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Blossom Image

We adopted out cat, Blossom, in May and want to report that she is absolutely AWESOME!!!  She has blended in  great right from the very first day!  She is best friends not only with us but also with our dog.  We could not have asked for a better addition to our family!!  Thank you to Laura - her "foster home" mother that we picked Blossom up from, and also to NASAP!! 
The Dalton Family

Patch (now Titan)

Patch (now Titan) Image

Titan is doing very well. He had grown lots. He loves going to the dog park with our other dog. He wants to play with a cat Martin so badly but Martin still doesn't have the patience for him. When he first came to us he was alittle antisocial and didn't want to cuddle. Now he doesn't know the meaning of personal We enjoy and love him in our family very much. Thank you for all you do with the animals at NASAP.

Precious (now Portia)

Precious (now Portia) Image

Portia is doing really well.   When I first got her, she didn't walk much and had difficulty with stairs ... we go on at least 3 walks a day and she is good with the stairs.  She is still a little shy around some people but she loves other dogs and my cat and is a quiet well behaved sweet dog.  She likes to just hang out.   We all love her even though only rarely does she show much affection, but when she does, it's wonderful to see.  She is very well cared for and gets a lot of affection from our family.


Tulip Image

Tulip is doing great. We refer to her as our puppy cat because she likes to chase her tail. My husband calls her his little sweetheart. She keeps us quite entertained with her antics. And she's fantastic with people who come to the house to visit. In May we had a birthday party for my sister and had 30 friends and family come to help us celebrate. Tulip was there to greet
everyone at the door. She was really good with the adults and kids. She helps me get ready for work every morning and runs to the door to say hello when we get home. She won't go outside, even when we leave the doors wide open. Which makes me happy. She's quite content to supervise from a nearby window when we're out doing yard work. She's also discovered that the pillow and blanket Jack leaves on the couch in the family room are a very comfy place to have an afternoon nap. I've included a couple of pictures. Our veterinarian, Dr Lamberink, tested Tulip for the bite she'd received on her front paw and the results were good. She's been wonderful addition to our home. Many thanks to you and everyone at NASAP for all your hard work, we really appreciate all you do.


Hank Image

Hank is doing fine in our home.  The first three months with us were very hard for Hank ... he was very nervous.  If we had to leave him (which wasn't very often) or if we took him out in the car he would be very scared.  We have done our best to help him feel safe and loved and it seems to be working.  He has been doing very well since we took him on holidays with us in Mid July.  He is now responding to training much easier and I'm sure as time goes on his confidence and behaviour will improve even more.  We are very happy to have Hank in our home.  He is a very cuddly little lap dog, which suits us very well.  Many thanks to Brigitte with regard to fostering and assisting with the adoption of Hank.  Good work NASAP!!

Pebbles (now Charlie)

Pebbles (now Charlie) Image

Charlie is doing great!  I honestly get stopped all the time with people asking what kind of dog he is - most people think he's a sheepdog.  He is very good and loves his walks - so great with the kids!  The night we were without him when he was at the vets being neutered just made the house feel empty.   He is just turning out to be the most awesome dog!


Conan Image

All is fine with Conan ... healthier now than ever.  Full of energy!  He goes to doggie day care some days.    He gets so excited to get there and his attention is fully taken away from anything else except to go play!     Here he is with his friend Jazz at Doggie Daycare.   He has gained about 15 lbs which the vet said was fine.    He has had an ear infection at one point which we fixed with the vet's help.   Otherwise, he is doing fine!


Olivia Image

Olivia is doing extremely well and we are thrilled to have her.   She is now 54 lbs and very healthy and happy.   A real pleasure, loves all the other dogs in the neighbourhood and the children as well.   She makes me stoop every time she sees a stroller so that she can say hi (lick).   all the best.   Louise and Olivia