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Rowan (formerly Dorian)

Rowan (formerly Dorian) Image

Hi Donna,
Dorian (now called Rowan) is doing wonderful. He is healthy (had recent vet trip), happy and has certainly found a place in the hearts of all family members.

Jager (formerly Levi)

Jager (formerly Levi) Image


Levi aka Jager is doing great.  He is so big and very happy.  He plays non stop and thinks my son is one of his brothers (a bit of a power struggle lol!!!). He is extremely loved by all  of us including our Weimeraner Neo.  They are the best of friends. His Neuter appointment is on Aug 13. We are grateful for all the good work your organization does and we thank you for this wonderful gift.  He is amazing!

Thank you,



Dixie Image

Hi Donna and NASAP Team,

Dixie is diong great!!!!!! She is a very wonderfull, loving, protecting and playfull cat. She is the best what could happen to us. We love her dearly. She is healthy and I think I have to watch a little her weight, she has a good appetite.So we are very happy with her and we think she is happy with us. I attach a few pictures so you can see yourselfs.

Thanks for her again,

Gaby, Janine and Oliver


Poppy Image


Just a short note to let you know that the dog our family adopted in December 2011, Poppy, is doing well.  She has adjusted well to her new home and enjoys going for walks, playing frisbee, and snuggling with our kids for story time.  She has become much better at riding in the van and being crated in the home when needed.  She continues to get along well with our guinea pig, and has made friends with many of the neighbours.  Many thanks to Lena for her assistance and patience in the adoption process.  We are glad that we found the right dog for our family, and (we think) Poppy is glad that she found the right family to love her.

The MacLeod Family


Simon Image

Simon is a Rambuncious JOY!!  He has fit in very well with our other 2 cats, adult male + female. We absolutely LOVE HIM! Had his Vet check-up, gets 2nd shots the end of May, then this summer his little surgery. Thank you to Jill for fostering him until we discovered him on the NASAP website!

Update July 12, 2012
Well, little Simon is growing like a weed!  He had his little surgery last week and it only slowed him down for one day!  He has sure brightened up our household!  Has all his shots now and is good to grow and play for another year, before another Vet visit.  Our home is now complete with the 3 cats. Right now he is harassing Tyrone and ripping around 100 MPH!


Dixie Image

Hi Les,
Dixie is still doing wonderful. She is just a big joy. At her "doctors visit" everything went well. She is healthy and on May 22 we have the next appointment for her vaccination. She gained weight and she still has a big appetite. Her favourite place is by the window so she can watch everything. I attached a few pictures from her.


Hutch Image

Just some up to date pix of Hutch. He is doing well and really likes our grandson when he sees him.

Larry Grams    

Roonie (formerly Camille)

Roonie (formerly Camille)  Image

Camille quickly became Roonie (short for pooch-a-roonie). We got her when she was about 7 months old & she is  now 8 years old & is super sucky. She is a good hiker & moutain bike buddy. She is very healthy & happy. She had reconstructive surgery on a leg about 4 years ago & will never be 100% but is a good 95%. She is very a very good dog. She has a lot of freedom but knows her limits. Her older sister died 3 years ago but we got her another Rottie cross sister 2 years ago & they are THE BEST  of friends. They play very well together & are together 24 hours  a day. She also has a sister cat.
Long live Roonie
Long live NASAP
Michel Lamontagne