more cozier, instead on laying on my lap she has been coming up closer to my shoulder.  When it is feeding time you should hear the chorus, all 4 of them; wow. 

All in all everyone is healthy  and happy.

Asiah and India have found their forever home.



Tanner Image

Tanner was adopted on the 10th of February even though he has only been with us for a week he is fitting right in.  He enjoys all the pets and cuddles he gets from the girls.  He has got to be the mildest mannered Dog I have ever met. 
Regards, Rod

Chai (formerly Cinnamon)

Chai  (formerly Cinnamon) Image

Cinnamon (now called Chai) was adopted to her forever home on January 8th.  She is 14 weeks of age.  She seems to get along well with everyone and she gets along famously with the owner's other cat, Bert.  They play all the time and like to sleep on the same bed together.  Within 24 hours Bert and Chai were best buddies.

Marjorie (formerly Cordelia)

Marjorie (formerly Cordelia) Image

This is the second update of the love of my life, little Marjorie Pip Cordelia or (MPC) who I adopted a year and a half ago. Marjorie is as energetic and mischievous as ever and she is very talkative, meowing hello every morning to greet us and loudly demanding attention while sashaying proudly around the house. She loves to flip over on her back exposing her belly while looking at us with a sweet inviting expression for a rub. Recently her sister, our shih tzu Blossom, was relocated to live with relatives, and it seems Marjorie has enjoyed having the house and us to herself, even starting to come when called. Previously she loved to tease the shih tzu by running up to her or jumping down on her in an ambush and tapping the dog's head which we all found humorous. Marjorie is very particular about her litter box and will even wipe down the floors and the walls next to it very meticulously like that is her job. She looks more and more like her cat mom, Kate, as she grows and as you can tell from the picture, she is a stunning little beauty and always creates a fuss, especially at the airport when we travel, everyone wants to see and touch her! Lately, her favorite treat has been small cubes of freeze dried liver, which she loves and always watches out and asks for. Recently she learned to turn on the twist water faucets in the bathroom. I found her sitting beside the sink with both sides of her face soaked looking up at me from squinted eyes, I guess she wanted to wash her face haha. All in all, Marjorie is doing great and she brings us so much fun and joy, and she will continue to be spoiled rotten!