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Holly now Cleocatra

Holly now Cleocatra Image

Hi Mary

Holly (now renamed Cleocatra!) is doing VERY well.  She took a couple of days to settle in and has turned into such a great member of the family.  She and our dog, Rolo, have become good friends.  She is such a character. (Rolo was rescued by Darcy's Arc in Winnipeg - he was found wandering along a busy road in -40C weather almost 2 years ago.)

We go camping in our RV in the summer and tried a trip with her (keeping her inside of course!) and she did really well, so she is part of all our camping trips too.  I'm attaching a couple of photographs.

Thanks so much - she is very well loved!


Bucky Image

Hi this is Bucky saying i sure like my new home.I have a large yard to rome in and the food is great.I get to sleep with them at night until they buy my own bed because I shed master looked it up on the internet and said i will shed hair until i get the shyness out of my system,so I am working on that. I love camping and rideing in there new truck and sleep on my own pillow in the camper.Yesterday we went fishing and he tried to feed me raw fish :yuk; but after it was cooked i tried some and it tasted real good I am now in manning and met some more of the family.I am a real good for my adopted family and well mannered I even have a teddy bear to play with and fetch it but i still need trainig.they still keep me on a leash outside the home because for fear i might run away.anyway have no fear i like them so much I dont think I,ll ever run away Bucky ________________________________________


Milo Image

We've had Milo for 3 weeks now and he's doing great! He's adjusted
remarkably well to his new surroundings.  Him and our other puggle Lola get
along fabulously.  He's been perfect with house training and has amazing
recall at the off leash park.  They both tangle me up when on leash, but
we're working on it! :) We couldn't be happier with him and so glad we
adopted through NASAP.

Marky (now Lycan)

Marky (now Lycan) Image

We adopted Marky (renamed Lycan) June 2nd when he was 8 weeks old. He was a little timid and unsure when we brought him home, but has since become a happy-go-lucky, outgoing, playful pup and growing like a weed too. I've never had an easier time house training a dog! Just two accidents since we've had him. He practically house trained himself.
Lycan loves going on long walks and car rides and never wants to be left behind. He recently graduated from Puppy "Basics" Class where he met a bunch of new friends and learned proper dog play and manners and now obeys "sit", "down", "stay", "come" "get in" and "leave it". He loved going to the classes so much, we've signed him up for the next level class and plan on doing agility training with him once he is old enough. I've included a picture of him with his Certificate from Puppy Class.
Thank you so much, NASAP for the new addition to our family! We are so happy we could give Lycan a home and have him in our lives.
Crystal & Travis Thompson

Angel (now Bailie)

Angel (now Bailie) Image

Hi everyone. My name used to be Angel but I didn't listen too well to it. The grandchildren of my new Mommy and Daddy decided to call me Bailie and I like it just fine. I even come when I am called. I have only had 1 accident in the house.  My foster mother said I will drool in the car and I did for about 1/2 hour. My new mommy just held me and talked to me and now I race her to the car and love riding on the dash of the motorhome with my new Daddy. I have a great big, big yard to run in.
We went camping at Big Valley Jamboree for a week and I had lots of friends to play with and I was a very good girl.  I really want to thank my foster Mommy for taking such good care of me until my new Mommy and Daddy could find me. I love them very much, and they sure love me.  Thank you NASAP!!


Lucy Image

It has been 7 months now since Lucy came into our lives and she has come so far. We took a series of Obedience classes as well as some off-leash group walks. Lucy is now very comfortable with other dogs. She now meets new dogs in the off-leash park with a natural ease and loves to play and chase.

At home, I can now have her off leash while I garden and work on our acreage and she no longer runs off to explore but instead stays right close and keeps and eye on me. We still walk 4 km in the woods behind the cabin every morning and then a shorter walk in the evenings. She is a very clever 'bush dog', barking at the skunks and porcupines while always keeping a safe distance. She also 'points' when she wants to show me things, for example, freezing and staring at a pheasant in a tree until I catch up and clue in to what she is trying to show me. She comes with me everywhere I go and is a great companion. A few weeks ago I was hurt while disassembling a barn in the back yard. As I laid on the ground waiting for my boyfriend to get ice (he is a doctor) Lucy never left my side and she stayed right by my side all that evening, even refusing to eat until I joined her in the kitchen.

Lucy truly knows that this is her home and she has become relaxed and sometimes even silly, doing things to make me laugh. I recently started a blog to share our lives with others. It's called and if you click on 'About Us' you'll see that Lucy has her own bio as well as a link to nasap.

Once again, thank you for making it possible for me to find Lucy. She is my closest friend and joy of my heart.

Delena Tsang


Nakiska Image

We adopted Nakiska in 2004 he is a bernese mountain dog crossed with a border collie.  He has been the joy of our life and has become a huge part of our family. Our Daughter taught him to sit stay roll over and wait for a treat soon after we got him and he hasnt stopped learning.  Now he is 9 years old and still acts like a puppy alot of the time.
What a wonderful DOG

Sunny and Zorro

Sunny and Zorro Image

Hi Mary

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with Sunny and Zorro.

They are both such a delight!

Sunny has settled in nicely and loves lots of attention. She loves to play with toys and go for walks.

Zorro is growing like a weed. He has completed a first level of puppy classes and learns quickly. He enjoys being outside and running around the yard.

They love to play together and they keep us entertained.

Attached is a picture taken on May 13, 2011 of the two. It’s hard to get them to both stay still together!

Also included is our proof of neutering of Zorro from our vet’s office.

Thank you so much for taking good care of Sunny and Zorro before they came to us, and for allowing us to adopt these two precious pets.

Joe and Linda