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Breeze (now Raider)

Breeze (now Raider) Image

Little Raider all snuggled up with her new best friend, Molly, in her new home.   A far cry from where she was found, abandoned in the cold with her two siblings.    Lucky puppy.


Hazen Image

Hazen is doing really good, plays really well with my border collie, Megan and jumps on the back of my old Yorkshire Terrier, who doesnt mind at all. Shes called Tabatha now and is a right character up to all sorts of mischief if she can ! I am a dog sitter and dog walker and she has no fear of the dogs and gets on with them all when they're here, shes the one in charge. The picture is of my dad who came to visit us from Uk, she loved him.  She is getting spayed on Friday so i will send a copy as soon as. Thank you.


Sadie (was Marjorie)

Sadie (was Marjorie) Image

Sadie is great!  She has turned out to be the perfect cat, and roommate.  She was very nervous at first, but day by day she came around and slowly has developed to become the kitten she is today!  She loves looking into fish tanks and enjoys playing with anything string like.  Don't know what I would do withuot her to be honest - I'm always greeted with a happy meow and cuddle when I get home everyday.

Keeper now Eddy

Keeper now Eddy Image

Eddy is doing great and is getting so big. He had a vet visit on October 9, 2010 where he received his vaccination booster and a rabies vaccine.  He was given a clean bill of health but he did not appreciate getting his ears checked.  At that time I believe he weighed somewhere between 4-5 lbs but has grown substantially since. He was recently neutered on November 12, 2010 with no complications. My parents cat, Tigger, went with him to get some blood work and to be shaved like a lion so he was not lonely. I will fax in the neuter certificate ASAP!


He is currently livening with his sister, Princess Grace, and my parent’s 2 cats, Charlie and Tigger, until we move into our new condo – hopefully next weekend, just waiting to get some new flooring installed.  When I brought him home, he was not afraid of the other three cats at all and not hesitant to come out of the carrier to explore!  He is quite an energetic and outgoing little guy. Charlie, who is his larger twin, played with him right away. Surprisingly, the old cat, Tigger, who we thought would be the most unwelcoming didn’t seem to give two hoots. In fact, he was quite curious about the new little guy.  He must be getting mellow in his old age. My Siamese Princess Grace was the most put-out at the addition of a new kitten into her house - she hissed, growled, and hid for about 4 days, but this did not deter him from pursuing her.  She now tolerates him and once he settles down a bit, I am sure they will become friends. They do start to sleep together but it quickly degenerates into a wrestling match because Grace feels the need to clean him, which he in-turn thinks is a game.  He has decided that he loves to climb our Christmas fact he loves getting into all sorts of things. He especially loves water (weird) and sits by the sink and puts his head under the tap until it is soaked, the vacuum, and toilet paper!!!  After playing, he falls into deep sleeps in the living room chairs or the cat condo. He loves to cuddle and purrs with every touch. Thanks so much for giving me a wonderful new addition to our family!!!



Marla Image

Marla is doing great. She is a high energy puppy so we bring her to the dog park almost everyday and she loves it. When she sees all the other dogs she gets so excited. She plays well with other dogs. We live on a acreage so when we're not at the park she has lots of room to run around. However, she started roaming too much and playing/chasing with the neighbours horses too much so we had to put an invisible fence around the yard. The fence is working fantastic. Now she understands where her boundaries are.
Despite being so high energy, in the house she is quiet. She loves to chew on her toys and she has been fairly good at only chewing on her toys. We knew that Marla was going to shed but we didn't realize that she was going to shed that much. Washing the floors/vacuuming the couches has now become a daily routine for us (the owners needed some training too). That was a big adjustment for us. Now that it is winter the shedding has decreased.
We have another dog, named Penelope, she is a Boston Terrier. Penelope has been the queen of the castle for 4 years so the introduction of Marla was a little adjustment for her. Penelope has now gotten use to Marla and they now play together... for the most part. Terriers are stubborn. When they think we are not looking we catch them sleeping together. Therefore, Marla can't be that bad.
Marla makes me and my husband laugh all the time. Despite being a lot of work, we love her and she is a great addition to our home.



Zoe  Image

Zoe has been both a sweet heart and a handful at times.  She likes to go stick her nose in places she shouldn't when there is no supervison as her boredom gets the best of her.  While her curiosity and hunger can get the best of her, the affection she shows to people is like no other, although I can't say the same about how she feels towards some other dogs :)

Both her and our other dog (Bert) are inseparable and get along very well.  It has been very helpful having two dogs, as they can keep each other busy when we feel like laying down.  Attached is a picture of our dogs taking a nap.

We can't imagine our lives without Zoe because it feels like she has been with us forever (even the cat gets along with her!).

Oscar (previously Quincy)

Oscar (previously Quincy) Image

I would just like to give a quick update to let you know how our adoption is going one week in.  Our little guy has settled right in to our family - he began purring when we went to the foster home to collect him and pretty much hasn't stopped since.  Moreover, and most importantly he bonded very quickly with our 16 year old son, and vice versa.  The two are now inseperable! 
Quincy (who we've renamed Oscar) is a wonderful little cat.  he is very even tempered, affectionate, has character and is not phased by much. He's eating well, terrorizing the dog and cuddling like crazy.  He's more than we could have hoped for! 
I would like to say a big thank you to NASAP and Stacey, the foster mom, for taking such good care of our little guy and giving us the priviledge of adopting him into our family.   Considering the start he and his brothers had in their lives, our little one has adjusted amazingly well. 
He has also helped our family heal after the loss of our beloved cat a month ago.    We are still grieving the loss but having a little one to cuddle rounds out the sharp edges just a bit. There is nothing like celebrating a new life!
Thank you again for our kitten.   We are blessed. 
Best Wishes,

J. D.

J. D.  Image

Many Thanks for bringing J.D. into our lives.

He's a fine dog and has fit into our routine. We're enjoying this extended spell of nice weather with lots of long walks, followed by naps. He even is getting along OK with the resident cat.

People are so impressed that rescue dogs can have such nice personalities and tempermants. Thank you again NASAP and all the foster homes.