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Chester Image

We're just sending you a quick update on Chester. He's doing fabulous here.
Though it did take a while for him to settle in. We think he was terrified we
were another temporary home. The first 6 weeks we had him, he'd hardly leave the
house for longer than it took to pee before he was dragging us back home. Though
now he's quite happy to take an hour run with me almost daily at the dog park.
He LOVES to socialize! lol He barks a cheery 'hello' to everyone he sees. And he
loves to play tag.

At 7-8 mos(ish) now he's 70 lbs and doesn't believe us
when we tell him he isn't a lap dog. We thought he was the sweetest looking
puppy ever, but he really is growing into an even more handsome dog.

did have quite a bit of trouble with his tummy to start, but he's been on a raw
diet for a week now and finally things seem to be settling down for him - and
he's stopped the itching finally!

He's very eager to learn new tricks and
has sit down like a champ, as well as stay, come, off, drop it, leave it, get
it, and we've just started working on hide-and-seek - but smell is not his
strong suit, so it's slow going - but he loves the challenge.

He's still
very rambunctious, but tries so hard to be gentle even with the smallest babies,
our one year old loves to tell him" 'Ester 'It" and " 'Ester 'Own" while giving
him treats. I'm sure he doesn't understand her actual words, but he does as she
commands anyhow and eagerly kisses her in thanks.


Jake  Image

Both have adjusted well to life with each-other, though the cats I’m not too sure about.  Meaning to say, Bender and Nika still aren’t too sure of Freya and Jake.  They love to be close by to either Jenn or I.  Not to mention each-other.  When outside and off leash while Jenn or I are with them, they love to run, play, and just generally check things out.  The down side is if we are not outside with them we have to keep them tethered, as they have proven a few times that they can be adept escape artists.  Though always found within a few blocks of home.  Training is going slow, but I don’t mind at all.  Both need to be puppies, at least for a while yet.  Jake is now starting to get the hang of “ come “, “ lay “, and “ heel “.  The last is taking work, but its the same for Freya, as I don’t push them to learn.  Jake is also learning to sit and wait for his food dish, and being told it’s ok to go ahead and eat.  Which is another point of laughter for us, as they switch from dish to dish.  I don’t know what the difference is, as it’s the same food, and the same amount.  Inside with them is just as entertaining as outside.  They chase each-other often and just plain play around.  At times they need to be separated but what kids don’t.  If one needs a time out, they both get one.  Jake is going through a growth spurt again, weighing in at 40 pounds, and almost as big as Freya height wise.


Thank you again to NASAP, Mary, Linda, and Dave.  For such wonderful friends and life long companions.

Annie (now Raven)

Annie (now Raven) Image

Dear Nasap,
I'm just sending a few photos your way to show you how much she
loves my couch! She is adjsuting well,attached to my leg most of the time and
very well behaved.We are working on housetraining(hit and miss),crate(doing
really well with that)and geting used to new things and people.She is quite shy
and timid and prefers often to make a bee line if she doesn't like
something.Otherwise we have lots of play and even more cuddle time which she
loves. We renamed her by the way...our son picked Raven for her and she already
got used to it. Hope all your other animals are doing well.Tell Gracie Raven is
happy. Hope you don't miss her too much!
Sabine and Steffen


Louise Image

I adopted Louise from NASAP in December 2010. The time she has been with me (and my 2 cats ) has been great. She is now
very comfortable, and bossy! Since Louise is an old smart dog she required no training; we just had to get use to each other. She still does not like loud sounds, and absolutely will not go anywhere without me. But that’s ok, because I don’t want to go anywhere without her. After the initial pouting was done, the cats have grown to love Louise too. She is so sweet to other dogs and good with kids.  One of my favourite Louise stories happened this summer on my boyfriend’s parent’s acreage. My boyfriend had some yard work to do, so Louise and I went to explore the walking trails on the nature reserve next-door to the acreage. 

Louise and I spent about an hour wandering around and I got kind of lost and tired. I said “take me home Louise”. And she
did! Louise would run a few paces ahead of me and stop to make sure I caught up. It was like something out of a Lassie movie. In about 10 minutes she had me on the trail home. 

Louise makes me happy every minute I’m with her, and I spoil her rotten. She is my lovely lady friend.

I’m so happy I adopted an older dog. And I hope she is happy with me. 


Sully now Oscar

Sully now Oscar Image

Oscar is an amazing dog - he is very smart, though I tell people that I "trained" him.  He really does learn quickly and seems to know what you are asking of him.  He has many friends in the offleash park by our house and more than one girlfriend that we often meet with to play!  The picture I sent I had to make him sit and stay, otherwise I couldn't catch one of him running through the snow and trees!!  As you can see he is checking out where he can go as soon as I release him from his sit!   We are having a wonderful time with "our baby" who seems to be getting bigger every day.


Pigwidgeon Image

Pigwidgeon, now known as Miss Mouse, is doing fantastic! She had at spay in January at the Tudor Glen Clinic. All was well when she came home but a week later she came down with some sort of nasty upper respiratory infection. I had to rush her back to the clinic. Two days later she got to come back home. It was a struggle with all the pills and what not but I'm happy to say she is 100% again!

