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Skittles (now Amigo)

Skittles (now Amigo) Image

Hi Jayne,
Glad to hear from you, Skittles is doing wonderfully. 
We picked Amigo as his new name, he likes to be my friend especially when I have a glass of water so he can drink out of it.  He will park himself on my lap when I am working and then saunters off to either find some food, toys or a quiet place to nap. 
Our dogs, Grace, Roxy and Bowzer, have come around to this interesting fellow.  They can be in the same room until Amigo finds one of their tails and then the pack scatters :)
Amigo will be going for his shot and chip early next week, hopefully the weather will warm up a bit.
I have attached some pics, Amigo is one of kind. Thanks for looking after him, he is simply one cool cat!!
Feel free to email or phone anytime.
Take care,

Buzz (now Tikka)

Buzz (now Tikka) Image

hi its clayton we had got buzz from you.i just wanted to let you know he is doing great we renamed him Tikka and he is getting very big lol. he plays great with our other dog and is very happy it did not take him long to settle in. my daughter loves him and they play outside all the time he is a great dog and we are lucky to have him thanks


Leila Image

Good morning Diane,

Here are some pictures of beautiful Leila.  She is doing awesome and is thriving.  She has had her check up at the vet and was given a clean bill of health.  The vet removed her stitches and all is good now.  

I just fell in love with this dog.  She is gorgeous, sweet, intelligent and wild!!  My son said that her brown eye is reflective of her gentle side, and her blue eye of her wild side. I agree.  She seems to be looking more and more like a wolf! She learns extremelly quickly.  She now sits, waits, and hardly jumps up!  She even gives her toys for me to throw them.  Leila and Saffy are learning to be and play together.  They both figured out very quickly that Leila, although 2 years younger than Saffy, is the dominant one! 

We go to the off leash at least 4 or 5 times a week, and there's never been any incident of any kind with other dogs.

I love my dog!  I am grateful to have her in my life! 

Thanks for rescuing her and taking good care of her.  Do come for a visit soon! 



Abby Image

Hey Janette!
I just wanted to send you an update on Abby-
She is doing great!  Max and her play and play all day, and there are no issues.
Abby has her medical appointment on Saturday, and we are taking the pups to daycare for a day of play on Monday so that they learn to play together with other dogs.
We noticed that Abby is a very excited girl, and she pants a lot.  We think that this is partly nerves and will diminish as she settles.  We know part of the panting is from all the play though.  Ha ha
Max and Abby are quite the team, they greet each other first in the mornings now, and not us. Ha ha ha!
This is just the beginning of an awesome life for our puppy team (and us)!

Braveheart (now Gibson)

Braveheart (now Gibson) Image

 We are so happy to report that Gibson is all healed up now from his injuries and has made himself most comfortable in his new home! He is a very rambunctious little kitten and makes us laugh every day! Our dog Robbie & Gibson get along great! They play a lot throughout the day, but Robbie isn't too thrilled having to share our bed with Gibson at night! LOL! But we're trying to work that out! Having a kitten in the house with a Christmas tree has been great fun!!!! But so far, the tree hasn't come down! This little fella has brought us so many laughs over the last month & a half and we love him to pieces! You would never know by watching him rip around the house that he had any previous injuries! Our Biggest thanks go out to the Crestwood Veterinary clinic for saving his life & to the people at NASAP for rescuing him from the ditch & giving him a second chance! We feel truly blessed to have Gibson in our family! It has been a wonderful experience! Wishing everyone at NASAP a wonderful 2011, and thank-you for making our adoption of Gibson possible!
Brenda & Lloyd

Bre (Formerly Bronty)

Bre (Formerly Bronty) Image

Naughty or Nice!  Just a bit naughty but not so much that Santa didn’t leave her a stocking a full of treats and more toys to play with.  Bre loves her toys.  She really likes to play fetch and tug of war.  Bre has settled in and has learned to listen to Brother Eli.  He is still alpha dog!  Bre is going to doggy day care during the week as long as mom is working on a consulting contract.  She knows the morning routine and waits for dad to take her.  She loves day care and being outside.  She is the only dog at daycare that has to be carried inside to get warm as she would rather play in the snow. By the end of the day she is so tired she often falls asleep on the way home.

Bre has grown taller and a bit heavier.  She manages to keep her weight in check even though she is an opportunist and will steal cookies or chips left on a coffee table.   She hasn’t had a seizure since the beginning of November.  She seems to know when it is pill time and waits patiently.  The vet says she will have a normal dog life as long as she has her meds.

Bre is very good at recall.  At the park she keeps a close eye on us while she goes around being a social butterfly and greeting everyone.  She seems to get great joy out of sneaking up behind her mom, jumping up and giving a hip check.  Bre returns to the car with Eli and waits to be let in.  She likes being the front yard watching us shovel snow.  She stays in the yard even if someone is walking another dog down the street.  She’s not going to let us get away from her!

Bre has brought Eli out of his shell.  He chases and plays with her like we have never seen him do before with another dog.  He seems younger now.  Bre is a gentle spirit who makes our days more enjoyable!

Duke (formerly Butch)

Duke (formerly Butch) Image

For Butch (aka. Stanley) who is now known as Duke:

Actually, this is a dual update...we adopted Dozer about three years ago from NASAP and his new little brother, Duke, about three weeks ago.

We couldn't have asked for a better match for our family, human and otherwise!!!  Duke has that puppy energy that does not quit but our big guy loves it and they play for hours!!!  He hasn't had any accidents, no chewing (that is, where he is not supposed to chew) and his love is abundant.

He still doesn't like the car or the cold but he is getting used to both of them and is not quite so clingy:)

We love both of our dogs and they are truly part of our family.

We just want to thank NASAP for all the support and great work that you do!  

The Mitchells


Spud Image

Merry Christmas to all at Nasap…

Spud enjoyed another FUN year with us, and we just LOVE him so much.  He travelled all over BC this summer and was a great companion.  He practically slept the entire drive to the Ferry!  He recently stayed with our friends while we were out of the country and we missed him terribly, however when we came home, it seemed that either he was ‘mad’ at us, or had so much fun with their family (and Dog), he wasn’t too eager to get in the car!  It made us feel better knowing that at least he was safe and sound while away.  Christmas is always a fun time for Spud, just give him anything with stuffing inside and he is one happy pup.  A few toys were demolished quickly (one within 2 minutes of him opening his present!)  He goes straight for the eyeballs, pulls out all the stuffing and proudly displays his new (much floppier) dog toy… He has learned to ‘roll over’ and ‘speak’ and ‘give hugs and kisses’.   As always, he brings a smile to every one of us each day.   Thanks again for all the work you do to make sure these animals have a safe and loving home!  Happy New Year!  The Halwas.