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Durry Image

Hi, We adopted Durry almost 1 year ago and she has turned out to be a great dog! Our 3 yr old daughter and her are best friends! We weren't a huge fan of her name when we adopted her, we actually wanted to change it to Grace, for the fact she was so clumsy, but Brooklyn, our daughter, actually called her "dirty" as she was only 2 yrs old then... So we kept her name :) She is amazing with other dogs and loves the off leash park! We've recently enrolled her in doggie daycare and she seems to enjoy that as well! Thanks so much!
Tammy, Rick & Brooklyn


Hutch Image

Just an update on Hutch.  What a wonderful little character.    He laid in my arms for a chest rub just like a baby!    He is almost as spoiled as Taz - he is such a great dog, with a feisty little character.     We will keep you posted.

Deacon (aka Dennis the Menace)

Deacon (aka Dennis the Menace) Image

It has only been three days since I brought Deacon home with me and he is strutting around the house letting the other cats see that he rules!!!!!!!!!!!. Before any door in the house can be closed we have to look  to check he is not inside, we also have to look up as he found his way to the top of the high beams and will launch himself at you.
Deacon is my second kitty from Nasap and he is just the sweetest little devil, his bigger brothers Clive and Ralph have been very good with him even though he spent his first night hissing at them, thank you Laura for being such a great foster mom I can see how hard it was for you to let him go but I promise to keep you all updated on his adventures
Paula, Clive Ralph and of course Deacon


Muffin Image

Two years ago we got our Muffin from NASAP and we cannot believe how much she has impacted our lives!  She is a Golden Retriever Corgi cross who just basically looks like a Golden Retriever which her legs chopped in half!  We have an older dog (who is now 11) and Muffin, through her puppy antics and silly demeanor, has helped transform our lovely Mack into a playful 11 year old puppy!  We will forever be grateful to all the foster families and the NASAP organisation for bringing Muffin into our lives.   Her favourite things to do are to go to the offleash park, catch frisbees, and wrestle with her best pal Mack!  She also loves to cuddle :)   Thank you so much again for the wonderful addition to our family!!
Sam, Andy, Lori, Mack and Muffin!

Robertson (Now Milo)

Robertson (Now Milo) Image

Here's some pictures of Milo. He is growing tons and is the cutest little cat! Very curious. Milo fits perfectly into our family. We are so happy he came into our lives he's the best!

The Burrows

Pansy (now Chloe)

Pansy (now Chloe) Image

An adoption tale, but who adopted whom?

By Gina Hoffer

It was a quiet Saturday morning. I was sitting on my couch reading the newspaper while drinking my coffee, and her picture jumped right out at me. She was a NASAP (Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection) featured kitty named Pansy, and after reading her biography, I knew she had to be mine. I love cats but haven’t loved one for a long time. Life has been busy, work has been crazy – you know how it goes sometimes. But I saw those eyes and it was love at first sight. My partner isn’t really a cat person, but she knew I had wanted a kitty for awhile and even she had to agree that “Pansy” was a pretty cool-looking cat. I called the number in the paper and left a message for them to call me back. On Monday when I went into work, I checked their website only to see that on Pansy’s page it said “Adoption Pending,” and my heart fell. I thought I might have missed my chance. Thankfully, I received a call from Pansy’s foster mom Jen asking if I’d like to come and meet her. My heart jumped. “Yes of course I want to meet her!” I said. The “Adoption Pending” status was because I had called about her. I made plans with Jen to meet Pansy at her place and we would go from there. In Pansy’s biography, it said she had only half a tail, it was cut off or had been caught in something, and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if it would bother me or not. When we walked into Jen’s place, Pansy came running right up to meet us and her personality took over. Her tail didn’t bother me at all because it didn’t bother her at all. She was found in a ditch with one dead kitten and one live kitten, poor thing. Thankfully, someone brought her to the vet clinic and she was taken in by NASAP, an amazing organization, and they nursed her back to health. Her kitten was adopted out too! Pansy’s resilience and character won me over and she “adopted” me by coming up and sitting on my lap as if to say, “just take me home already!” So of course I agreed and started filling out the paperwork. Jen called my references, checked everything out and I was approved the next day. Pansy was mine and all I had to do was pick her up and pay for her. The $180 adoption fee was SO worth it! They did a lot for her and I am very thankful because she has added much love, fun and “cattitude” to our home. I did change her name, Pansy just didn’t seem to fit her, so she is now Chloe and she has made herself right at home, with her favourite spot being on my lap, all stretched out and sleeping like a baby. It feels like I’ve had her forever and that’s the best feeling ever. I was adopted too, and sometimes a second chance is all any of us really needs.

-Gina Hoffer lives just outside of Sherwood Park on four small acres with a cat, two horses and a lot of snow.

Country Asides (January 21, 2011) 

Bagua (now Friday) and Hector (now Crusoe)

Bagua (now Friday) and Hector (now Crusoe) Image

Hi, Jayne, happy new year, meant to write you during Christmas time but ran out of time.

Just want to send a picture of Hector (now Crusoe) to you.  He is a big boy now.  We just got him neutered two days ago and this picture was taken this morning by my daughter with her cell phone. 

He is doing really well.  Milo, my daughter’s dog, loves him very much as you can see from the picture.  And Crusoe like to suck on him, his ear, his tail or where ever he can reach, I guess.  He still has this sucking problem.  Tried the bottle and milk but didn’t help much.  However, he is getting a lot better.  If we remind him, he will stop.  It used to wake me up a lot when he was trying to suck on my hair but now, he hardly sucks on anything when he is sleeping with us.  

I think he has some vision problem too so he is always a bit slow on reacting.  But we all love him even more because he is slower. 

His best friend, Friday (Bagua) is going in for his operation today.  – Crusoe – white, Friday – black and these two are the coolest cats ever. 

They both sleep with Milo and play with Milo.  They drink from the same dish.  Milo is like a father to these two cats.  He licks them like a mother dog and they enjoy his “massage” esp. Friday.  Friday will go to Milo and ask for one and leave when he gets enough.



Angus Image

Hey Les,

Angus is doing good. Growing fast. Here are a few pictures of the little monster.