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Socks Image

We adopted Socks 5 years ago.  She is truly the best dog we could ask for.  She loves the water and playing with her fur sister Nyla.  We were warned by her Foster family that she is a cuddler and will try and sleep with you.  Boy were they right.  Socks loves to cuddle after long walks and she just melts into you like a giant teddy bear.  We recently welcomed a baby into our family and she has been the best fur sister.  Quite often our son will use a sleeping Socks as a table to line up his toys or to play dinosaurs. She LOVES the extra attention.  Thank you again to her foster family and to NASAP for Socks.  
Michelle, Daniel & Hayden Hall

Nemo (aka Frankie)

Nemo (aka Frankie) Image

We adopted Nemo (aka Frankie) in the summer of 2004 and have never looked back. He was very young - 7 weeks old - and fit nicely into my hand.  From the time he arrived... he seemed to know what to do as if he were pre-programmed for going out, sitting at his bowl and asking for his meal, or giving us the look that said, "do you want to play?" With two other dogs in the family - Nemo has provided great leadership, a touch of discipline when needed, and is always looking out for their safety. He is one of the best dogs we've ever had - thank you!


Atticus Image

We adopted “Attie” right after our 16 year old Shih Tzu passed away. We thought that our Japanese Chin would be severely depressed, having never being an “only child”. I myself wasn’t sure I was ready, but as soon as my husband saw Atticus he knew he had to have him because he reminded him so much of his sisters dog. I’m very grateful my husband talked me into adopting Attie. He has been such a blessing for us and our other baby Terry-bull. Terry got his energy back and was happy to play and have someone to be buddies with, they have bonded so well. As the pictures show, they are always by each others side. We were told when adopting Attie that he will try and escape from the yard and to always keep and eye on him.  After just a few months we can walk in and out of the yard and he stays by our side, and once while on a walk he actually got out of his harness while I was tending to my other dog and he didn’t leave my side.  When he follows or goes anywhere he will always come  when he’s called. I can’t believe anyone with a heart could ever give this angel up, some people just don’t get what treasures they have.  I makes me sick to know what I do about my Attie’s past and it just makes him that much more special that he can still be so happy and loving. We just can’t imagine life without him now. 

Colleen, Angelo and Terry-Bull

Suzy (formerly Chewy)

Suzy (formerly Chewy) Image

Just wanting to update you on Suzy (formerly Chewy).  We adopted Suzy in May 2012.  We had been looking for a female companion for our male dog since he was very high energy.  Suzy seemed fascinated by Teddy right away and today they are best buddies and inseparable.  They do everything together.  Right after I got Suzy, I was told she had sliding kneecaps and would require surgery on both knees.  One knee was done last fall and the other one this spring.  Suzy has recovered well from both surgeries.  She also had to have a molar removed that was broken right off at the root.  I think that Suzy was named Chewy because she hates being confined in a kennel and chews that bars.  This can be a problem for us when we go on holiday, but kenneling her with Teddy serves to calm her down and it does not happen very often.  She is very loyal and has a sweet personality and loves our morning walks. Sometimes she plays the little mother and puts Teddy in line when he becomes over exuberant.  Suzy and Teddy are a perfect pair and we are very glad that she came to us.  Thank you for all the work you do in rescuing and rehoming animals in need. 

Rainbow (formerly Rosencrantz)

Rainbow (formerly Rosencrantz) Image

Our Rainbow is doing awesome!!! He has fit right in right when we arrived home. He did not hide but plopped himself down in his new perch & waited for the family living to begin. It's like we have had him for years.

We all enjoy the great balance of crazy playtime, we haven't heard Jorja scream this loud with delight as Rainbow chases her & the feather stick around the house & the wonderful snuggles once playtime is done.

Our local vet checked him out in perfect health & wished us many years together.
We can't THANK YOU enough & we feel that it was meant to be. I have attached a pic of Rainbow during the 1st hour that we were home & I am sure you can see how surprisingly relaxed he was.


Daisy (formerly Trinity)

Daisy (formerly Trinity) Image

Hey there Nasap team members! I just thought I would update you on my Daisy, whom we adopted on December 14th 2002 years ago from SouthPoint Petsmart when she was 3 months old. Her name was Trinity ( 02-454-D)

Your team wrote down the following:

Gets along with anybody and everybody, plays together well with other dogs. Still needs to learn to "calm down" likes to play with cats, not housetrained, but getting there, kennel trained, leash trained but still pulls. Comes when called- eventually. Barking- while playing, destroys cheap plastic and stuffed toys. Needs basic obedience training and needs plenty of love and reassurance.

Well, now it's 11 years later and she still is exactly the same!!! She became a star dog for flyball (received her Onyx) and agility, and passed her pet therapy test as well. But she is a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. She can find her way into any garbage can or drawer. You name it and she's in it. I've attached a video link to facebook with Daisy just a few years ago. So you can see she still gets into trouble!

But for all her craziness we couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for all the work you do and the time and care for that month your foster family.

Thanks again to all of you. Looking forward to many more healthy and happy years!



Dixie Image

Hi Donna,

Here is a short update from our sweet little Dixie. We adopted her a year ago and she is still doing great. Two weeks ago we got her shots done and she is healthy. She is still a hole bundle of joy. She is always with us, she needs to know everything what we are doing. We are really very happy that we have her. Attached a few pictures so you can see yorself how good she is doing.



Mimi Image

Just thought I would share my story on the 10th anniversary of adopting Mimi from NASAP.  Her and her sister had been abandoned outside a farm near Sherwood Park.  Mimi's sister got adopted first and so she was all alone with her foster family.  Found NASAP on-line and loved the picture of Mimi. Made an appointment and the rest is history.  We added a dog to the mix several years after but she made it clear this was her domain  She still remains #1 in this household.  Attached is a picture taken a couple of years ago.  She's always been a beautiful girl.