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Bre (Formerly Bronty)

Bre (Formerly Bronty) Image

Naughty or Nice!  Just a bit naughty but not so much that Santa didn’t leave her a stocking a full of treats and more toys to play with.  Bre loves her toys.  She really likes to play fetch and tug of war.  Bre has settled in and has learned to listen to Brother Eli.  He is still alpha dog!  Bre is going to doggy day care during the week as long as mom is working on a consulting contract.  She knows the morning routine and waits for dad to take her.  She loves day care and being outside.  She is the only dog at daycare that has to be carried inside to get warm as she would rather play in the snow. By the end of the day she is so tired she often falls asleep on the way home.

Bre has grown taller and a bit heavier.  She manages to keep her weight in check even though she is an opportunist and will steal cookies or chips left on a coffee table.   She hasn’t had a seizure since the beginning of November.  She seems to know when it is pill time and waits patiently.  The vet says she will have a normal dog life as long as she has her meds.

Bre is very good at recall.  At the park she keeps a close eye on us while she goes around being a social butterfly and greeting everyone.  She seems to get great joy out of sneaking up behind her mom, jumping up and giving a hip check.  Bre returns to the car with Eli and waits to be let in.  She likes being the front yard watching us shovel snow.  She stays in the yard even if someone is walking another dog down the street.  She’s not going to let us get away from her!

Bre has brought Eli out of his shell.  He chases and plays with her like we have never seen him do before with another dog.  He seems younger now.  Bre is a gentle spirit who makes our days more enjoyable!

Duke (formerly Butch)

Duke (formerly Butch) Image

For Butch (aka. Stanley) who is now known as Duke:

Actually, this is a dual update...we adopted Dozer about three years ago from NASAP and his new little brother, Duke, about three weeks ago.

We couldn't have asked for a better match for our family, human and otherwise!!!  Duke has that puppy energy that does not quit but our big guy loves it and they play for hours!!!  He hasn't had any accidents, no chewing (that is, where he is not supposed to chew) and his love is abundant.

He still doesn't like the car or the cold but he is getting used to both of them and is not quite so clingy:)

We love both of our dogs and they are truly part of our family.

We just want to thank NASAP for all the support and great work that you do!  

The Mitchells


Spud Image

Merry Christmas to all at Nasap…

Spud enjoyed another FUN year with us, and we just LOVE him so much.  He travelled all over BC this summer and was a great companion.  He practically slept the entire drive to the Ferry!  He recently stayed with our friends while we were out of the country and we missed him terribly, however when we came home, it seemed that either he was ‘mad’ at us, or had so much fun with their family (and Dog), he wasn’t too eager to get in the car!  It made us feel better knowing that at least he was safe and sound while away.  Christmas is always a fun time for Spud, just give him anything with stuffing inside and he is one happy pup.  A few toys were demolished quickly (one within 2 minutes of him opening his present!)  He goes straight for the eyeballs, pulls out all the stuffing and proudly displays his new (much floppier) dog toy… He has learned to ‘roll over’ and ‘speak’ and ‘give hugs and kisses’.   As always, he brings a smile to every one of us each day.   Thanks again for all the work you do to make sure these animals have a safe and loving home!  Happy New Year!  The Halwas.

Maggie and Clara

Maggie and Clara Image

Hello Jayne,
Maggie and Clara are doing fine, and have become very sweet little companions for me.  They are both great cuddlers (when they're in the mood) and are continually playing or sleeping together or grooming each other.  I have attached a couple recent photos. Thank you so much for the care you gave these two.  Best wishes for the new year!


