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Vada Image

Vada has been a wonderful addition to our family. When we first brought her home she went into hiding, and stayed under furniture for a couple of days. We finally managed to coax her out with food and toys, and the first thing she did -- literally -- was flop down and start purring. We discovered early on that she loves tummy rubs, unlike most cats -- information we have put to good use.

She integrated very quickly with our 7-year old polydactyl, Jasper, and the two get along very well, though they are not always the best of friends. Jasper had been a bit of a pest to the cat we had prior to Vada, and now Vada is returning the favour, so much so that we sometimes refer to her as "karma."

She's continued to grow and is a very healthy one year old. She was in to see our vet (Dr Leversedge at Capilano Animal Clinic) and passed with flying colours. She has been an indoor cat but spends long periods of time on her "cat perch" in our front window watching the world. She eats dry and wet food, and likes to play with her water dish as well as drink -- on many mornings we wake up to discover she's "drowned" another poor cat toy. She is very good with the litter box and displays relatively few behaviour problems; she doesn't scratch but she does love rooting around in the dirt of our houseplants! She's pretty good with visiting dogs too, owing largely to her fostering with Laura and her border collie.

Like any cat, she has adopted interesting behaviours that endear her to us. In addition to the tummy rubs, she loves to visit us in bed right before we go to sleep and as we wake up in the morning. She has a purr like a badly tuned motor and loves to give you small licks on the arm, which are usually follow up by a light "love nibble." She loves being in the basement for some strange reason, and goes crazy anytime someone is down there, rubbing and purring. Her tail, which looks like the tail of a medium hair cat (on the body of a sleek short hair), will puff up for absolutely no reason sometimes, and for those few seconds she'll look absolutely ridiculous. She occasionally stops mid-grooming and forgets to retract her tongue. 

Grey and Calm

Grey and Calm Image

Hi Donna.

The boys are doing great! They've settled in very nicely and have accepted us as their permanent staff. The house is still standing, although there are times when we expect pieces of it to start coming down around us. Two energetic boys on laminate floors makes for some hard cornering!

We couldn't be happier and each day they are becoming more and more the lap cats we were hoping for. When they slow down, at least ... 

Attached are a few pictures. Please thank Jenny again for the wonderful job she did with them. The transition was seamless. We are being richly rewarded every day.

Randy & Jill

Finian (Formerly Tucker)

Finian (Formerly Tucker) Image

Hi Laura,

Here is the latest picture of the our little guy now known as Finian. I just didn't like the name Tucker very much. Finian's a male name for red heads.


Annie (formerly Ena) and Poppy

Annie (formerly Ena) and Poppy Image

Ena (now Annie) is doing very well, indeed.  She gets along well with her big brother Alex, and her little (but older) sister, Poppy (a "graduate" of the NASAP class of 2004 - back then she was 'Pinto').  Annie loves chasing Alex, or any other dogs, around at the off-leash park.  She doesn't like the cold weather very much, though, so her main workouts now are running up and down the sidewalk in front of our house at full speed.  She can do this as much as she wants, and still be close to the house for that instant when it suddenly gets too cold to be outside.

She has developed some gastrointestinal problems and has been on a special diet since shortly after we brought her home.  She has responded well to this diet, though, and is pretty much just a ball of energy most of the time.  This energy gets her into trouble sometimes.  When she can't run around all she wants, she likes to rip into garbage bags, or find things to eat (mostly inedible things and particularly coasters) around the house.  This hasn't been a serious problem, though, just mischief.

You may recall the "cloud" of grey hair that stuck out of Annie's coat everywhere and every which way.  We thought that was just part of her mixed breedness, but a groomer had other ideas.  She got all that hair out of her coat, revealing a sleeker and much darker real coat underneath.  She was like a different dog when I picked her up from the groomer!  Now, we take her back every couple of months to get her touched up.

I should give an update on Poppy, too, while I'm at it.  She was already missing her left eye when we got her from NASAP early in 2004, but a couple of years later, her right eye started hemorrhaging spontaneously.  We had to have it removed, but Poppy bounced back immediately, and has been a healthy, active member of our family ever since - well, until the past couple of months.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of September, but her medicines have slowed down the progress of the disease, and she's doing fairly well, all things considered.  But she doesn't have too much time left, and we will be sorely grief stricken when she passes.  We will never forget her, and we will still have Annie and Alex to help us cope with her loss.

Enjoy the pictures, and keep up the good work!


Spider and Junebug

Spider and Junebug Image

Just a quick picture and note to let you know Harrison and Luna are doing great!
They are happy and healthy and are a huge part of our family! Even the two older
cats have accepted them! Thanks again! Also, they will be going in to be fixed within the next couple weeks. Hope all is well!


Shadow Image

Merry Christmas from Shadow formerly known as Ty adopted from you in November 2009!

Sophie (formerly Josie)

Sophie (formerly Josie) Image

Sophie (formerly Josie), being sassy for the camera. Hands down the sweetest and most affectionate cat we've ever known, and the loudest purr. She's healed the broken heart of our daughter who had lost her kittyboy to FIP.

Sky (formerly Gina)

Sky (formerly Gina) Image

Sky (formerly Gina) adopted Nov 2011- protecting her family from dangerous shoeboxes.