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Missy Image

 I just wanted to let you know (hopefully you can pass it on to Lena) that Missy is doing so well! She has absolutely bonded to Gary and adores him. I feared that she would be too protective of him and that was so with some aggressive behaviour displayed. However we worked on this by a very gentle means (thanks to the dog whisperer show) and with only 2 gentle corrections she has stopped lunging and snapping and is learning that other people are not to be feared. She is very smart and health-wise is great. It seems that she wasn't vaccinated for distemper so Gary will be getting that done. Her spaying incision has healed well and she is a bright and happy dog. She is fearful of people and noise when being walked so Gary will be taking her to quiet places(empty school playgrounds etc) for short walks to build her confidence so that she is comfortable walking on the street. All in all I think it's a wonderful match and I assure you that Missy has the best of homes (she knows it too).


Maggie  Image

I've attached a recent photo of Maggie (formerly Angie), who is doing really well. She is a very happy dog who really likes people and other dogs. We've done some agility with her, which she really enjoys & is great at, and also a couple of obedience classes, which she also enjoyed even thought she isn't so great at it: she knows what she is supposed to do but often would rather roll around on the floor or nip at your ankles instead—still quite puppyish in some ways, I guess. Maggie's favourite thing is playing frisbee; she is very fast & very, very focused, as you can see from the photo. She & our other dog get along very well now, and having Maggie around seems to have rejuvenated our other dog, who will be 11 this year but runs around after Maggie & the frisbee as if she were much younger. 

Thanks again for fostering Maggie, and thanks to you & NASAP for helping us adopt her.

Heather & Chris 


Charlotte Image

Charlotte is now called Leah.     She has been adopted by her foster home who fell in love with her as they worked with her trying to bring her out of her shell.   Leah is a very lucky dog and her new life is a far cry from the one she led before she ended up in the Pound.   So thank you Brigitte and family for surrounding this dog with love and allowing her to feel as if she belongs and is wanted.


Misty Image

Hello Jenny, if you could please pass on to Genevieve...that MISTY is loving her new home and we love her back...she's the perfect kitty for us! All the best..



Bartholomew Image

Bart has settled in with us amazingly. After a week it was like he'd always been here. He acts more like a dog than a cat.  He is always underfoot, on someone's knee or simply in the room where Lara is playing.  He is incredibly affectionate and is always asking for cuddles.  He is obsessed by food (well who can blame him - he's on a diet!) and can be very vocal when it gets near feeding time.  He plays with his toys and always sticks around even when being mauled by several kids at once.  He has fitted himself in with our family and has been the perfect choice for us.  We love him! Keep up the excellent work you and the other volunteers do. 


Bella Image

To Laura my wonderful foster mom,
Thank you for taking such good care of me, I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing great in my new home, and my Mom and Dad both say my training is going really well and they are so proud of me.  I love going for my walks and getting to visit my other dog friends with my Mom, she takes me everywhere which is so much fun.
My Dad and I love to play and run around the house and backyard, I'm not sure who gets a better  But I know I am certianly tired afterward.
I enclosed some pictures of me in my new home, one of me posing for my mom and the other of me doing one of my favorite things, people watching from our front window :)
I just wanted to give you an update on how well I'm doing and to say thank you for finding me such a wonderful family to love and take care of me.
All the best


Lola Image

Lola is doing very well, we have taken her for shots and the vet says that she is healthy. Lola is getting spayed on April 13,2010 as we have booked her with Tudor Glen clinic.We have  taken her to obedience classes and have enrolled her for another session. Lola is very smart and catches on easy, always trying to please us. Rick is retired and is happy to have a compaion with him at  home.  Kathy, Rick & Anthony



Tegan (now Honey)

Tegan (now Honey) Image

Hi Mary,
I never realised NASAP did a follow up but yeah, it's good to hear from you! Tegan - or Honey, as was her name change (!) is doing very well and is, as expected; a very "naughty", inquisitive puppy. She has a good temperament, seems good around children (plays with next door neighbour's children, chasing them, being chased and chases sticks/balls but isn't so good at giving them back!)
I sometimes wonder if she could be a touch dominant in nature or maybe she's just pushing the boundaries and trying to establish her place in "the pack". The housetraining was and is difficult at times but there is no longer any mess in the mornings and on occasions, when I get back from work but this is acceptable for now because she is inside most of the day, so she's getting a lot better. She likes going for walks and only pulls for the 1st couple of minutes but then settles into a good pace and trots alongside.
It's only been in the last month or so that she's discovered she can bark and it sounds pretty mean for a young dog! she's already learned that the doorbell or a knock means a stranger at the house and she lets them know she's around!
She was spayed (and microchipped) on the 26th Feb and my apologies for being slack in sending you the certificate. I will fax it over tomorrow.
Please see the attached files for a few of the many pictures taken since she was adopted. she has changed so much!! She destroyed her little bed and has also long since outgrown it anyway but she's happy with her big cushion. So anyway, all in all I think she will be a good, friendly dog and is making a lovely companion.
Kind regards,