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Chuckie Image

We've had "Chuckie" (Chuckles) now for 6 weeks, but it seems like a lifetime. From the first day here, he settled right in and made himself right at home, as if he knew he would never have to leave. His Nasap brother Attie (Atticus) is his best friend and the two are always cuddled one of their many beds or couches. They share toys and play tug with each other constantly. They even share their bones and chewies. Not many dogs have that kind of trust where they share the things they love so freely. Chuckie of course had his front left leg amputated, but that has not stopped him from playing or loving to go for walks. He is the best trained dog, Attie has some issues with anxiety, and we are taking him to behaviour classes to help him not have accidents in the house. With Chuckie being the "newcomer", he will always ask to go outside and not mark his territory in the house where Attie has gone. We were told Chuckie will show affection only first thing in the morning when he wakes up and that he doesn't like to cuddle. We must have a different Chuckie because this guy sleeps right beside me and can't get enough hugs and kisses! He really is perfect. Thank you to Nasap for asking me to be the one to take Chuckie, I consider it an honour and he is a privilege to call my own now.

Colleen & Angelo Coco

Chuckie (Chuckels), Attie (Atticus) &Terry-Bull

Gibson (formerly Jessie)

Gibson (formerly Jessie) Image

He is doing so well and we couldn't picture our lives without him! We have re-named him Gibson. We appreciate everything NASAP has done for him and for us. He's our little boy and my bedtime snuggle buddy. He loves to climb under the covers with us and loves to be picked up when we get home. Sometimes he's sneaky and gets into mischief. He opens our kitchen cupboards when we aren't home. Needless to say we have had to do some shuffling of our kitchen items to make sure It's safe for him to climb into them. We have attached some photos of him. Thanks again for completing our little family.
Matt & Kristen


Matthew Image

We wanted to share how well Matthew is doing in his new home.  In a short day he went from hiding under the blankets on our bed to owning the whole house!  He is INCREDIBLY affectionate and cuddly.  He also likes to impress us with his acrobatic stunt of climbing on our tall window sills, which we are actively trying to curb!

My wife teaches piano, and not only does he not shy away from the sound of the piano, but he often comes and visits the kids while they practice.  He loves to lounge in the desk chairs in our office.

He's fitting in with our family very well.  It's only been a little over a week, but it feels like he's always been with us.

Bill and Geri


Jade Image

We are loving Jade so much already. We couldn't be happier with her and our other cat Chewie has accepted her so well. They are already buddies and playing together ! I was worried it would be a much longer transition.  She is adapting fantastically. Thank you so much for the blessing  of Jade. 



Belle Image


I thought you might enjoy seeing Belle, our NASAP rescue.  Belle turned 10 years old today!  She has come so far in the last five years, and is blossoming with her two brothers, also re-homed through Nasap.  Thank you for all the great work you do!

 The Courtney Family

Ebenezer and Linus

Ebenezer and Linus Image

Hi NASAP.  Here are Ebenezer and Linus having an afternoon nap..  After an initial adjustment period they both settled down and we are so pleased with them!  They are wonderful additions to our family and not only amuse us, but each is distinct with an awesome personality that get along well around the household.  We are so lucky to have them!

We are currently gently trying to teach Ebenezer not to scratch so much when he plays with us-no claws!!  Linus is the athletic cuddlebug and quite the incredible jumper.  He counter surfs on occasion and so he has his quirks as well!  They are great companions and enjoy our early morning coffee time.

Linus loves his laser light and Ebenezer plays like crazy with mouse toys. 

And so we have all adjusted to each other's presence. 

This picture is a typical one now.  Best of luck with your work at NASAP. We are very pleased we found these two great cats. 

Regards, Leslie C


Luna Image

Luna is a fantastic cat and is fitting along well with all family members! I have been recommending NASAP to anyone looking to adopt a pet.


Checkers Image

I know that it has been a very long time since I sent anything to you.  I was thinking about you the other day and thought I would send you a note and some pics of “Sir” Checkers.  Checkers is doing very very good. We had a big scare this summer and almost lost him.  We had renovated our basement last winter and Checkers apparently ate one of the plastic electrical caps.  Because there  was a hole in the center he did not show any sign of concern (of course we did not know that he had eaten it at the time) until a furball plugged it up.  In early July he started vomiting blood.  We took him in to the vet and they gave him something to settle his stomach because there was nothing else wrong.  It continued and we went back in a week later.  He had lost A LOT of weight.  He went in for X-rays which they then found the cap in his intestine.  He had exploratory surgery to remove it.  Unfortunately because of where the surgery was, he developed a severe infection.  Our poor little one had a rough couple of weeks. After some antibiotic injections and some fluid drained, he slowly came around.  He is doing wonderfully now and has gained all of his weight back.  Hopefully, this experience will deter him from tasting unfamiliar things, but I’m not so sure. I attached a few pics of Checkers and Mario, doing what they do best. CUDDLING!!!