Mouse and Maggie(my dog) have become the best of friends, tearing up the house when they get into full out play mode. It's rather amusing watching a 5 pound cat take on a 50 pound dog and win! Mouse has definitely become one of the family - snuggling in on movie nights, making her presence known at feeding time and demanding to be let under the covers at bedtime. They told us because she was the runt of the litter, she would be more quiet and not so cuddly......not so!! She is smaller than the average cat but her personality MORE than makes up for her size. She is a little clown with an obsession for Q-tips and anything shiny.
She is a beautiful and caring little cat - always by your side when you're not feeling well. Full of mischief and love - we couldn't have asked for a more perfect match.
Thank you for rescuing this beautiful little kitten and for bringing her into our lives!


Scamp Image

What a pleasure to be able to report that Scamp is getting along
beautifully!  He is a happy and affectionate little fellow.  I don't
know if you remember all his scratching and general discomfort?  Well,
that was mostly stress.  He's usually quite relaxed now (but also
playful and energetic).  In fact, his level of itchiness tells us when
he's anxious or not getting enough exercise (during those cold snaps,
for instance).

He did have one unfortunate adventure at the end of October.

He somehow got of the yard one Friday afternoon (someone must have come
in and left the gate open just long enough for him to get out).  We
immediately filled out the missing pet report on Petwatch and contacted
the city, and did everything else.  He was, of course, fully tagged and
"papered," etc..  I put up "Lost or Stolen" posters everywhere in the
neighbourhood, and contacted the editor of our community paper, who
forwarded the email to all the volunteers.  We thought if he was lost,
we had a good chance of getting him back, but we were afraid someone
might have stolen him.  And we were heartbroken to think of him being
anxious again and scratching himself incessantly.

At last I got a phone call on Tuesday--five days later!

Apparently, on that fateful Friday afternoon, Scamp had gone round to
the EuroTaste Bar and Grill, not three blocks from our house (!).
Their door was open, so he went on in. Some guy liked him and thought
he'd keep him (and did for five days!), but the waitress said, "You
can't.  It's illegal to keep a stray dog.  And anyway, you don't have
time for him." At last the man agreed, the waitress phoned the pound,
and because the man did not have a car to bring him in, the pound
connected me to the waitress who was waiting on another line.  The man
went home to get Scamp, and I walked across Caboto park with a leash to
bring Scamp home.

Poor Scamp had been scratching his hide off in all the stress and had
chewed the fur off his tail in a couple of places.  Thinking he had
fleas (because of his stree-induced scratching), the very kind
almost-thieving man had bathed him and put BABY POWDER on him!  So when
I got him home, I gave him a bath.  And the next week I gave that
waitress a gift certificate from Zocalo!

It took quite a long time for Scamp to settle in again--longer than we
expected, almost like he blamed us for this episode and didn't know if
he could trust us.  But now all that is forgotten.  We are very much a
pack, the three of us.  Scamp loves to be inside with us, playing or
cuddling or just sleeping in his bed; and loves to be outside patrolling
the perimetre of his property and chasing away the magpies.  And of
course we now have very visible "Dog on premises" signs everywhere, and
have made the gates more difficult to open so that people need to think
about what they're doing!

So please pass the word along to his "foster dad" Darren:  Scamp is
doing well, and we are very happy to have found him--twice!

Best wishes,



Tucker Image

This picture on your web site is what attracted us to Tucker last Sept.
He looked like such a handsome gentleman!
But he was also reserved, fearful, apprehensive, scared....
Thank you Leona for encouraging us to give him a try.
It has been a rewarding challenge to work with him.
We now think he is confident, comfortable, and likely happy.
We were slow to allow him off the leash when outside.  We were afraid he would run away.... We felt he needed adequate bonding time.
However, now he is never on the leash except when outside on his overhead line or in our vehicle. 
He follows Dennis around the yard back and forth between the house, garage and shop.
He gets the opportunity to run twice a day when Dennis takes him for a walk on our acreage trails. Like a normal dog he explores, can cover considerable territory quickly.  But he always comes back when whistled for. Neat to see.
It took Tucker awhile to use his dog house. Just would not stay inside though that is where his food is put. Now he will spend time in it.
When on his overhead line outside and we approach, he demonstrates appropriate pleasure as we approach...comes to meet us, wags his tail vigorously and shows excitement.
In our house he found his favourite spot on the stairway landing where he can watch all activity.  More recently though, he is frequently choosing to lie on the scatter rug next to Dennis's recliner chair. When he can, he will rest his head on his feet!  When Dennis moves to another part of the house, it doesn't take him long to follow along and see where he went.
When Dennis and Tucker come in from outside he will walk through the house to find me...and seems to enjoy the excitement I show each time.
Our home does provide him a quiet atmosphere.  We don't have a lot of company.   He continues to have a reserve with company.  He is just unsure and seeks to move to the most distant location. He will still require considerable coaching with this over time. But it isn't a problem since we don't have a lot of visitors and can control the situation.
Tucker is a gentleman.  Nice dog.  We enjoy him.
So, we need to say thank you.