Nikita Image

In November 2001, we adopted a kitten called Nikita who was being fostered by Wendy Howard. The NASAP ID # was 01-527-C. She was estimated to be 12 weeks at that time. She is still with us, which is a good thing!  In August of this year, we adopted two kittens from a feed store, whose mother and 2 of the litter mates had been killed in a severe wind storm when the kittens were between 3 and 4 weeks old. So neither kitten was properly weaned.
Nikki was their choice of a surrogate mother, which came as a great surprise to her initially since she prefers to not snuggle with our other cats. But the kittens were persistent and now when they come to her in their own little kitten need of motherly comfort, she begins to wash them and everyone ends up going to sleep. The kittens are about 5 months old now, maybe more, but they still seek Nikki. I have attached photos for you--the kittens when they first arrived, and then a couple months ago with Nikki, and then today.
Best wishes for the holiday season,
Maja and Dave Bartesko

Taz (now Tiff)

Taz (now Tiff) Image

Hi Les, just an update on Tiff. She had her free check up and shots yesterday and is doing well. She is still a wickedly fun kitten and we are all happy  that she has adjusted so well. I think she is good for Charlie-they wrestle a lot and he is somewhat protective of her (she was playing with a toy and he was watching her- when the toy got stuck he got up and 'unstuck' it then went back to watching her play with it.) And if she starts to climb the curtains he will pull her down.

She goes for another shot in a month and then her spaying by the end of Feb. Will keep you posted.

Happy safe holidays from all of us to all of your family.


Jeremiah (now Bobby)

Jeremiah (now Bobby) Image

Hi Les,
Couldn't resist sharing this photo with you ... we look over last night and there's sweet Freddy with his arm around his new Pal.  I knew you'd appreciate this one!

Karma (was Bridget)

Karma (was Bridget) Image

Hello N.A.S.A.P.

  I’m coming up to my third anniversary of being with my new forever people.  Life is awesome for me. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past few years…

   In my first summer with Mom and Dad, they bought a houseboat.  I had no idea how much fun this was going to be for me.  I spend my days swimming, running around the islands, chasing squirrels, birds and once even a beaver!  Once, when Mom caught a fish and released it back into the water, I tried to go in after it.  I just didn’t understand why she was throwing a perfectly good fish away.  Now they watch me closely when they catch and release the fish. I go for swims when it is hot or when I feel the need to do a lap or two around the houseboat; checking to be sure all is well. Sometime when Dad leaves in the little boat, I try swimming after him, but their on to me now, so I have to sit by Mom and stay.  Naptimes on the back deck in the sunrays are a most awesome way to spend a summer day!  It really is a dogs’ life!!! I love the outdoors and the lake, so this is a great summer home for me.

   Mom and Dad keep busy with me when we’re not on the boat.  We go to Penticton twice a year to visit the nice lady (Dad’s Mom) that feeds me scraps from her plate.  Mom and Dad keep telling her ‘If you’re going to give her scraps then you have to at least make her do a trick for it.’  So, I’ve learnt a lot of new tricks!  When I came to my forever home, I knew how to sit, shake a paw and lay down.  Since then, I’ve added to ‘my tricks I can do’ list.  I can now dance, roll over, give five (right paw) then give ten (left paw), speak (with my inside voice), speak louder (my outside voice) and lay on my side, just to mention a few.  They have lots more to teach me.  Right now, Mom is working on me weaving in-between her legs.  I’m getting it as I’m a quick learner.  They say that I’m the smartest dog they have ever owned!

   We go for our daily walks.  Mom and Dad know lots of forests, trails and fields to go sniffing in.  I tried all summer to catch a chipmunk, but their fast and hide well!  Now, I’m determined that I’m going to catch a mouse this winter in the fields! 

   I love running too!  Dad clocked me at 26 km/h.  That’s my fastest speed so far.  Most days I try to beat it.  Some days I just run around and chase the birds or the odd deer if I’m lucky.  It’s fun either way, as long as I’m running!

   That’s my life now.  I love it here at my forever home and I’m still grateful everyday that my forever parents love me as much as they do!  None of us can imagine our lives without each other! 

   Thanks again Nasap, for all your help in getting me here!

Karma Sorensen