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Eddie (Previously Queenie)

Eddie (Previously Queenie) Image

Hello again:  i thought it might be time for another update on Eddie (formerly Queenie).  Ed's muzzle has gone grey, she's had a toe amputated, a lump on her chest removed and the degenerative arthritis continues its progress, but Eddie is still the world's happiest dog, often "smiling" at us when we come home.  We have moved back to the country and Eddie adores bombing around the property chasing snow balls and assisting me in my chores cleaning the chicken coop and feeding the horse.  Lately she has taken to cramming her 70lbs into the 6lb dog's bed!  She's so funny-- only her bum fits on this bed!  She is still my constant and faithful companion, often coming to work with me (and will gladly hang out with me driving in the truck all day).  She still wants nothing more than to sit on my feet when i finally sit down somewhere.  She's one of a kind and i'm so thankful to have her.  Thanks NASAP for all you do.  Best regards, Katie Hanna


Reba Image


It's me Reba.  It's my one year anniversary with my Mum and Dad.  I'm doing really well.  You won't recognize me now as I have built up so much muscle running around in the park.  I'm about 70 lbs now and the vet says it is all muscle.  I go for a walk first thing in the morning and then when Mum and Dad get home from work we go straight to the park for a good runaround.  I have a terrific appetitie and I am always wandering through to the kitchen to see what there is to snack on.  I have also started chewing a lot in the past few months so I have lots of rawhide pieces lying all around the house.  Mum says I am worse than the kids were. She says her last dog was a "lady" and didn't mess the house up so much but she is always laughing when she tells me that. Yes, I am quite settled here.  Denise comes down on the weekends and we go for walks.  Denise also dogsits when Mum and Dad go on holiday.  She spoils me too.

My leg and hip are doing alright.  Lots of leg muscle now.  I had a little relapse in October and needed more therapy for a few weeks but I am stronger than ever now.  We found some nice vets at Town Centre Vets and they practice osteopathy which is ideal for me and fixes me faster than anything as well as Mum giving me lots of massages. Wow! Life is good.  I will get Mum to ask Denise to send you some pictures of me in the park.  Mum doesn't know how to do that but I have been telling her she needs to learn as I like to have my pictures on the screen.  I'm just so beautiful. 



MingSu (Previously Mystery)

MingSu (Previously Mystery) Image

They say that the real test is when the animal chooses you…

Three years ago I happened to be browsing through the local St. Albert newspaper when a photo of a cat caught my eye. As I read the “biography”, I was immediately and inexplicably, drawn to this forlorn looking little animal. I placed a call to NASAP, expressing my interest.  I was unable to get there immediately. Fortunately, they placed a “hold” on her for me for a couple of days until I could get there. At first glance, she looked rather bedraggled and scrawny. Although she didn’t look very attractive, her personality shone through. As I stuck my head and arm into the cage, she immediately tried to grab my hand with her paw and bring it to her head for me to stroke her.

That this fragile appearing cat was a survivor became very apparent to me. Her background included being abandoned in freezing temperatures and she was near starving when found. She had been nursing a litter of kittens, there well-being or whereabouts unknown. Her ability to “adapt” was evident in the weeks to come as she made the transition to adjusting to a new home. She quickly overcame the food and abandonment issues that she had.

MingSu always came running when she was called.  Initially I though she was a very smart cat until I sadly realized that she was obeying out of fear. I contacted a Veterinarian for advice. He suggested that I reward her with praise and food when I wanted her to do something, since her behaviour was very dog-like. She quickly learned that she had nothing to fear and that a treat was forthcoming. She now knows several commands, and (usually) does what I tell her! She is very devoted to me, following me around the house and preferring to nap close by. She is very protective, and goes into “guard mode” when she senses something untoward or an unusual sound. Twice she has woken me up when I had attempted break-ins. She has never damaged anything and learned to use a scratching post quickly. Every morning she runs to use it, knowing that I will praise her and that breakfast will ensue shortly!  

Today MingSu is gorgeous, healthy, sassy and confident. I can’t even imagine my life before she came into my life. She has brought immeasurable joy to me.  I am so appreciative to N.A.S.A.P. for rescuing her. It is as though she was just waiting for me to find her.

I urge anyone looking for a furry addition to their family to consider adopting from N.A.S.A.P. These animals ask for so little and give back so much.

Corinne Clark

Oh, and my initial impression was correct – she IS a very smart cat!


Rufus Image

Couldn't ask for a better dog!! We adopted Rufus in 2003. He's been awesome with other dogs we have fostered & taken care of. He's 9 yrs old and still sweet as ever. So loving & affectionate with most everyone he encounters! He's been a blessing to our family. We've thought of adopting again but a relative gave us a Min Pin pup. They are best of buddies !! Maybe one day we'll add 1 more to our family !! Time will tell  :-)


Lucy Image

Dear Friends at NASAP,

It has been two months now since I've brought Lucy home (just before Christmas) and she has seamlessly fit into our lives out here at the lake. Every morning we go for an 8 km run (I cross-country ski) on the 220 acres of bush just behind our cabin and it is such a joy to watch her run and leap and dig for mice in the deep snow. She is so confident and loves following the deer and moose and coyote trails while always staying in sight. I work from home and take Lucy with me on all of my errands. She is so relaxed and easy in the truck and seems to love 'car rides'.

She does her share of work around here. She is in charge of chasing away the deer, rabbits and the mice (all beautiful, gentle creatures until they eat your entire garden in 10 minutes flat!). One of her favorite things to do is sit in the sunshine on the deck and watch the world go by.

Soon we will be attending Obedience classes together in order to give Lucy more opportunities to socialize with other dogs. (We are quite isolated out here). She is friendly with other people, but with other dogs I have noticed that she can either be shy and afraid (and runs away), or once she is more comfortable she can be a little too aggressive in her play. Soon we'll have plenty of opportunities to practice greeting other dogs, and if we get along great with a few, maybe even schedule some supervised playtimes. Other than that, Lucy already knows her basic commands and she is always learning new things. She's very clever!

Lucy is excellent company and has really enriched our lives. She is loving and so easy to live with. She is a kindred spirit and we are looking forward to enjoying many years with our new family member.

Thank you NASAP and Jaclyn (foster mom) for helping to give this incredibly special girl another chance.


Quidgy Image

Introducing Quidgy (formerly known as Quidgey-Bo) and his girlfriend Luna!
Lucky fella.

Black Jack

Black Jack Image

A week ago today we adopted Jack and we just love him! He's the cutest little cat. When we brought him home our other cat Milo didn't know what to think of him. It took about 2 days before they became friends. Now they sleep together and play together all the time. It's very cute. Jack loves to sit on your lap and be snuggled. He also loves to play with his little mouse. Milo gets a little annoyed because Jack steals his toys. Lol. Thank you for another amazing cat!!!!

The Burrows


Muffin Image

Two years ago we got our Muffin from NASAP and we cannot believe how much she has impacted our lives! She is a Golden Retriever Corgi cross who just basically looks like a golden retriever with her legs chopped in half!We have an older dog (who is now 11) and Muffin through her puppy antics and silly demeanor has helped transform our lovely Mack into a playful 11 year old puppy! We will forever be grateful to all the foster families and the NASAP organization for bringing Muffin into our lives. Her favorite things to do are go to the off leash park, catch frisbees, and wrestling with her best pal Mack! She also loves to  cuddle Smile

Thank you so much again for the wonderful addition to our family!!

Sam, Andy, Lori, Mack and Muffin!